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N°3 Sniper Airsoft Scope cam bolt 450fps VaVAnN

3 cameras to capture every angle Before asking any questions Please go through the video description Do not ask me about distances,
I did not measure anything Game: US vs MERCO Already out Thx to LeeIsBoobs & amineghostdog for helping me with English sub! “Out” missed Lucky! Between branches. Which team are you on? no doubt about that guy though Surely a friend:) Shot a twig: ( Shit, he is coming this way Tokyo Marui MK.23 Socom ACTION! time to pull out my back up WTF?! safety is ON! Sometimes a BB feeds into the slide and gets jammed,
therefore blocking the trigger “Pan” 2nd safety was on.
Weird, i never put the safety on. I usually carry the sniper rifle on my back while using the mk23,
today it’s impossible with 2 cameras Out or not? Pfft Don’t want to cross Did i just waste 10 bbs on Rambo? Well i didnt… he is out +1 I hear voices far away US spotted “what’s going on?” “shit” Oh no, I have no more BB’s left Where did they go? Shit, they saw me and are rushing towards my position I’m “OUT” Friends coming yea… you’re right! Run forest “people coming behind us” “friendlies” that guy is still here! “fucking move” 🙂 Lets try a shot between those 2 guys US spotted “Nice one” Cake break! It’s a continuous game! I don’t like getting my feet wet Don’t like falling either! all right, no camera, no one saw that! “Out” Where is his friend ? Ha!…he spotted me. He is rushing to my position Friend covering me mK23 time “Out” “pardon” I kept on shooting after he called “out” It’s raining! 🙁 The game will be cancelled in 1 hour! I could definitely take a nap I should not be far from the U.S. camp Lets do this with the MK23 The audio from the headcam was very bad
So I put on some music mag fully loaded, let’s GO! I have two ways to eliminate someone without firing:
the “PAN” … Or … I aim at you, and when you look at me I say: “you’re out” “You are Out” But sometimes it can be confusing when the opponent aims at me like here Well here I was embarrassed,
thanks to our friend for his Fair Play Pan Pan Pan “You are out” “ho shit! I am OUT, Haha” Thank you in advance for all your comments

100 thoughts on “N°3 Sniper Airsoft Scope cam bolt 450fps VaVAnN

  1. Salut, j'ai un well mb01 et j'hésite à mettre un silencieux dessus, quand penses-tu ? faudrait-il du coup passer sur un canon 590mm au lieu de 500mm+/- ?
    Merci et bonne continuation pour tes vidéos 😉

  2. So I went outside to play airsoft with a couple of my buddies and one of them had a sniper rifle. It was a bolt action, 420 fps and let me tell you….I got shot in the neck from 20 feet away and that really did it.

  3. Are those airsoft snipers they use spring? sorry if this is a stupid question. My airsoft sniper is spring and theres looks much easier then mine.

  4. Im gonna buy my first Arisoft Sniper and would like some help finding a cheap but still good looking and ofc good

  5. I'm interested to know if you have a link that shows how you made the ghillie for your gun.  I've heard of a process that involves PVS and burlap.  It looks really good..  Awesome video!!

  6. je voudrais savoir si vous avez une team si oui on aimerais bien faire une rencontre avec vous on est de la moselle merci de me repondre par facebook c'est "thomas mathia"

  7. muy bueno la verdad q impresionante.. saludos desde argentina y me encantaria tener contactos como para arrancar a hacer Airsoft… muy buen video

  8. salut, tout 'abord super boulot !
    mais pourquoi quand tu vris "pan" et que tu ne tires pas, l'ennemi est out ?


  10. +1 abonne tu ma donner envie de jouer salo hahahah pour ma par manque plus que l'upgrade du snipe et ces bon . car joouer avec celui du collégue ces pas bon xd . en backup je suis partie sur le p99 maruzen un peut pareille que le mk23 marui

  11. aha grace a vavan je vais me mettre au snip,le sar 10 swiss arms c'est sympa? j'ai 150eu max a mettre je compte pas l'upgrade jacheterai mauser sr plus tard,et en backup pas cher je peux avoir quel réplique? 🙂

  12. Salut je voudrais des avis je comte me prendre le asg aw 308. Au niveau précision et porte et maniabilité ? Merci au réponse 👍🏼

  13. Magnifique ;P Juste magnifique comme vidéo airsoft !

    J'ai du arrêter l'airsoft à cause des études et j'aimerais reprendre… " soupir ". Tu ravives cette envie profonde qui est en moi avec ces vidéos ! GG vavann et bonne continuation dans le vaste de monde de celui d'être papa^^ ( oui je sais que tu as une petite famille ;D )

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