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MP40 Run and Gun

(automatic machine gun fire) – [Voiceover] Alright so
now that we had a little bit of fun at the beginning of the video, this is Alex C with TFBTV and today’s run and gun is going to feature a MP40. Now this one’s gonna be pretty tricky because the MP40 does not
have a semi-automatic setting, these are open bolt, full auto only. They’re simple but they
have some cool features like a Bakelite resting
bar under the barrel. They also are very safe
for an open bolt fire arm. You can actually lock the bolt forward by pressing the charging handle inwards or you can lock it to the rear by pulling the bolt back and
pushing it up under the safety slot and there’s no way that that bolt is going forward. So on the run and gun course we’re gonna fire 30 shots in our typical fashion using two magazine changes
starting at about 75 yards and this one is gonna be tricky because as I said there is
no semi-automatic setting. So let’s see how I can do in, also I’d to remind you the folding stocks on these are pretty
dang wobbly as well. I think it’s just kinda
the nature of the design, but let’s see what happens when we take this gun to
the run and gun course. – Alright so he we go
with the German MP40. What actually inspired me
to do this with an open bolt weapon was European
sub-machine gun competitions. Where guys with Swedish Ks shoot them at 100 meters and more basically. Even though they’re full
auto only like this gun. So this is gonna require
a lot of trigger control to basically get
semi-automatic fire out of since it doesn’t have a
semi-automatic setting. Let’s see if I can pull that off. (bullets firing and hitting metal) Not too bad, let’s go talk about it. Alright so that was pretty dang tricky. Those guys in Europe
doing the sub-machine gun competitions really have it down. I did have enough trigger control to pull off semi-automatic
shots and it went okay. I’ll put the total hits
vs misses right here. But I’d really like to
try that on full auto just for giggles basically and see how it goes under those circumstances. Alright, here we go again, this time with a little less trigger control. I think the gun’s gonna leak some brass. (fully automatic gun fire hitting metal) Not too bad, but not too good. Anyways, let’s go back to the
room and finish this one up. – [Voiceover] So I think at this point I’m going conclusively
say that the Thompson is a much more accurate sub-machine gun. The sights are better and that’s really what comes into play
in something like this. With a pistol caliber long gun at 75 yards, it’s pretty
tricky to make shots when your sight radius
is like 8 inches long and you’ve got your sight mounted on the receiver tube forward. Whereas the Thompson’s
rear aperture sighted. So, that helps a lot. But, if you’re gonna give me one and say well you have to march 500 miles with one obviously I would not pick the 12 pound Thompson
sub-machine gun for that. So the MP40 was what it was. It was a cheap, easy to
make, stamped sub-machine gun that served it’s purpose
without a whole lot of pizzazz or style to it,
but some people might think it kinda has that cool,
retro, futuristic look. I guess I can see that as well, but the Thompson, in my opinion, is a sexier looking firearm. That being said, this
is Alex C with TFBTV. Big thanks to Ventura
Munitions for helping us out with our videos and we hope
to see you guys next time. (fully automatic gun fire)

100 thoughts on “MP40 Run and Gun

  1. Do you actually own these weapons? If not, where do you get them? I want to invest in a fully automatic weapon, but the price is just out of my range for now.

  2. I read where allied troops would pick these up off dead germans whenever possible. Loved them for close urban combat.

  3. +TFB TV Hey Alex, love the videos you guys do! I was wondering if you'll ever do a run and gun with your StG-44/MP44? It would be such a great video. Cheers!

  4. Dude, you are full of EXCUSES…. Your speed, weapons handling and movement with the weapon is pathetic.  I see these types of videos all the time where you cats just don't know what your doing and you blame the weapon.

  5. nice and more nice. i have a question that i cant seem to find the answer to. why is it you can find mint rifles from the western conflict but most rifles (on the Japanese side) seem to look as though they have been used as a baseball bat by a major league hitter? i just want to find a nice Arisaka that doesn't look like its been run over by a tank!

