100 thoughts on “NEMO Arms OMEN 300 win mag Rifle [ FULL REVIEW ]

  1. Where's the video of you shooting it at 1000 yards?

    you should cone up here and shoot a caribou at 700- 1000 yards?

  2. Plz do the 1000 yard shot, I plan on buying one of these in the far future since I'm to young to own a weapon and because these rifles costh a lot of $$$$$$

  3. Damn, crazily the dirt cheap savage axis bolt action shoots a little tighter groups than that. BUT that has the epic semi automatic ability that bolt actions do not!

  4. LOVE your reviews, unlike other arms video bloggers, u can give a decent technical review, that for this kind of glimpses i have always had to read the articles and stuff.
    keep up the good work. regards from Iran

  5. Dang, I loved that video. I'm curious to see if this rifle is legal up here in Canada. Probably restricted if it is legal.

  6. Makes my Fukkin Dick HARD!!! My Rem 7mm Mag Sniper rifle puts rounds in a silver dollar at 12oo yrds. This should do the same or better with practice.

  7. Hmm, 300winmag + AR15 platform = the greatest idea in a long time. Why didn't they think of this earlier.

  8. Make a GY6 shirt that says "I love magnums". I guess that could be read in a few different ways. Maybe put a revolver under it to clarify. But I have turned into a Magnum caliber fanatic. That gun is awesome.

  9. If you aren't shooting at 1200 then you aren't even giving the 300 win mag a chance.
    I have recently gotten into the semi auto precision world (compass lake spr) and holy wow it's awesome.

  10. I wonder what kind of action it is, if it get too close to a AR it could make it a little difficult to own up in the great white north.

  11. The rifle in 300 win mag is all good but the price for it is not. I think they are way over priced considering the advancements in CNC machining so high tech. With the system so high priced I doubt they will sell enough of them to break even.

  12. you're little barrel break in thing about cleaning is a myth. macmillan himself said its a myth and he doesn't believe in it.

  13. Is there any way you can get a drd tactical 338 Lapua Mag and do a test at a thousand yards if not I'll be more than happy to lend you mine

  14. Looks great. Really great. Sounds liek a monster. I wonder if there will be color options – i dont mind that pattern but Id love to see this in Coyote. *For CA, is this considered an "AR", becasue its semi auto?

  15. For actual combat legitimacy range tests, I prefer to use improvised rests while in the sitting, kneeling, &/or supported & unsupported prone positions, perhaps you could use a log, hood of a vehicle, or even a medium/large rock. Because how many fire fights have you been in where there's a table with sand bags supplied for your shooting pleasure??

    It may seem like I'm being a turd here, but I'm sincere in this. To your credit, you are 1 hellova shot Mr GY6vids! I just wonder if you'd get that sort of results in my aforementioned field test scenarios.

    Great video though brudder! I would absolutely LOVE to have a couple of those beauties. Every morning I wake up, I thank God for our 2A. God bless America!!!

  16. I would love to see you shoot at a 1000 yards. I am a big advocate of the 300 win mag . Love the gun to. I shoot sendero SFll 300 win mag .

  17. That has more firepower than a Browning Automatic Rifle! I would like to see what it does on flat out semi-auto. I just might have to buy my own! Hahaha The wife will love it, so my best friend says! Hahahahaha

  18. I would totally wear booty shorts for a year in exchange for this rifle.
    And I despise shorts .
    Would certainly want a S/B 2.5-10×56 L7 illuminated scope on that beast.
    What's cool about Nemo is they have an installment payment program. An investment for sure

  19. 150grain bullet is a bit small for that. Put some nosler partitions or Hornady eldx and I would try 185gr I think you would see better result.

  20. You should also tell us the optic you are using. Awesome videos. I really like that platform I wonder how heavy it is.

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