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Nerf Arsenal: Custom Nerf AK-47

*uses automatic hoover* *turns on water* *brushes teeth* *brushes nerf gun* *Cleans* *arranges by magic* *dramatic music* *puts shoes on* *takes cap* *woos* *takes stuff out of fridge and refrigerator* *puts a lot of ice in bottle* *drinks* *cuts pineapple* *cuts cabbage* *takes mango chunks* Coconut Water *takes jug* *stuffs fruit and veg in* *blends* Estaban! No! Our new merch features Estaban, go to if youre interested or click on the link in the video description below Heres some of the shirts we got I’d hit that, would you? Alright lets unbox this stuff Now as most of you already know, in order to do a proper unboxing, you have to have the appropriate tools Finally! Dude this thing is so dope, this a raven, an old school. A yellow raven. Finding this on eBay was not easy. Believe it or not, the maverick was one of my first Nerf guns. These things are really old, I grew up with these things so its really dope to get my hands on a couple of them. The classic raider. These were used in all of our old Nerf squad videos. All of our old Nerf squad videos. Oh my gosh

100 thoughts on “Nerf Arsenal: Custom Nerf AK-47

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  2. 0:51, I have that sock! Man, haven't been watching this channel for a while now, it's nice to know that they're still making "Quality Nerf war videos"

  3. Yo pdk films my name is still Eden I live in Kansas City Kansas I like to know how the heck you guys can help a brother out with a decent Army Nerf gun the desert have to require batteries all the time a good pump action gun or a good Mega gun I need help with one I got a lot of your videos I like and is there any way that you can help me with a good Nerf gun I would like a long shot if you have an extra one to spare because I think those are the prequels weapons you guys ever made and you could really make those suckers look like a Desert Eagle Desert Eagle machine gun rifle that is a good Barrel sight on it would do pretty well for me if you can help please if not thanks anyway I'm trying to help me out with a decent Nerf weapon please I'm gone

  4. It’s not dope. It’s way bulky and in a nerf war that takes away vision so now I don’t know where exactly I got to hit

  5. No, this is not “dope”. I’d rather have a real AK-47 instead of this fake plastic shit. And no, nerf darts won’t kill isis, bitch.

  6. that gun that you i look at the AK-47 with the attachment on it did look awesome i loved it. your so awesome PDK Flims i love you all at PDK Flims your all so awesome please repli

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