My FAVORITE VIRTUAL REALITY Zombie Apocalypse Game (Arizona Sunshine Funny Moments)

is this you why are you so short oh my god why do you have a mask don’t are you robbing me why are you robbing me do I have a gun too do I have a mask how about she I’m about to see you welcome to Arizona it looks beautiful but what are those are those are people they’re the citizens of Arizona oh really just tourists yeah just tourists are they drunk or something I have two shots left you’re really short dude you’re seriously up to like like lower than my chest am i taller for you I only have one bullet now oh look a bridge hopefully we don’t get ambushed here bro then let’s get in the car shit oh my god you can actually get in the car fine no that’s mine oh you’re a tall little fella aren’t ya now you’re a dead little fella how much you dead huh when’s this game gonna start getting difficult done bro check it out it’s a trilby hat can you can you actually put that on your head oh look [Music] my god oh I caught her oh my god oh my god I got her I’m looking through cars got him no now he’s dead careful there’s two more on the left here it’s two in the middle just love it when you run I am oh good good work yeah well what exactly are we searching for we’re just kind of you know rummaging through people’s stuff I mean you know when the zombie apocalypse happens free stuff you know yeah that’s a good point however we should be looking for like a place to stay and have all guns find that through exploring and stuff you know whoa oh my god I got him don’t worry more to the right I got this little fella I’m gonna give him this helmet oh maybe not a very good idea there’s the same refinery safe son follow the road safe son just go check it out all right red barrel barrel oh my god I mean you know if that was incredible yeah another red barrel I want to shoot it wait for it yeah that’s what I’m talking about hey I can shoot this one oh don’t do that all right I’ll check these three you check those three watch the guy a little too side huh yes I’ll get you when you start coming over here ooh it’s bad nothing you almost done coming over here yet you ready for your shot to the head I meet the key for this one right here this one goes to the frickin ticket office of their wait what look at this dude that’d be some good good stuff in here Dutchman mine we got to get the keys to this car okay let’s get it wait wait wait wait wait this is asking for this is no good okay careful check that your back check the upper sections close the door behind us okay it’s good let me check the office yeah it’s good look at all these supplies dude hey boo Jesus where’d you find that literally actually right there it’s a little too early for Halloween and by that I mean it’s Halloween and I guess it’s fitting it is very fitting first aid kit what oh my god what are you doing I’m gonna get in this broom there’s still more stuff to loot here hold up there’s food for days actually start start packing the stuff up we got a light for later tonight what’s this do you have water here classic cheese cheese dude that could be useful sleeping bag what’s this NASA lien they’re all empty dude I can’t even fill up my call kerosene cans wait a minute back away back away Daniel empty there empty let’s go around the back huh there’s a roof there’s a zombie upstairs hey kaboom all right he’s done now there come up here what I found a no-no okay hold on there’s some serious tomfoolery downstairs how so well let me tell you oh there’s a staircase here yeah check it okay so I was wanting to get some freaking fish sticks to cook up well if I was a dead dude okay so here’s what we do we just shut that and we open this and we just don’t tell anybody what we found because now we are a potential suspect and we don’t want to be a potential suspect so just come out here Josiah don’t touch anything it is an active crime scene Josiah Josiah I will shoot you if you just say it you can’t be taking stuff this is a crime scene the police will be here in seconds oh the keys okay we can take the keys nothing more Josiah stop it just tie it you can’t you he’s okay let’s just put the key yes does it run well then give me the keys give me the keys actually honest okay okay just put it in the ignition and turn it is it not the ignition is literally blocked by a plastic cap okay well then we can just look in the back maybe grab that get in the house I have the key in the house decide get the house just like in the house right now besides I have to show up like revolver skills decide we need to get in the house right now okay be and I just missed all six shots for doom come on come on just like a realized there’s no way to go into that door that’s our only way out no that’s say know it stuff it stop okay there I learned upstairs oh my god hey get prepared reload Josiah oh my god they’re upstairs oh wait it can’t they’re going down the stairs a mycology the window the window you can know this is our house okay you do not belong here and then I’m gonna open this she’s no don’t open that go down for that I ate ate great in Blin mama raised a soldier all right let’s go boys careful this ayah careful [Applause] what the wind chimes are saying let’s keep going this way pull out your other gun maybe a Bama for you I do but not much just a magazine I’m probably down to only six shots now you know you’re so much taller you’re running a lot faster than me slow down a bit okay good get the door okay let’s go Josiah come on let’s go wait wait wait wait we silently take this guy out [Music] okay good all right there’s two people in the tent that’s a military tent we’re talking grenades assault rifles snipers ammo helmets all that good stuff we need to get in there grab that stuff and take out everyone else okay way to do it good good just rummage everything oh this is perfect pull the pin perfect Hey look grenades Oh professional are you sure about that observe okay Jesus that might have been a little overkill Bisaya you know a little much goes a long way what exactly what is this is the huge this is a huge wire where does this come out for the army people hey Tyler huh I found a key in here come over here it might be used on this or something I don’t know if I want to go over there what’s in here this time oh wow found a bit of a toy what oh no way other is there a bipod so I’m looking for hmm wonder how this thing fires no no I pulled the lever and it didn’t do anything that’s because we have to go in oh I see what you’re saying the power is up here in the keys okay I see yeah I don’t need the keys Oh perfect all right let’s just try to make this a little quick okay no kind of funny business it’s also sheltered organizers only seriousness okay yeah because I’m a legitimate businessman it sure does look like that hey you missed her Oh see look at that oh Jesus Christ this is wonderful oh my god and you’re wasting all your ammo there buddy power cable goes this way keep opening follow to the right power cable goes this way no need for shenanigans there’s the power oh just flip this big red switch well I guess so this is making a lot of noise Josiah this is making a lot of noise besides it’s not good this guy let’s let’s go back Oh extra anal I think thank good for you dude now this me that’s for you hmm yes what made that noise I do not know you hear that yeah row so where’s that coming from which I don’t like this one bit to sign let’s just go over there and let’s just flip the lever and just go first time you use this new gun Jesus huh is it working oh my god kind of broken it’s the school bus my god Josiah get in the house get in the house get in the house Josiah come on Josiah wait I want to throw all the doors shut the door inside shut the door I’ve only got and then they gotta hide your bullets I need a better gun got him this the last one no it’s still not open right is it open let it know hope let’s go let’s go there’s still zombies up on the cliff [Music]

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