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Neodymium Shotgun Slugs – Perfect Anti-Robot Round? :)

okay can you create a battery I should eat magnet into citrus you recharge your iPhone and of course that’s never going to happen hi again magnet heads this is jeff from taofledermaus today we’re going to take another look at shooting magnetic projectiles out of a shotgun and this idea and some of the magnets actually came from Darren who’s been busy trying to raise a family too busy to be on the show but there gave me a bag of crushed up computer harddrive magnets and we’ll load it up into a shelf and we’ll see what kind of effect that has will it all stick together or will it behave more like birdshot and just for kicks I loaded up a couple shells with these bucky balls i think there’s 28 per shell able to have a glimpse of those and see what they look like it about 5000 frames per second with the Khronos camera alright we’re out here today to shoot some magnetic rounds these are ball bearing rounds mounted in there around a little clear plastic straw and this one’s crushed up magnetic hard draw hard drive mattock magnets so the big theory is will these shoot straight stick to the target or will they just fly up and stick to the moon they’re all they’re all neodymium magnets 2 4 so you know needle video mm mm zoom yeah these are neodym some magnets so you’ll be ready to shoot again in 30 minutes okay cookie sheet with little cookies ah that’s pretty clever crushed neodymium am did it okay ready alright folks check this out we were aiming for here and a little runt cookie by the way not a bad name for a punk rock band one piece hit near the runt cookie the other ones uh tended to drift low here Arklow still though had enough power to punch right through this middle pin and here’s what’s cool just some little metallic shavings here all kind of glued together that are sticking to the pan yeah they’re still pretty good pieces open want cookie run cookie opening for Taylor Swift this fall definitely not the most accurate or the most inaccurate round we’ve ever shot but you could kind of see what’s happening here as the round or at least a large mass of the round and kind of nose dives down now one thing I thought was quite interesting here is right before impact we see a cloud of dust emanating from the projectile that’s probably the moment it begins going subsonic and only ten yards a shotgun projectile like this will lose at least 10% of its initial muzzle velocity definitely not orange juice a bit of a curry taste to it whatever you ready Wow hey magnets worked it went right through the target that self-guiding so a lot of magnets in there in the foam and we found this piece out here stuck to the outside just like third grade you can see that magnets traveling that fast create their own electromagnetic pulse and they suck a piece of the atmosphere with them right into that truck that he jug felt felt convincing it’s got to be in science okay we have a little different results this time the magnets broke into smaller clusters kind of resembles a like an asteroid breaking up in the atmosphere the remaining clusters still had a lot of energy and even though they didn’t go through the jug they tore it up pretty good most of the magnets just simply missed on this shot I almost didn’t include this but I thought it was interesting enough to share with you guys now let’s take a couple shots with one of my favorites the magnetic lucky shot striker red donated this target to shoot so let’s see how it goes okay I’m ready Wow okay that’s up nice screen Camry hundred watt per channel height by oh yeah we put in a Taylor Swift CD just for you guys and tell because what needed to be done with that music so I was aiming for inside this ring and I’ll be damned if most of those rounds most of those little bearings gonna stay in here a couple of them out here but almost everything went right through the music ring and then out the back too and when you take ball bearings in your music ring you know you’ve got problems Wow clean the button shake it up there’s not one of your songs check it out no come on I did a picture everyone you’ve got all of your CDs these magnetic bucky balls are quite powerful magnets but because there are a sphere they’re a little easier to pull apart because you don’t have that large surface area connecting them but we do see a few of them still stuck together some forming small chain some forming little clusters and for the most part they were pretty accurate most of them lighting in that circular LCD display one thing I wanted to try was to shoot these at a steel plate okay try kur read thank you for this target steal yeah ready Wow even though this is full motion I will spare you that horrible full motion audio it’s like a road to take a look at that a couple of these little guys were independent thinkers out here look at that little chain on balls and stuck together Wow I don’t think too many of those didn’t shatter you know I’m sure we’ll see him just maybe we’re good for home defense around against someone a bad guy with a pacemaker like a robot or something why they cook there are self-guiding yeah this is the part where people will comment saying that we should have shot this at night let me remind you we can’t legally shoot at night high-speed cameras don’t work at night and even HD cameras are terrible trying to film at night with the Khronos high-speed camera running at about 5,000 frames per second we could really see some good imagery here of course once it gets into focus and we could see several a pretty decent chains of magnetic balls there and the amount of sparks coming off this thing we did in and see that in real time and I’m fairly certain that all the bucky balls that struck that plate were completely just disintegrated the plate itself is mild steel if we had shot like an AR 500 plate it probably would have left some slight dents in it but definitely not as deep as what we see on this plate any hell that is it for today I hope you enjoyed the video thank you and see you next time you thought I was going to say bye-bye

100 thoughts on “Neodymium Shotgun Slugs – Perfect Anti-Robot Round? :)

  1. Site newbie, some may find these frivolous but I find them very interesting, playing around with the U-Tube speeds along with yours I find the trajectories of these various Slug rounds fascinating. Been shooting shotguns my whole life but never looked at how the slugs/bullets actually behave.

