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My Winter Load Out – Gear Only

Hi my girl Tikka. Sit wait wait wait
you’re too close Want to go hiking? Want to go hiking? Want to go hiking? all right November 7th and we’ve had snow here for
so long now it’s getting ridiculous and it’s cold right now I’m just putting the
garbage out let me show you as I walk back towards the house what it looks
like something most of you guys don’t know it’ll be for another story but I
quit my job a couple of weeks ago got fed up with the incompetency at work so
incompetence incompetence so but I’ll talk about that later which means I have
now a lot of time I’m gonna decompress I’m not ready to go back to work right
away I have my own company so I can do contract work for other people other
organizations but so now I’m gonna decompress and I’m going hiking again
this weekend right now the forecast for the weekend is minus 15 with overnights
of minus 24 Celsius so that’s getting pretty cold and see a lot of videos from
the u.s. of people posting there how I prepare for the cold kind of videos well
let me you know sorry no offence but cold in some of the Midwest states
compared to being in the Rocky Mountains here in in Alberta where it’s gonna be
minus 25 is a big difference but anyways it’s not a competition so I’ll show you
some of the stuff where did I do to get prepared
but right now I’m heading downtown going to Evans restaurant Market on 17th gonna
go have lunch and bring in some maps because we haven’t decided where we’re
gonna go this weekend it’s country south of Calgary and
you can see today is November 8th a relatively nice day it’s 11 outside and
we’re kind of going through a Chinook a positive Chinook is bringing in warm
weather and then it’s gonna bring in cold so we’re leaving on Sunday so we’re
gonna be in snow and minus 10 with an overnight temperature of minus 14
Celsius and then Monday Tuesday will be warming up actually it looks like we
might even get rain on the way out on Tuesday a chance of showers hopefully
not so that’s the weather forecast so this is a room in my basement those are
all packs those are tents and mattresses and other things miscellaneous gear
there’s my pack another one in there the brown one actually there’s six sleeping
bags hanging up there here’s a match or so okay so the pack bear spray will stay
on here now let’s just empty it usually it’s packed and ready to go but
right now let’s empty the pack okay so first thing that goes in the bottom is
for me is my cook set so I’m bringing a titanium pot and spoon and my usual
stuff so a small cook set so you’ve all seen the cook set before now I bring a
saw it’s all super important for firewood so we’re going somewhere where
we’re loud fires I got four three zip cubes so I’m just going to replenish my
cubes my cubes don’t weigh that much I can start a fire with half a cube but
they weigh grams each so no big deal so I’m gonna throw that in there now on the
last trip I used a lot of fuel actually this is an old actually I shouldn’t say
that this is a canned I’ve had on a few trips so I’m gonna put that one on the
shelf and I’m gonna grab a brand new fresh can
of fuel so in the bottom I got my my cook set my saw and and I’m gonna throw
in my my outdoor vitals zero Celsius thirty degree Fahrenheit pack or in a
sleeping bag so that goes in there untangle this okay so the zero degree Celsius bag is
in there and the cookset I’m just gonna throw my mug in there so all I use for
eating is my mug now because it’s gonna be cold I’m bringing a second down
sleeping bag this one is a small this one is only rated for this is a positive
temperature rated bag this bag is rated for I believe four degrees Celsius
actually it says right here on the bag yeah four degrees Celsius so that’s a 40
Fahrenheit so I will either put this one inside the other one or use it sort of
as a quilt I’ll open it up on top of myself you saw from the forecast that
there’s only one day that’s gonna be really really cold and that’s the Sunday
night the other days are by my standard relatively cool so I will and this is a
North Face sleeping bag so I will stuff that as well now and that goes this put
the two crosses over and compress compressing is nice because it just
makes a little bit more room but I’m taking uh I’m taking my big pack here so
you’ve seen on the shelf up there I got sixty liter packs 50 liter packs I got
every size pack but I just love this this Bora so this is a second
or a second sleeping bag so that can go in here the second part of my sleep
system is a couple of pieces first of all my therm rest so this is a NeoAir
long-term rest it’s about a two inch therm rest so I’m gonna bring my knee
I’m gonna bring my therm rest but if you would just put the therm rest on the
ground it they get so cold it keeps absorbing you know the ground is gonna
be frozen so the ground has a lot of heat that it will give up and so it will
so the therm rest will barely stay inflated because it’s all the all the
all the ground will cool the therm rest and it’ll tend to collapse so what I’ll
do is I put this foam or this foamy underneath so I put the tent down then I
will put the foamy inside the tent and then the therm rest goes on top you’ll
see this in the video that’ll get published after so the foamy the therm
rest and then the two sleeping bags but because it’s winter I’m also gonna do an
extra little hack I will bring an emergency blanket so one of these you
know made of mylar reflective so that’ll go underneath the foamy and that will
reflect a little bit of additional heat and it can be used for other things so
I’m just gonna throw that in here for now now and then the last part of my
sleep system is my inflatable pillow which I put in the bag
now normally I bring a one-man tent this year been bringing this Marmot one-man
