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oh my gosh electric lime-green
look at that it looks so good oh my goodness this is the craziest type of
song we’ve ever made it’s nurse slime and you know accorded that reminds me we
gotta test the nerf guns against this slime yeah let’s go ahead and make this
sign wall and get shootin what is going on shirts welcome to the vlog welcome to
another awesome day if you’re new here I’m Stephen chair make sure to hit that
subscribe button and join the best family on YouTube the sheriff and today
we’re gonna do something pretty epic with nerf guns we’re gonna make a nerf
slime wall well um if you look at our nerf closet it’s a little disorganized
but check this out we have it–on and i mean a ton of nerf guns nerf guns all in
here all in here huge nerf guns and I mean huge nerf guns check this thing out
yeah this thing is massive and there’s a whole nother section of boxes of nerf
guns and then the other day I was hoping Lizzie share make some nerf slime and
she also made this awesome Barbie slime check this out super pink
super colorful it’s even got glitter in it so that got me thinking what if we
made an entire wall of slime and shot in Nerf darts into it I have no idea what
would happen but I think it could be pretty cool step one we have to go
through our nerf closet and get a bunch of nerf guns step two we’re going to go
to the store I think and get a lot and I mean a lot of glue because in order to
make a slime wall you’re gonna need a lot of slime just imagine this nerf
judge firing at us why I’m wall what will happen I’m no idea but let’s find
out oh and it is cold outside are we going
through the store to get some supplies to make some epic slime for our nerf
wall woo Carter you ready to go cars got a
snack we’re ready to go we got a lot to do let’s go let’s go let’s go whoo
quarter we’re definitely gonna need a cart for this yeah I got one oh my gosh
look at this we gotta get these these are huge Stevie we could surprise
Elizabeth these purple ones these are so there’s
something in it it’s a surprise I wonder what’s in it if it’s a big like hatch of
all the little hatch yeah let’s load the card look at this green one this is
amazing oh my favorite color shares if you don’t know my favorite color is
green and this egg is amazing oh oh that pink it matches my sweatshirt
– okay well that carts all ready fools to ridding another cart chairs we’re
getting a lot of stuff here alright Carter you go shopping for
Easter eggs I’m gonna go back and get some glue okay oh yes and we found the
glue section check this out so many gallons of white glue and so many
gallons of clear glue this is awesome let’s load up the cart with tons and I
mean tons of glue we gotta make enough glue to make a
slime also oh let’s get to work we got a lot of bottles oh my gosh what you think
this is enough glue let’s just say I’m on the phone with Liz she said get some
clear glue and I’m looking at the shopping cart and there’s so much clear
yeah we got a lot of glue we got a stock up Liz I think we just bought out the
store we got a bunch of slime and a bunch of other stuff too shopping carts
cool and shares let me tell you right now a cart full of glue is a lot of
weight this thing is super heavy Cordy ready to get home to make some slime
wall oh yeah right in the shopping cart let’s go let’s get home we’re gonna get
this giant eggs and we’re gonna go downstairs and surprise Liz let’s go on the count of three you’re gonna open
your eyes ready one two three oh yes there’s something in yeah there’s
something inside but I think we should do it on your channel oh yeah we should
definitely do like an egg surprise opening challenge on my channel and we
actually have one more egg where is that one to you it’s next to all the 24
bottles like glue we got yeah this one’s cool because it’s not sparkly this one’s
like smooth and shiny so you got like one of each color oh my goodness they
are huge yeah I’m really curious to know what’s
inside and is it the same thing inside each of them or is it different
yeah shares comely things inside these eggs I’m feeling it’s good like I
stepped stuff the animal or something listen ready this is the this is the
only hint you’re gonna get until we do this one there’s this channel I don’t
know they could be candy sounds like it could be like a stuffed and II don’t
think big because it’s heavy so something big is in here getting me
surprised I can’t wait to see what they are and we are back in the basement with
