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MP40 Sub-Machine Gun Found at WW2 Battlefield

It truely is an MP40 man! Right, the adrenaline is going. We’re all getting quite excited here. I started digging here, I got a major, major signal. Something very heavy. And we truely believe that we just discovered an MP40 here. This would be this buttstock. This is actually bakelite. And it has exactly this round shape. We’re gonna dig this out. Right, let’s brush it off a little. Ah man. You can see that that’s the bakelite hand grip. Right, let’s do this carefully. Is that the sling? No, I think this is a rock. Oh my god man. This must be one of the craziest things I found. That’s a dream find right there. Where’s my shovel? Right here, right here. Oh, be careful. Man, it must be full in this pit. So many signals. If they dumped everything here after the war… …then I bet this is not the only thing that’s in this pit. How can this still be here? Is there more metal there? Is there gonna be another one? No this is the same. Same one. Okay. Yeah man, this is the buttstock. That’s how we want to find them like that you know with the buttstock out. Exactly. No, you just want to find an MP40. Here, that’s the other part of the buttstock. I want to see a whole gun. Does it feel like it’s all the way, or? I think it feels all the way yeah. Right okay, that’s that part. Look how intact the bakelite is. It’s not even cracked or anything. That’s the trigger, that’s the trigger part! It’s the most iconic machine pistol of the whole war. German one right? Yeah. Oh my god man, this is… It’s not just a half one. Insane. Check the magazine. Nope. Empty. What about this here? Okay, it’s not disassembled, it’s actually a complete gun then. Because you disassemble it by taking those things apart. You think the magazine is gone? Yeah. This is the magazine I think. Oh. Or is this something else? No, you’re right. This is the magazine. That’s the magazine well coming out now. Oh my god. You guys are not going home until eight in the morning. I think we might cancel the Greek restaurant and order in some Chinese. Can you bring it to this location? Look at this, it’s leather, it’s the strap! The sling should go here. The sling attachment point is here. Well, this must be the… It might go under it. This must be the sling. Jezus. It’s getting better and better. It looks like a standard 40. Is that the sight, or what’s that? Yeah that’s the sight. You find a complete MP40 with everything, even the sling and the magazine. What’s up with you man? Well, after today, come on man. Another MP40 under it, probably? I should be careful with the shovel because the belt is there. Try and just get the shovel under there and see how loose it is? Do it there, or maybe just move a little bit more material… No I should remove this, because it’s way to stuck. The barrel is thin. He’s digging holes in a hole. Oh, it’s coming loose! I already saw that movement. Where is the brush? Just brush off the whole thing. I know, I know. I can get under here. There’s even bakelite here I think. You see it? Yeah, they have a bakelite end on it. They made that because they were used to ehm… …support it. On the vehicles. Yeah. They could rest their gun on that one. Jezus Christ, it’s fully complete that one. It’s amazing yeah. The stock is like, yeah… But I wonder, was it like a massive foxhole or? I think some dug out, I think they dumped a lot of stuff here. I want a picture with that. Yeah, me too. Okay guys. I think this is almost the moment. Get under it. Yeah, just give it… It’s in sand, it’s not gonna break on you. Get the shovel under it and give it a… This is loose i think. That’s a sling part. I’m gonna brush it off now fully. Alright. We excavated the whole thing. It’s definitely an MP40. And I think this is the moment to take it out. I think it’s quite intact actually. The bolt is also there. There’s a magazine. You can see there barrel in there. The sight is also still there. That’s the thumbnail right there. This is really amazing guys! Complete MP40. This is the hole where the MP40 just came out. And right here I got more signals. A lot of iron signals. These two MP40 magazines just came out. I should brush them off. Yeah, they are not in a very good condition, but… It’s about finding history. Look at that. Here you can see all of the rounds. Look at this guys. It’s all in there. That’s two filled MP40 magazines.

100 thoughts on “MP40 Sub-Machine Gun Found at WW2 Battlefield

  1. Great editing as usual. Shows how much time and determination you put into these videos. 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻

  2. Ausgezeichnete überprüfung und Funde von kamrad!!!bei uns in Russland ist es schwierig, MP 40 zu finden….aber Karabiner Mauser ist kein Problem!!!viel Glück bei der Suche!Grüße aus Russland und der Lok-Republik der Russischen SS-Division RONA

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  4. I’ve always wanted to find a mp40 but I can’t where I live cos I’m in the uk 🇬🇧 and the Germans didn’t invade us so no mp40 for me

  5. Me and my friends found one mp40 in some barn in woods, it was in mint condition.Sadly dont know what happend to mp.

  6. Absolutely amazing! Is there a chance to at least get the gun back to beginning condition? Or functionating? Really good job from you guys there, congrats!

  7. Awesome find. Excuse my ignorance but why r u mucking around brushing the gun just pick the thing out of the ground. That’s way too slow for me

  8. Well well… an example for other how this object is portrayed in this great video. This gives a very nice and professional show of how to excavate a relic.. Very beautiful to see and at the same time your impatience in the video (understandable a very nice MP40!) 😀✌🏻Greetings Dutch Diggers

  9. If you haven't done it yet, film a video of preserving it, It would be nice to see it cleaned up nice with the two spare mags aswell. Would make a great display piece, you're a very lucky fellow indeed!

  10. Absolutely amazing find! Would love to go out there with u guys sometime and make some great discoveries. Keep up the amazing work! Looking very forward to more videos and more amazing finds!

  11. Man best chanel for front line history finds. Well done on the subs and man what a find my heart was racing. Cheers boys 👍👍👍

  12. It must be one of the best and weirdest moments in the world. Holding a weapon that someone could’ve died holding or that weapon had killed people.

  13. Impressive…simply impressive ! …and it's just the…"tip of iceberg"… ! 😉

    Guys…the History just…wanted that MP to be found by you… ;-/

    I'm a little jealous on you ;-)…but I apreciate your work, you effort…"that's the way I like it" !

    You have the knowledge…you like THIS work…it's a great thing !

    …"dump pit" or…a (part of a) trench or…a foxhole…?!?

  14. 10:35 screaming eagle patch who do you know that was in the 101st? Why's the sky blue? Cause god loves the airborne infantry

  15. Nice find!
    I have a question tho, when you find like an skeleton or working weapons are you guys going to the police with that or have it at home as a part of history?

  16. Amazing Find! Congratulations on 200,000 Subs, the sand dirt the MP-40 was in is what helped preserve it! Truly an Amazing Find!

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