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My First Firearm

Today I’m talking about my first firearm. The Maverick Model 88 by Mossberg. I chose this shotgun because it’s affordable-
about the $200 range, it’s reliable it’s made by Mossberg and 12 gauge is readily available
and affordable. So it was a perfect option for me. This holds 5 plus 1. It’s black, which is tactical, which is best
for home defense. As a close range weapon, shotguns are great
for inside the home for home defense. As a long-gun it is fun to take out to the
range and shoot clay pigeons and having a safe and fun time honing in my skills. One of the most important things with any
firearm is maintenance. I believe that if you maintain your firearm
it will take care of you. And so after every use, I pack it home, I
take it all out and clean it and then I keep it in a dry place that is humidity controlled. Ear and Eye protection is a must, for whenever
I’m out at the range- safety first. With affordability, the nice thing is I can
find ammunition for this any day of the year and it’s always affordable. I can get 100 rounds at Walmart for less than
$20 and that will keep you plenty busy. That’s probably as much as your shoulder can
take in one session anyways if you just do it recreational like me. Clay pigeons you can pick up in a box and
it’s a great activity with friends. And although I don’t rely on it, there’s always
“that sound” that can be a deterrent. In the comments below, please let me know
what your first firearm was. Please subscribe.

3 thoughts on “My First Firearm

  1. The first firearm that I used was a bolt action Stevens (Savage) model 58 in 20 gauge. My father bought it so I could hunt geese and ducks with family members. The first firearm I purchased new was a Marlin (Glenfield) model 20 rifle in 22 caliber. I paid the huge sum of $33 with a scope on it brand new in 1971. I was 17 years old.

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