  6. As always, great stuff! I'm curious though, when will you guys do an M16A1 Run and Gun? I think that would be pretty neat!

  7. just out of curiosity, in your Mp40 vs Thompson shootout video you are stating that the MP40 has a slight accuracy advantage over the Thompson in this one its the other way around. I assume you are referring to the full auto controllability vs the single round fire mode (or more non existing mode)?

  8. I had the opportunity to shoot an MP40 and Thompson at a machine gun shoot (Highly recommended if you have the chance!). They both shot surprisingly well but I came to the same conclusion… The Thompson is really hard to beat!

  9. Hey TFB I'v got a question and since you seem to know very much about guns I guess I'd get a good answer here. So I saw a documentary a while back about some US troops that lived through the bulge offensive And one of these Veterans said that he Him self and most the guys in hes squad preferred using captured German Mp40's over their Thompson's Because they found them more reliable in the field and that apparently the MP40's worked much better in the cold then the Thompson's did.

    Do you know/think there is any truth to that?

  10. Ever think about doing a run and gun with a larger bore weapon, say a Russian Ptrs? I dont know how hard those would be to come by, but it would be quite the spectacle. And dont Cop out and say you cant run and gun with a ptrs, ive seen it done before by some crazy russians. but anyways i think that would be cool to see you try it!

  11. really love this video the MP40 is one of my favorite sub-machine guns, i didn't expect to see one on this channel.

  12. You must not have a lot of exposure to the 40. Your moves were a bit out of place for a familiar user. You didn't use the sling either. By rotating the front loop to the left side you can adjust the sling around your neck and to length to produce a very steady platform when shouldered. You get used to the bolt momentum when manipulating for single shot and learn to compensate. I can drill a soda can out past 50 meters no problem single shot. I prefer a 3rd burst on a man-sized targets out past that to 100m. I also down-load my mags to 30rds. Wolff Gun Springs has very good recoil, buffer, and magazine springs for the 40. New springs will make the weapon shoot better and more reliably. Just some opinions from a 25+ year MP-40 owner.

  13. so… where is the Run AND gunning…? u just ran, stopped, gunned, ran, stopped, gunned. i wanted to see someone run while shooting, wtf.

  14. forgotten weapons said the thompson cost the military an exhorbitant $168 when a belt fed 1919 only cost $55. England bought a ton of the tommy guns from us.

  15. if you let a second round off its no big deal right? I mean, wasted round but the first one will be on target

  16. He's holding the gun wrong. Anyone who knows anything about MP40s is that you DO NOT hold it by the magazine. You're supposed to hold it like a short carbine.

  17. What ammo are you using? I have one and S&B 124g had some issues. Fiocchi 115g worked well. I just bought some Federal 115g, Win 115g and Win 124g. Also I noticed mag wobble back and forth which I think caused some feed issues. Should I get shims put on the mags to eliminate the wobble? I want to get this thing working close to 100% reliability. The gun is in excellent condition.

  18. what is that hip-pouch he wears in all of these videos? I really want one- seems I could easily load it with stripper clips for hunting

  19. The MP-40 was designed with such a slow rate of fire that it was entirely possible for the user to fire single shots effectively.

  20. The MP 40 in my view is far better to contro. The advantage of the Thompson and M-3 & M-3A-1 is the knockdown power of the 45 caliber ACP Round.

  21. seriously TFB? the Thompson is better? In time of war you would pick the MP40 anyday over the Thompson for 2 main reasons. Low recoil, never jams. tommygun is awful compared to mp40. Stop being so biased towards American guns and make a proper unbiased comparison.

