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Mother killed, daughter injured in shooting

1 thought on “Mother killed, daughter injured in shooting

  1. Seems like a hit for a hit. My fake bros or real, not sure because he lets others who made him waste my time and money for him ruin our lives so he can lie and say we're lazy. That's exactly what he said, also hos friend asked him if he wants to pop us, then said POW. HIS FRIENDS NAME IS EDWIN YET THAT'S A STOLEN IDENTITY FROM MY EXES FRIEND. THAT IS NOW A WOMAN THAT I JUST MENTIONED A COUPLE OF DAYS AGO, CLOSE TO THE NAME TREE… My exe won't speak to me, not like he did to get to the point unless it was about him. Don't ever say I didn't want help. Alot of people in this world are just tying up lose ends because of the past and whole families are destroying other whole families. My brother says we can't help him but he never was willing to do what he was supposed to, to be a honest person. His friends come here with fake identities and they probably could do whatever it is they want because of those fake identities. Also hos friend which is a girl, or not, not sure with what I know has a license plate with the day before my birthday and my bro also has a white jean jacket in the bathroom that looks like the one post Malone wears in his blood lust music video. I also have my moms BR check and it has someone with the name Marion Mallone on it. Check mate lying assholes. I don't lie. It's the worst thing to not tell the truth because your scared or embarrassed but I'm done. Everyone is being forced into compliance not for good but for evil. Judge me or judge yourselves. You could never be my family wanting to take my property or my life away. I'm the older daughter by the way. How does someone go into a bathroom to use it, uses the sink then turns on the tub then automatically turns it off??? Slams the door because they appreciate coming in the house or not? You already don't like me and its because you just listen to other people, there is no fairness or good in you or is there? I can't even write for more than 10 seconds without my hand cramping up. My mom has health problems, she still does things. This mf is lazy and had more than enough time to get a job. When he did have one he only bought things for himself. Not things he needed. Everything I've bought for myself was NEEDED. Not wants. TV, MICROPHONE, PHONES, LEISURE THINGS YOU GET WHEN YOUR LIFE IS SETTLED TO REWARD YOURSELF.

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