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My First Handgun purchased

what’s happened to everybody I just went
to a gun show this Saturday and I came home with my first handgun I got the
Smith & Wesson M&P 380 easy basically it says easy because the easy slide you
know easy to talk back hold everything’s really easy with this gun I’m about to
break it down showed you guys got it from Trader
Gary’s for three $69.99 plus tax goes around like 392 393 total for this gun
actually on sale original price is about 399 it’s of $400 so inside the box you
see the handgun here it is right there I’m gonna get in better detail a little
bit there you go there’s a small little clip of it tag still on it and it’s
looking part right here I have everything little dad pull out to the
side here no allen wrench lock first magazine
right here holds 8 rounds nice little indicator good spring and 2 little thumb
grips so that way it’d be easy to reload as you’re putting in ammunition so the
first one there and then you have the other one inside here so two total and
then that’s that part of the box and the gun I already took out of this plastic
area just to see the actual gun condition everything on display at the
gun show so we have this gun right here it still has a zip tie on it so I’m
about to cut that off and then get the tag off of it and then go into more
detail about it it was just a few seconds

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