  2. Hey. can you try and shoot some of those fancy spike lug nuts? that would be cool, im not sure if it will fit in a shell.

  3. On the last slow motion clip at the end it looks like little yellow pellets with red dots rotating around after the impact, is that just some kind of visual artifact with the sparks on camera?

  4. One of the reasons I enjoy this channel so much is because of Greg's off the cuff humor. Neo Dim Sum magnets. I love it.

  5. It's weird, but I noticed in the last shot against that steel plate, you can actually see the "spark" particles spinning in the slow motion.

  6. Interesting stuff Jeff and Greg. I have a couple of questions though. Theoretically, since your shotgun barrel is a conductor, a significant eddy current should be set up in it as the magnets start to move down it. this eddy current will oppose the movement of the magnets down the barrel so for a given weight of shot or magnets, the magnets should achieve a lower velocity and also heat the barrel more. Is this something you might want to test? If not, might it be okay to suggest it to Destin on "Smarter Every Day"?

  7. Hey TAOFLEDERMAUS you should do another .22 blank and pellet video except this time use the "H&N Piledriver Pellet" I think that those pellets would work way better than normal dome-nosed pellets with their special design.

  8. can you fire magnets again parallel to a bunch of steel plates, it would be cool to see how long the plates would need to be to catch magnets on there surface. Perhaps some copper plates in front of them would slow the shot via eddy currents. Also using eddy currents to push a copper plate without touching it.

  9. wen you only have a shotgun and some magnets and youre mom asked if she can use youre pc then you remember shes going to look at youre history

  10. have you tried these magnets with a magnetic fluid on them? I wonder if it would explode or stay together with the fluid.

  11. do anti terminator rounds with a was slug with a thermite type core inside it. or a neodymium magnets slug that looks like the rip rounds

  12. Another fun(ny) thing to try with this would be testing how much power you could generate by wrapping your shotgun barrel with copper wire.

  13. neo dim sum. priceless. almosy laughed my coffee out my nose.

    maybe a new round design? dim sum shells?

  14. @6:45 "We can't legally shoot at night"? Erm … really? -Even in Australia those who are licensed can shoot at night. This is not a US regulation I have ever heard of before.

  15. Organic valley milk is effing amazing. They have excellent half & half too. Also try their butter!

  16. I always wondered if steel shot was fired passed a strong magnet, if the magnet would cause the shot to be deflected differently than if it passed something without a magnetic field

  17. At least if you have the magnetic ball shot ricochet and get ya, it will be easy to pull out with an electromagnet you can whip up really quick. Lol.

  18. love how this guy pulls out his knife everytime he goes to examine the target. i think he thinks it make him look cool or something?

  19. what dude they dont actually make there own electromagnitic pulse it was just cause you shot it out if shot gun. can u shoot merky of shotgun pls?

  20. Well even if they worked I am not sure how they would help you, but it comes down to explosive acceleration vs force of magnetism. So mostly they are buckshot that may stick to metal targets. 6:44 that looks like hello kitty.

  21. try these?

  22. Cool idea! I wonder if they would stick together longer and hold a tighter pattern downrange kinda like the flite control buckshot allowing u to shoot longer distances…

  23. well depending on the season and the classification on your property you might be able to say you are coyote hunting and you missed, furbearers can be hunted at night and for example if you own Farmland you can hunt them all year round in most places given the proper amount of property to be able to safely discharge a firearm.

  24. I swear to god Officer Gregg spoke at my school once… or my dad's military retirement… Guess everyone's met a guy like Gregg at some point in their life. XD

    Guy's very familiar. Come to think of it, so is the landscape in a lot of their videos as well…

  25. So what's next? A super calibrated magnetic railgun launching wax slugs at mach 10? I bet OG would be all over it if he had a Taylor Swift or Justen Bieber poster!

  26. Should try finding square neodymium magnets. The French have a round that uses iron cubes for short range birding. Try for the 1/4 inch range of cube

  27. Did the magnets mess up the bore of the shotgun or do they stay secured inside of the wad until they leave the muzzle?

  28. I'd love to see more buckyball/magnetic buckshot videos, maybe compare to normal buckshot and see the spread difference, also against wax buckshot…what will hold together best?

  29. Have you tried magnetic bbs, beads, ball bearings in wax for more damage? And would poring a little wax in the bottom and let it harden before adding any shot to it make it more balanced and stable? These questions have been lingering in my head for a few days so I had to share to the best people to test them

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