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Must Have Tool for the Rifle Range and Giveaway

Heading to the rifle range you’re going to need this tool These are the must haves for the range I know in the title I said must-have tool but it’s actually these three things a nail to adjust the front sight post Small flathead to attach and adjust optics and a marker to label shot groupings Preferably any color except black the tool in this box is what’s nice to have This is the gerber eFECT II – you don’t need this But it’s really nice to have on the range if you spent any time on a zero or qualifying range You know that making adjustments quickly is important and as a line safety Often your the impromptu armor this tool is great to have on the firing line The front sight adjustment is so much easier and faster than the default nail The flathead is useful for optics and dislodging double feeds The rest of tools are great for breaking down the weapon and scraping off all the carbon off the bolt and bolt carrier I recently hit a hundred subscribers. So thank you for hitting the subscribe button and subjecting yourself to more of my videos. I Honestly, really appreciate the support and as a thank you. I’m giving away this Gerber Effect 2. I Purchased this with my very own money. So this is legitimately a gift for me to you So follow the link in the description below to find out different ways to enter the giveaway I’ll leave the contest open until November 20th If you were wondering what this little flathead I was using this is called the Gerber shard I’m not sure how much I’ve had it for a little bit I use it with all my camera gear cuz this flat head It’s just really nice tool to carry around on me. If you enjoyed the video, please like subscribe share and comment below let me know in the comments what your must-haves are when you go to the range and Remember to live and learn or die stupid

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