Lizzy Sherri hey our slime Queen oh yeah we are making so much slime today it
looks like cancer you have a huge tub of water yeah I’m like a tourist
holy big yeah two gallons two gallons it’s time to start off with and we have
our nerf gun as a mixer to mix the food color in the side
it’s nerve slime to be covered in slime okay well to get started let’s put the
borax in have you ever seen our previous line look you cannot always use too much
oh my gosh this is so slimy it’s all over me whoa so this time we’re trying
to use the right amount just sprinkle sprinkle that’s a lot it’s
too much already goes too much it’s deafening so much more artists slime so
yeah don’t notice that way too much okay now let’s add the food kind
all right let’s try this food coloring stress crater just dump it spray it
spray it spray spray spray spray ready three two one oh my gosh electric lime
green look at that that looks so good this is electric do little swirl is yeah
you think it will the whole bottle yeah let’s do it half the bottle first and
then let’s try all of it ready yeah so just do a half do mix it’s a nerf gun
this oh my goodness okay I’m thinking we probably should do the whole thing huh
yeah what do you think oh my goodness that nerf gun is covered in green gooey
water curry now I think what’s with the slime in it it’ll be lighter again this
actually it started off the same color as my shirt now it’s super dark I think
once we add the white glue to it it’ll lighten it up it’ll be back to the same
color as my shirt okay so the next step is glue next up woah this is so
Idzik is its liming at the bottom oh I hope so
I’m gonna reach in and grab it oh my gosh what’s whoa
takes a little time to mix in together so we can oh wait it’s working it’s
starting to turn green Liz keep gluing it I’m gonna keep mixing with my hand it’s like a yellowy slime electric green
crazy oh wait was that two gallons already yeah we might need another
gallon get another gallon yeah will Steve major shout out to Steven for
grabbing an entire shopping cart okay start mixed and get that nerf gun is the
mixer I see you mix I’ll get more glue oh this is the perfect amount of borax –
I think yeah I think we did a really good job on that should we have more
glue yes ready 3 2 1 go go ahead just okay sirs we’ve made some
good slide what’s the image Channel and Lizzy’s channel but this is absolutely
crazy it’s this is three gallons of slides yeah we’ve never made this much
slide how much this thing is gonna weigh I wonder what its gonna look like when
we shoot this with a nerf gun Steve yeah I think it nerfed ours is gonna bounce
off or get sucked into the slide yeah I think it’s gonna get sucked in we’ll
never see it again it’s just gonna like get eaten by the slime monster who is
you love slime what do you think of all this slime oh this is so much fun I love wow this is amazing since there is so
much it’s taking a longer time to actually transform into slime but it is
working as you can see the waters being all absorbed we are almost done absorb
oh my gosh this is this is stickiest slime ever look how sticky this is see
look at my hand oh look at that it’s gonna get stuck yeah I think the nerf
gun is gonna get stuck in here too I think I’m gonna get stuck in here it’s
getting stickier as it goes it’s getting more and more sticky okay we’re gonna
mix fast let’s go ahead mix we need like super speed mixing to get this color in
this slime is so weird oh my goodness this is the craziest type of slime we’ve
ever made it’s nurse slime yeah this is the nerdiest slime ever whoa I’m so glad
we bought so much glue this is only two gallons how many gallons did you get a
lot more like 10 we got like 10 go with 10 gallons if this is only 200 I was
about to say with this amount of gallons of glue we can make a swimming pool full
of slime so if you’re thinkin what I’m thinkin comment hashtag slide if you
want to see Stephen jump into swimming pool for what I think what I quote I
don’t even know what would happen I think you might get stuck in there turns
like a slime oh look like this I come out looking
like this okay so Stephen how many likes do we need on this video for you to make
a sinkhole florists full of slime and go inside 20,000 likes okay you earn time
you said 20,000 likes and we’ll make an entire swimming pool full of slime and
Stephen will jump in will you put your head under yeah for 25 we’ll just bring
it to 25,000 like since even put his head under chairs and like and let’s do
