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My AR-15 Got naked!! custom GunSkins vinyl firearm cover (budget) removal review

Good morning everybody welcome to another episode of the path of life today We are going to be talking about the gun skins kit again, but a little bit different today today We’re going to be talking about how to remove it Alright, so I have my America rifle here. You’ve seen this a few times on my channel I’ve gotten a couple of requests for it so we did a video installing the gun skins vinyl wrap and then per your request we did a Review about three months later after some pretty rigorous use and stuff with this firearm And now we’re going to show you how to remove it. How easy or difficult that process is and along with that How much? Residual is left on the firearm If there’s anything that we have to clean off anything like that, so I’m curious to find this out I’m ready to move on to the next step with this firearm And so let’s get started on first things first. We need to get all of our accessories off of this firearm, so a 1 1 1 2 2 2 3 3 3 4 4 4 5 5 5 so the combination is 1 2 3 4 5 a kinda Combination an idiot would have on his luggage. That’s amazing. I’ve got the same combination on my luggage Okie-dokie, just like that everything is off firearm. We are ready to Start taking this crap off so one thing that I’m assuming From the application process when there was pieces that I wasn’t gonna be using It was really really really sticky so I was glad to have a piece of paper To stick it on which I just so happened to have and So basically this is just gonna be the platform that I stick the gunskins to when they were to get removed from The rifle yeah, so I’m curious how long this takes so we’ll just get to it by the way I safety checked this firearm. If you don’t trust me then too bad because guess what you’re not actually here You don’t have to reap the consequences if you don’t trust me on that one, but I trust myself And I know that I safety checked it, so I’m not gonna do it in front of you because that wastes valuable video time Well First little rail thing came off pretty easy seems like once you start getting it peeled up it comes off pretty quick All right, so I just got past the Area where the front sight was mounted and a lot of those little rail pieces were pretty Goobered up because of that front sight Having to run across them those guys were pretty difficult Took a while, but now that I’m past those these ones are coming off like a charm So it’s like once you get it started With the exacto knife the rest of it just comes off superfast kind of goes back to my three months review that I did About a month and a half ago. How if you? Change around your rifle on accessories and orientation this stuff Often then the gunskins kit isn’t for you the more that you move things around on your rail System the more goobered up these are going to get and the more difficult They would be to remove and The worse it looks because it’s kind of taking and separating at all into a bunch of little pieces I’m actually surprised at how easy. This is to remove right now We’ll say what how easily this is coming off? I would have expected there to be more wear and tear On this rifle just as I used it just because it just seems to peel up pretty simply Boom handguard and rail system done now to move on to the receiver Last piece Yeah, baby There’s pile of Sticky icky gun skins all right. Well. It’s officially removed from the rifle, so I’m gonna go clean this thing up and i’ll be back with you guys in just a second All righty folks Just wrapped up Cleaning this bad boy and getting it all set up with all of the furniture back on it so check that back to black super easy So yeah it took me to get all of the gun skins kit off took approximately 25 minutes or so 20 to 25 minutes, and then I just did a basic gun cleaning after that Re oiled everything up got it all cleaned up there was only two spots where I had some residual gunk from the gun skins kit and With a little bit of elbow grease I didn’t even have to get out of wire brush with a little bit of elbow grease It came right off so oh and all gunskins kit came off really well So hopefully this video was useful for you if you ever plan on taking off your gun skins kit Or if like me you know that the gunskins kit is going to be a temporary part of the decoration of your firearm Thanks a lot for watching everybody now It’s time to head out to the ranch with this young until next time take care of yourselves. Everybody make it a great day peace out

3 thoughts on “My AR-15 Got naked!! custom GunSkins vinyl firearm cover (budget) removal review

  1. That was oddly satisfying hahaha!! But that’s really cool how easily it came off especially considering how well it held up.

  2. Kyle and Jen, I received the 500 subscirber gifts yesterday and love the sun glasses!! Also, I will savor the Starbucks. many thanks, and keep the videos coming. Larry 5508

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