Hey everyone, today we’re going to talk about
TAG’s multi-caliber pistol magazine pouch. This is the only pistol mag pouch you’ll ever
need. I spent basically 10 years developing something
like this and it features a removable lid, expandable side walls fix – fixes all the
issues that everyone has in the – in the pistol magazine world. So start off with the fact that it fits single
stack and double stack 9 millimeter .45 and .40 caliber pistol uh magazines you can see
here on the side expansion walls that’s what enables the pouch to expand out to fit any
size caliber magazine. In the pouch right now we have a, uh, double
stack 9-millimeter and a double stack .45. Uh the other way that the magazines are retained
into the pouches with a magnet so behind the uh the velcro strip in here there’s a nine-pound
refrigerator magnet so that’s what keeps the magazines from falling out, but obviously
when you grab it, it just shears, it comes right out of the pouch, so you can run it
without the lid or with a lid depending on user preference and it can be doing water
work air work anything like that where you have to have more retention and uh security
that you can easily add or remove the lids. So the 1-inch lid slides on and off. There’s a metal d-ring here on the back of
the pouch that doesn’t come off, so all you do is simply slide the strap through, it catches
on the back and that’s it. So you can have a pouch with a lid without
a lid it fits any pistol magazine pouch. Again this is Tactical Assault Gear’s double
pistol mag multi-caliber pouch.

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