this that’s a cool idea we’ll give you a Kass Norco we’ll see how long you can go
under this line for that would be so cool I fit if you go fast enough I bet
you can walk across it like did you chew chew chew like you could like run on
slime we could try driving the RC cars on slime we can do an RC boat in the
sound we have so many cool ideas to get into slime Bowl so I’m hoping this video
will get twenty five thousand like share and start liking and you know what car
did that remember we got to test the nerf guns against this slime yeah let’s
go ahead and make a slime wall and get shootin now it’s time for the nerf gun
versus the slime we might need to choose a different nerf yo this nerf gun might
be out of commission yeah we’re gonna need to rinse that one off I’m gonna go
grab another one oh and by the way share is if you haven’t checked out Stephens
last video we made this box board out of nerf turrets and we gave it a drop test
it’s pretty strong it’s like indestructible three two one go whoa
okay up first for the nerf gun versus slimewall we are going to be doing a
small nerf gun and then we’re gonna work our way up to a bigger nerf gun if this
works are you ready Steve I’m ready okay I’m
cocked I’m loaded go ahead and make me that slime wall do that ready yeah let’s
try it one more time nobody got shot need more slime ready all right hang on
and I found it Oh little nerf guard up next we got this super powerful nerf gun
this nerf gun is the one that i modded in my video and it’s the world’s most
powerful nerf gun it’s awesome Steve right and this in crazy oh yeah it’s got
a lot of power it might actually have a chance of shooting through the slime
in 3 2 1 oh whoa whoa yeah so this gun is so
powerful Steve you gonna use that bucket because we’re gonna need a thick Wallace
slime for this one we’re gonna make a super thick wall on that much awesome
whose bubbles in there let’s see if I can even hold this soon to be a
something like this yeah Wow it doesn’t last very long I got a short window to
try this out all right you ready for the downer that was the test now let’s do it
for real all right here we go okay your gun walked and loaded yeah I’m ready to
go ready yeah all right nerf gun versus the slime wall here we go the most
powerful they’re fun versus slime wall and go to the chest wall okay here we go
again nerf gun versus slimy ready Carter I’m ready here we go in three two oh my gosh oh this is crazy
look this one it’s literally stuck out this one’s splattered this one’s like
rolling and then we have some down on the carpet Oh Steve we destroyed the
house with slime this was crazy and Steve yeah we still got one more giant
nerf gun well it’s actually two – yeah are you thinking about what I’m thinking
about I don’t know what are you thinking I’m thinking about these two crazy
awesome guns even we’ve used these guns in the Lamborghini are you Kurt enough
time to go get those okay I’ll go get I’ll be right back whoa this is the gun
I’m talking about Cher’s I think it’s called the rapid 20 you pump it up like
this and then it’s full auto all these darts and probably like two seconds and
I got two of them so this is going to be awesome
oh yeah busy come on Steve come on come on come on let’s do it come on shirt
smash it like button right now let through this thing go three two one fifteen probably two seconds one that
was awesome and there is one on the wall oh yeah yeah the world’s most powerful
nerf gun is way more powerful than these but it doesn’t shoot as fast so it looks
like only one made it to the wall this time but there is now a lot of nerve
tarts and in time whoa through this line pick up all the nerf there it’s Jax that
yeah that’s what I call nerf slime that is nerf slime oh yeah oh my goodness
there is so much slime what do you guys think we should do with all this slime
pool having poles and therefore we gotta try that’s to be amazing you know Steve
interest if we get 25,000 like Stevens not only gonna jump in it we’re gonna go
completely under to get in his hair I don’t know if he’ll ever wash clean
after this oh just like the Orbeez waterfall
oh yeah sure is coming crazy ideas down below and until next time you know what
to do stay off that


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  3. instead of getting a bunch of gallons you could get 1 and make it fluffy so it will make the slime wayyyyy bigger pliz give me a shoutout and i love yr vids

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