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N°4 Sniper Airsoft Scope cam bolt 450fps VaVAnN

Please go through description before asking questions thanks to amineghostdog for translation Outch! In the neck West-Airsoft.Fr game in France 25 players spread out on 9 acres Backup: Mk23 marui “Wtf” Bb stuck in the mag. Can hear shooting behind the tarp Please, no questions about distances, still did not measure anything hOp ! Rudy Out ! Ricocheted off a twig at the end of its trajectory Again 4 snipers in the opposite team Didnt make things easier Here are two snipers with the same equipment as mine purchased after watching my videos 🙂 “Who is complaining” He is gone Wow, did I just get shot at? At me or at my teammate behind me? Second BB, not looking good right now plan B: Acting dead for 1 minute Hop, under cover 10 meters, an Aeg 0ut of ammo? Nope, loading was not properly done, now it is stuck Action He was about to run away wow ! Sniper spotted Did i get him? We will never know i guess At least I got his spotter Someone crawling? As soon as he steps out, he is dead! “Wow, to the head !” “Can’t see anything” I shot through the bush since he was shooting at my teammate The first part of the video was about 40 min. I did cut some uninteresting footage using the mk23 Like here for instance… It is twig shot day today!! Too early Through the twigs Wide left “There, he is running” Remaining silent is a great advantage to avoid comprosmising your shooting position! “Nice, jackpot” “They are a bit too far” Shot the tree Flanking with my teammate for 10 minutes,
we are going to take them by surprise Here we are Eventually, Mr Rudy gets us like sitting ducks Back to square one 🙁 Wow, nice, nice, nice ! Crazy: Was that you shooting at him? “Wai! Right on his hand sticking out carrying his gun” Crazy:”Is that guy on our team ?” “That guy going away?” Crazy:”Wai” “humm dont think so” Crazy: “Moving to the next logs cover, need some cover!” Crazy=Full crye precision combat + m4Gp Out or not? Yep “Damn, we crushed them, three guys in a row” “Out” “Tangos coming!” “Go ahead Vavann! have some fun !” “F***k, are they out or not?” “No clue, looks like they… ” Missed! but very close… Tango on my 3 o’clock Is it pruning season or what ? Raaa, I would have shot him if he hadn’t moved ! Rooo, that guy is lucky… Bb ricocheted off the tree behind him. As a reflex he looks left.
Nope, did not get him 🙁 Crazy: “Tango right here” “Is he by himself ?” “Yes, but not sure” “Is he wearing a black tshirt ?” “Heu ? yes” “This is Rudy again ! that asshole :)” Rudy=hit me three times in an hour… Just like that, Where do you think you are going? “Frienldy or not ?” “Looks like a friendly to me” No so sure, i have my doubts… “Oh no, these are no friendlies, they are on the left” Ok, I’ll take out the next one “Got him !” “More on the left, a ghilie” How to waste $300 ? ” Found it !”

99 thoughts on “N°4 Sniper Airsoft Scope cam bolt 450fps VaVAnN

  1. Je ne sais pas si vous le faites, mais vérifiez votre MK23 avant chaque match. J'imagine que vous faites parce que son sens commun. – Thanks Google Translate! xD

  2. j adore ce que tu fais j ai le meme equipement mais pas pour la ghillie de mon fusil et c'est a cause de c& que je me fais reperer

  3. Bonnes technique, bon équipement et super vidéo. Et si je peux me permettre, si tu veux être encore plus indétectable, rajoute un peu de la végétation ambiante sur ta guilie (fougères, feuille d'arbres) ainsi que sur celle de ton arme. Pour les tirs en mouvement, 1 cible en avant pour un personnel qui marche, 2 s'il court. 😉 Have fun !

  4. SALUT 
    VaVann j'aurais besoin d'un conseille j'ai besoin d'acheter un sniper parce que j'ai envie  camper lool  tu me conseille quelle sniper le l96ouMb-03 

  5. Guys he's French. At some French antique markets they sell not very old gillie suits he (probably) didn't get it online

  6. Salut j'adore se que tu fait et j'aimerais être comme toi tu pourrais me dire se qu'il faudrait comme équipement et stratégie et ton snipe c'est quoi

  7. a 1 minute de vidéo ya déjat une grosse boulette ton arme de point tu la charge avant de rentré en opé crétin et a 1.15 ton snipe tu le laisse jamais comme sa seul sur le terrain tes joueur depuis combien de temps serieux ensuite tu fait trop de bruit et pire encore tu surveille mème pas tes arrières

  8. super vidéo, quand on sait qu'incarner un sniper est loin d'être évident,  je joue essentiellement assaut et jouer furtivement m'intéresse depuis peu.  La ghillie qui accroche partout, la moindre feuille ou brindille ou un petit coup de vent qui te gâche un tir. J'ai fait deux parties en ghillie et j peux assurer que c chaud, et si t'es repéré t'es out en moins de deux.  Le sniper c vraiment du jeu tt en finesse donc respect….

  9. Putain, pardonné moi du therme utilisé mais tu es trop bon au snip, grace à toi je joue mieux merci mec.

  10. aurais tu un tuto pour ajouter le réticule de visé sur ta video
    car je galére a trouver comment on fais

  11. That's hilarious when you sped it up around 15:30, you looked and sounded like a chipmunk with a sniper rifle.
    But hey, that was an excellent video!  Your skills in the field are amazing.

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