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let’s go nice lookit I got an idea but I got a job AOA’s go on poverty fair its propagate here and we are back with a brand new video and today guys we are at Logan oh that’s it’s playable Logan slot regular water park this water park made of air but today we’re gonna be doing an amazing nerve super soaker gun game we saw Aaron’s awesome nerf gun game video and thought we were doing we would try it at an amazing inflatable water park which is why we’re here today and of course guys if you can follow in our series we are escaping from the hacker slash Game Master plot know a bit ‘space so much time running for him we got it don’t get back relax so have some fun maybe made me make some box for it cuz you know what I think Chad wild clay and those guys can handle them for a little bit I mean I know Papa Jake needs to solve the mystery and we will solve the mystery of the game master but let me know down below in the comments if you guys think you should make some more box books I do some fun in there for us guys make sure you smack that subscribe button to join the pop Jake fan but before we start this gun game I thought we could show you guys the water part and maybe Jake and I could have a little race Oh like a race Logan alright you know I accept the challenge before this gun game start grouping about an epic water cart race and Logan I think it should start no proper take don’t forget up a few things I’m good to go pumpkin but Heights might be one of them it’s a little time a pop Jake that’s getting me I’m not scared of hackers I’m not scared of the gamemaster but okay I am scared of losing though let’s go now I think slowly this is a great learning experience guys you see the tortoise won the race against the hair because they took it slow on the pink green inflatable pieces of inflatable wait what are you doing Oh see you’re going down he’s going down he’s lazy going down hey let’s keep going now it’s time for the rope swing hi Logan I got the rope where am I supposed to go I guess they’re gonna go down the slide hey we got this guy’s I’m getting up this is a good at the P Papa Jake not that easy take a wing I won the race hi father that was good guys let’s know down below who you think won it also be sure to judge on style cuz there’s loft-style points on our right now that we’re all warmed up it’s time to start this gun game we’ve got our first weapons ready and I think it’s time to go Logan you ready I’m ready let’s do this guy’s got an upgrade check this out you got some over there all right I’m gonna go take him out you drive nice oh dude check this out this is awesome all right we gotta keep Oh rules meet the game okay let’s go next to the trampoline what’s the plan hold up dude that was epic I know what you get oh I don’t know this looks awesome though I shot all right let’s keep moving so you got more guys up ahead let’s go how was that that was not fun Logan how was not fun I mean it looks are fine no it was not sick to the mission come on go nuts I don’t know but Jake I’m out of ammo me too this isn’t good Oh No well we got another one got you buddy gotcha sweet new operation okay oh dude that was awesome hi come on Logan let’s go we got another one follow my lead he’s on the ground wait dude it’s got the final upgrade one more kill and we won the game all right let’s keep going what right damp though there’s a page boy ah let’s see what deal with this once we get out there you go last kill yeah students one pick the last guys down there what boy do I think I’m gonna reach them look I got an idea check it out the amazing waterpark here it was super awesome of course guys UIC more awesome and fun videos like this be sure to join the Papa Jake BAM hit the subscribe button down below you got next time

100 thoughts on “NERF GUN GAME SUPER SOAKER EDITION! Worlds Biggest Water Park

  1. Guys smack that LIKE button if we should open the Game Masters Chest & Or Do Another #Nerf War 😁✌🏻Also comment below if you are part of the notification squad! Also For those asking yesterdays video was deleted Not by me but possible The Game Master 😱

  2. Once someone got an iPad and the hacker controlled them for the day and if they do not do what the channel will get hacked

  3. I like your videos I think your videos again so I’ll subscribe to all your videos in my name isJaydenFlores

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