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Naomi Campbell makes shocking statement with bloody bullet hole dress – The News

 Naomi Campbell made a controversial fashion statement with a bloody fake bullet hole on a dress during London Fashion Week  The 49-year-old model was celebrating after her Fashion For Relief fundraiser and changed into the politically-charged garment for her afterparty  It comes after she attended the 90th birthday party for handgun manufacturer Gaston Glock to support his horse charity  A source close the supermodel said: “Naomi knows how to make a statement with fashion  “The whole event was about creating a better future for kids and it’s no surprise for her parting look of the night she chose to reference gun violence in America with everything that’s been in the news ”  Naomi previously described US gun statistics as “astounding”, and said: “Our communities and our children deserve to live in safe environments where they’re unthreatened by preventable violence ”  For the finale of her fashion show at the British Museum, Naomi invited students from the Elmgreen School in South London – near her birthplace Streatham – to walk the runway after being “inspired by their positive attitude, and their determination to succeed”  The event included an auction where art and designer items were sold to raise money for the Mayor’s Fund for London  Naomi said: “It’s a privilege to work with the Mayor’s Fund – it’s an independent charity that tackles social inequality  “The problems we seem to see are about education. We are here tonight about education  ‘Education isn’t just a problem for London. It isn’t a problem just for the UK – it’s a problem across the globe ”  The charity has revealed that 61 million children under 10 are unable to access education globally Read More Latest fashion & beauty news  “Without the capacity to learn, children won’t develop their full potential,” she continued  “So many are exposed to poverty, violence and forced labour.”  Stars including James Bond star Pierce Brosnan, 66, and his 18-year-old son Paris, a model, attended the event  Speaking to the Mirror, Naomi added: “I know a lot of people think the fashion world is fickle, but we are not fickle  “When we need to come together, we do come together and make it happen.” Read More Showbiz editor’s picks

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