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Mounting and Leveling the Bushnell Prime 1-4x32mm on a 458 SOCOM AR 15

Howdy, guys and gals! I’m Kyle
Broderick. Welcome to the Social Regressive. Today we’re gonna be taking a
look at this rifle right here. This is Cole’s 458 SOCOM rifle and tell us about
the rifle you have here. The lower itself is a DPMS with Magpul furniture,
the upper is the rock river arms so it’s what’s amazing about this gun is it is
incredibly light you know it’s a big old fat barrel but it’s got a big fat hole
going through the center of it. and so today I’ll go ahead and tell them what
we’re gonna be doing we’re going to be mounting the new Bushnell prime scope on
top of the rifle this is a one two four right here it seems like this is
probably designed for your slug guns and for some of your heavier
calibers. it’s definitely gonna be for a close-range sort of work yeah true 1/2
for X and it has a pretty small diameter objective lens you can see right here I
think this is a 32 millimeter if I’m if I’m remembering correctly on that one
inch tube and it does have some very well machine turret caps and some really
pretty turrets right here. these are fingertip adjustable you don’t have to
have any kind of wrench or anything so it’s really neat to have features in
what is actually a pretty good bargain scope these are gonna come in at a
fairly low price you might want to check these out now actually I’m gonna be
taking a look at three of the new scopes from Bushnell. they’ve released three
whole new lines all at once. they had the engage last year and now all of a sudden
they’re getting the prime out there that nitro and the forge and I’m gonna be
testing all three of those in some various challenges and on different
rifles here in the future but yeah we’re gonna do the prime on here and this
should be good to go for absorbing the recoil from the 458 SOCOM. and they’ll
the mount that we’re going to put it on is a one-piece we’re amount one inch
right here and this has big thumb nuts so if on an ar-15 you wanted to be able
to just kind of tighten it down with your fingers this is going to do the job.
in the case of 458 SOCOM I’m not going to do that yeah I think that we should
definitely they torque this puppy down and I’ll
show you the torque wrench we’ll be using here but this should be pretty
straightforward the first thing we want to do is get the
torque right on those big thumb screws down at the bottom so we’re gonna crank
this to 45 pound inches down at those bottom ones. the torque wrench we’re
using is the Weaver torque wrench and this guy has all kinds of little bits
you can put in there so you can do your your torque screws and regular Phillips
all that good stuff basically anything you’re gonna need on your rifle what
we’re going to do now is figure out the perfect eye relief for setting this
scope getting it precisely on the rail so that when he brings this rifle up to
fire he’ll be able to look just straight through it and then he won’t
have to kind of move his face around in order to see anything. so what I’m gonna
ask you to do is close your eyes bring the rifle up comfortable mm-hmm now open
your eye don’t move yeah all right now first off as far as elevation goes
where’s your eye how are you hi I’m hi okay all right so go ahead and bring
your face down just a little bit so you can look through mm-hmm all right now
I’m gonna move this scope back and forth here until it’s the exact right spot and
for this you want to be on your max magnification if you are preparing a
prone rifle get in your prone position if you’re gonna be a benchrest competitor get
on a bench or something to figure out where your face is gonna be on your
rifle and then adjust your scope. in this case this is gonna be an offhand rifle
which is why we’re standing right now so I’m just gonna move this around you tell
me when it’s perfect and you can tell me which direction to go oh I’m sorry
my perfect up-and-down because that’s what you’re doing it helps if you don’t
block the light. yeah that’s pretty good right there
right there okay now this is pretty close you can actually go forward with
the two sword and not causing problems okay good just tell me when to stop.
yeah I’m not getting any tunneling. I think that’s probably that’s probably
where we’re at okay this is his spot so what I’m gonna do is I’m gonna take a
pencil and I’m going to mark right up against one of the Rings where the scope
should stop and now if it slides around any while we’re getting things set up
it’s okay we know our spot and we can fix the can’t and all that so that’s the
next part we’re gonna take this to the bench tighten everything down and figure
out they can’t first tighten everything down and then we should be good to go.
pretty simple next we need to find level so what we’re going to do is we’re going
to use a metal ruler and a spirit level and we’re going to figure out well first
off are we actually level with the rail we’re gonna use this little flat section
right here this is going to be our flat this needs to be parallel to this right
here now of course there are all kinds of ways to level a scope this is not
necessarily one of the most precise ways if you have a precision rifle with a
high magnification scope you want to do the one where you shine light through
the scope and use a plumb bob and all that good stuff in order to figure out
if you’re level. in this case however this is a close-range weapon it doesn’t
really matter we can do the quick and dirty method. I like quick and dirty. that’s good there all right so to make
sure we’re even on all the screws and show you what we’re doing here getting
it placed and then I’m actually backing it out until I hear the click knowing
that the threads are just engaged. so right there it is alright and then we’re
counting six full turns on each of them to start so one two three four five six
now going in the same pattern on each h pass i go through we’re gonna do half
turns so half half I’m going to do that until I start feeling resistance so
continuing half half half alright starting to get into resistance now have alright so after this we’re gonna go in
quarters. quarter quarter it shouldn’t be much
more there we go then I’m gonna continue that pattern going a couple more passes
there’s because as you tighten one down another one may loosen up just enough
that it needs a little bit extra grease so now that you’ve taken a look what do
you think and honestly i love it and i was i’ve never mounted an object before
so I’m really glad you went through this step-by-step with me and I didn’t know
there was that much to it you know obviously I see the need for that much
too when you’re you know — a 6.5 Creedmoor and you’re launching six
hundred eight hundred thousand yards easy. this is however it’s gonna be more
of a 100 175 yard gun and I am planning on taking it deer hunting this year and
so that’s gonna be real fun. they’re basically just gonna drop where they
stand of course that depends on me and my shot placement but I’m competent yeah
and the rifles that totally get it done this is if there’s anything about Rock
River, they are precise. this is gonna lay the hurting on them
pretty darn well absolutely as far as the glass itself it is incredibly clear
I was really surprised at this price point and how clear the glass is yeah
yeah that’s the thing about all these scope manufacturers nowadays that are
coming up with all these new designs we’re talking about Bushnell and Nikon
and all the others they all seem to be cranking out much better glass and they
have even just five years ago these new lines this prime right here from
Bushnell is much clearer in the glass then you would imagine the the older
banners for example. they were fine scopes they got the job done
but their glass did not compare at all to this this seems to have excellent
resolution edge to edge this is going to have all kinds of wonderful coatings on
the glass we’re gonna do a full review on this the Nitro and the forge and then
a handful of other scopes this year I’m really excited because I’m gonna get to
test out a whole bunch of different optics this year and we’re not just
gonna test them by looking through them. we’re gonna test them in practical
tests like this right here don’t forget that we have the the one-mile savage 12FV series that we’re working on this is a precision 6.5 Creedmoor rifle it
started as a budget rifle it actually cost me only 220 bucks we are working
this thing up adding all kinds of components to it and we are going to be doing all
kinds of hand loading making this very precise. and then our final kind of
culminating test is striking our big Gong target at a mile make sure you
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2 thoughts on “Mounting and Leveling the Bushnell Prime 1-4x32mm on a 458 SOCOM AR 15

  1. Really wanted to get the Forge 4.5-27 but Bushnell doesn't care about the Canadian market at this point. Retailers cant get them. Went with the Nikon FX1000 instead and the light transmission is incredible.

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