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Nerf Gun Cardboard Box Battle! Cole Attacks Ethan with Nerf Guns for Stealing His Dinosaur Toy!

What’s wrong with you?!!! (Cough Cough)I’m sick. No your not, you were fine last night. (Clears Throught)Well, I’m sick right now. No your not and how would you know that Your just faking it whatever What you got there? It’s my dinosaur, DON’T TOUCH IT! I want it. No, you cant have it I ‘m taking it to school. Whatever. I’ll just take it from you when your at school How about I tell the teacher your faking it Where your going to put it? None your bugniss(baby voice) (fan blows) Click click (cough cough) Bye have a good day at school (DOOR SLAMS) He’s gone YESS Aw man this is so cool I am going to hold this for ransom I need a plan mmm… oh yeah Perfect This will do Now I need to arm myself That one, that one and that one Lets see him get his dinosaur now I’m home What is he up to now? Welcome home Coley What are you doing? Don’t worry about it Whatever I knew it Hey ethan? What? Where’s my dinosaur You won’t be seeing that dinosaur anytime soon. Its mine now That’s it I’ll give you one chance to give me mine dinosaur back Oh yeah? what are you going to do? Okay you asked for it Haha, that was useless Well yeah, its mine turn Ha, that’s what you get You won’t find it cowering i am going to play with my dinosaur mmmm I know what to do Perfect Coley what are you doing? Don’t worry about it i’ll shoot you I’m unarmed Your up to something Stop what you’re doing right now Don’t worry about it Yeah, you just better walk away Don’t you do it Thank you Hey guys! The today’s comment of the week is… Oliver Mong you guys know that there’s halo nerf guns Yeah! We’ve seen em’ but we don’t know if they’re nerf But either way, if you wanna see us use them lets us know in the comments Check out our facebook page && our instagram page give us a thumbs up! Click on our faces to subscribe, and see you next time!

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