tent but because because we couldn’t last weekend the ground was frozen and
we couldn’t drive the stakes into the ground
and so this Marmot is not very good for that because it needs some good staking
it’s not self standing whereas this North Face is self standing but I’m
gonna take out the tent pegs because I don’t need the tent pegs the only thing
I need out of here is the repair tube in case I break a hole so I’m gonna put
that in there but I’m only bring me I’m bringing my two-man tent because it
gives me a little more space for all the stuff it’s a little more comfort and
it’s self standing so that goes in there actually what I just threw out and I’m
gonna throw it back in is homie to sit on when I got my tent I got my thermos
my my foam mattress my tent it’s all good my two sleeping bags so I’m set for
sleeping now because we might be in the wind and we’re not going that far I’m
gonna bring a tarp so I can set up the tarp around the fire to keep the wind
away from us and it could be used for other things so I’m bringing the tarp first-aid kit I was bring a first-aid
kit now when I check in the inside pouch I’m low on toilet paper so I’m gonna I’m
gonna replenish the toilet paper and I’m gonna take this out so this is my my
water filter and I am NOT gonna bring a water filter because in all likelihood
we’re gonna melt water we’re not gonna have access to a lot of flowing water so
we’re gonna chip away in melt water which I’ll show you another trick
because I’m anticipating doing that but this will become virtually useless and
if I do use it and I let it freeze you damage the filter so the filter is gonna
stay home take out a few things I’m gonna bring
Gators two pairs and one pair of Gators and let’s bring this Lantern now I’m not
gonna pack it I’m gonna leave it in the car I’ll make a decision at the
trailhead whether I bring it or not but this is a Yuko lantern it’s just one
it’s a candle but it’s amazing how much heat one candle inside the tent
will give off so but it also has a secondary problem which is the product
of combustion is water and carbon dioxide and the water will if the tents
not properly ventilated the water will condense on the ceiling of the tent so
I’ll bring it Evan was interested in seeing it so I will bring it and I’m
gonna bring then I’m gonna bring these micro crampons in case the trail is hard
pack these are super handy I’ll demonstrate them on the trail but they
slip over your boot and they’re very handy but we are also bringing snow
shoes I’ll show you that in a minute a headlamp is a very important piece
because we are quite a bit north here and so sunrise is not until about 8
o’clock actually we’re in daylight saving times and then sunset is pretty
early so you know we’re close to or we’re close to the winter or whatever it
is solstice or equinox or you know that we’re close to the moment we’re days are
getting where we’re getting close to the shortest day of the year
so we will have less than 12 hours of daylight so a very good headlamp is
critical for a round camp in case we have to walk in the dark
so I’m bringing it I’m bringing the headlamp now if I look in there now
something unique to winter I let them bring this shovel because it’s not that
deep where we’re going but I’m gonna bring this neat little device I’m gonna
bring this is called a snow claw and it allows me to quickly just clear the tent
pad the area where I’m gonna put the tent and you know I can I can clear that
quickly so I’m just bringing this because it’s only a couple of ounces
versus you know probably a pound and a half and then I have I’ll be wearing
these gloves but in my bag bringing fleece pants for at night this
is what I’ll be sleeping in and then in there is an additional pair of socks and
little fleece gloves for her sleeping at night and then I have all my other
clothing that I’ll be wearing I’ll show that you’ll see that in the video so
this is this is just a quick oh and here’s something else I’ll be bringing
my puffy jacket I’ll talk more on the trail about the clothing itself but for
sure I’m bringing this puffy jacket while we’re hiking dreams day I will be
wearing a gore-tex jacket you know wearing several layers of clothes I’ll
talk about the clothes when I it was a quick hack I wanted to talk about I’m
bringing you know half a dozen coffee filters that I’ll bring in a ziploc bag
and the reason these coffee filters they’re handy is because we’re gonna be
melting snow and ice likely snow it’s uh you know you just fill up your pot with
snowing and you melt it on the fire but then the snow is full of dirt and pine
needles and stuff like that so you pour the water through a filter into snow
shoes because I’m bringing snow shoes I have to choose normally I bring one of
these collapsible poles but this time I’m gonna bring these collapsible poles
with the baskets and bring a spare basket all right I just spent a few
minutes putting together this video and as I was looking at the footage I
realized I went through it really really quickly but it’s just a quick overview
like I said tomorrow morning I’m leaving with my buddy chef Evan we’re going on a
three-day overnight trip so we got two two nights in the bush the first one and
the fork has to be very very cool but I’ll make an effort while we’re hiking
for the for the next video to document you know the challenges of hiking in
winter the layering of clothing how we stay warm the routine around camp how we
keep stuff from freezing you saw a little bit of that in the last video I
posted when we went to patan Falls and you know after I published this video
next week I’ll publish the the trip video from this weekend’s hike and you
can see more stuff there on the challenges of were dragging anyways
it’s it was quick and rush but I hope you got something out of it thanks
everyone and like I always say get off the beaten path

