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National Firearm Reference Vault

To say Daulton Baker has an interesting job would be an understatement As an ATF armorer and ordinance specialist he is charged with maintaining the National Firearms Reference Vault He has his hands full…literally The first time I walked into this vault, it’s relatively humbling There is nothing else really out there like this. There are a few private collections that have more in quantity but I don’t believe anyone has more in variety That variety includes thousands firearms from just about every country in the world where firearms are produced The working collection provides ATF with a valuable resource used to combat violent crime nationwide. It’s not just for show…
It’s not just for show It’s not just for show… It’s a working collection not a static collection. Think static, they are more interested in preservation… …this is a working collection Everything we have we have as a tool in order to perform some function that may be asked of us at any point in time If an agent in the field comes across a weapon used in a crime they aren’t exactly sure about They can send Daulton and his colleagues a photo and various marking info. So what is the one question you’d like to ask Daulton? Yeah, probably what his favorite gun is right? Me personally, I’m more interested in how things work, or how you make things work. So it’s more of a mechanical aspect rather than than any make, model or specific thing. Daulton is personally responsible for preparing firearms for all the new ATF agents We’ll start to go through, inspect them, certify them for use, package them up and the academy will have all these delivered to them Wednesday morning.

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