  22. Even if lot of peoples criticize MP40 Russians depict it's iconic view and made PPS43,also USA we made M3A1 Grease Gun,Belgium Vigneron,Yugoslavia made closest concept M56 which does have mode between full auto and semi auto firing plus there is bayonet bracket allows to mount bayonet on M56 which makes it more sweet….There is couple more countries that depict on MP40 iconic view and they made their own versions similar looking like MP40…..Reasons for that that MP40 does looks enigmatic unlike other submachine guns….STG44 for example was first assault rifle that ever made,notice STG44 not MP40 what called Schmeiser design so as MP41 which is also Hugo Schmeiser design….Confusions why peoples call MP40 Schmeiser because of patented magazines with Schmeiser name on it but those magazines intent for MP41 but they interchengable for MP38 and MP40 as well…..MKB42H also was Hugo Schmeiser invention,his version was approved by reich over MKB42W Walther design,Haenel was an firm where Hugo Schmeiser was president of company by that time..In beginning of 1943 Hugo Schmeiser modified his MKB42 karabiner from open bolt to become close bolt adopting Walther Trigger mechanism and creation become MKB42/43 which later become MP43/1 and than simply MP43,later it was change bit and model was known as MP44,although Hitler was sceptical for creating new types of weapons this new assault rifle project was kept in secret from him…When it was shown to Hitler what so called Machine Pistol 44 is he rename it and new name was given Sturmgewehr 44 or assault rifle…As for me I well familiarized with both MP40 and STG44 system functionality,internal components or even how to repair it,virtually STG44 seems very complicated gun but in reality it isn't true,it very simple in design,this rifle could be stripped down to every single component,barrel little complicated and need press to push it down or out….The only complaign about trigger parts that retaining axle's or pins punched on each side makes it little hard to take apart,when it was WW2 entire trigger housing would be replaced if single component had problems in trigger group…Waffenmeister's or armorers had at least 4 trigger housings as spare for STG44 plus 8 spare bolts and minor parts for the bolt group such as extractor,firing pin,extractor/firing pin spring…Everytime Germans had issue with barrel or any slight problem in main housing they would damage everything and throw out usually in swamp or river so enemy wouldn't learn it's secret…However this theory proved wrong when STG44 was captured by defeating German forces in battles or when infantry finally runned out of ammo…STG44 is consider most valuable WW2 relic and can easily go on auction from 20 grands to 38 grands,FG42 is more rare and true rifle or more correctly machine gun on demand..It is FG42 was as main concept for developing M60 machine gun,same system of operation just like FG42,M60 is hybrid between FG42 bolt mechanism and MG42 feeding mechanism…..

  23. I just wonder myself I would like dare you test trail MP40 .45 cal? Since American to death .45 cal tompson gun.

  24. LOL the Thompson being sexier? HAHAHAHA OMG.
    by the way, I think that cataloguing the Thompson as more accurate than the MP40 seems a little bit rushed up as it seems that it's more accurate only because of its sights. If you put both of them on a bench and fire them both I'm pretty sure they'll be equally accurate if not the mp40 being more accurate than the .45 Thompson mate…

  25. Fired two distinctly different Thompsons (1928, cuts compensator vertical fore-grip and 50 round drum & a M1a1 with 20 round stick mag) and a MP-40 in the same match, same day, same FMJ ammo manufacturer. The MP-40 has WAY better control and it was nothing to put 3-5 round bursts in a reasonable, tight group – could never even come close to that with a Thompson. First hit is good others spread up and to the right like crazy (even with a super heavy gun, vertical fore-grip and a fully loaded 50 round drum). Just a real antiquated design with a ridiculously high barrel position in relationship to your shoulder pocket.

    Always loved the Thompson and wanted it to "win" but Thompson "lore" far, far exceeds its real full-auto performance at anything over 5 yards. I proved it to myself, in real world conditions and plenty of ammo to train on and I'm a highly skilled gunner – all these commentators below opinions are based on TV and COD haha! Sorry but even if they made it in 9mm the performance would still suffer do to muzzle climb inherent to it basic antiquated design

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