15 thoughts on “My Winter Load Out – Gear Only

  1. Very nice!! The contents of those two top shelf containers might help your cause as well!! Looking forward to the seeing the trip. Thanks for sharing!!

  2. Thanks for sharing Marty (very informative) now can't wait to see the trip and what's the chef gonna cook up? Cheers!

  3. Don’t get upset about work. It is called work for a reason. All organizations are dysfunctional, the best ones are the least dysfunctional. Very jealous of where you live!

  4. Wow Marty, you dropped a bomb at the start of the video with the work news! I wish you the best and hope you enjoy this winter hike and camping. Keep it safe.

  5. You know Marty, we were not created to work our butts off every day to a slavery system. I quit my job a long time ago and that was the best decision of my life. There are two people nowadays. There are those who live to work and there are those who work to live. I swear to GOD Marty I find it easier to get along with Wild Animals of nature than some people today. Society has become a clown stage and I do not see a light at the end of the tunnel for any good. I am glad I am old school and love every minute of it. If everything crashes today, I am good to go deep into the woods and enjoy the wilderness. Enjoy the trip and have fun Marty and I look forward to the videos.

  6. Hi Marty. For future hikes, and if you’ve not done so already, have a look into Vargo. Last year I bought 8 of their titanium spikes that work great in driving through frozen, rocky ground. They do have a variety of different peg options and, yes, they are pricey (4 bucks a peg) but I’ve never had one bend or fail to nail into the ground. They held down both my backpacking tent; as well my heavy Cabela’s 4-season 4-man car camping tent. Added bonus is the weight of all 8 together is negligible when hiking. For the amount of backcountry you do, it might be worth it. Cheers and look forward to your next vid (also a bit jealous too).

  7. Absolutely Amazing, I really enjoyed it!, See this New Album 'Monish Jasbird – Death Blow', channel link , you might like 🙂

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