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Most Wanted Sniper of the Civil War – Jack Hinson

look towards the bluff over there
that’s graphing read bluff and let me give you a little background on Jack
Henson well Jack Hinson was a prominent wealthy landowner and farmer in what
they called bubbling Springs area and near Dover during when the war started
he was I’d say independent he was non-committal he wasn’t committed to the
south or north he was against secession well back during the time the Civil War
after after the fort donelson fell one of the guerrillas and bushwhackers were
real active in this area so the patrols would come out of Fort Donelson a lot of
them were attacked by these bushwhackers and many of them were killed well Jack
Henson had several sons well two of his youngest sons 121 and 117 were hunting
when fall morning and in the following year hunting turkey hunting and maybe
squirrel aim but then this Union Patrol out of Fort Donelson came upon them in
the Bennets they were there and had rifles they accused him of being
bushwhackers or guerrillas well back then they didn’t have a trial anything
they just tied him to a tree and killed him well they drugged their bodies on
behind horses through to make an example of them through Dover then they
decapitated them they took their heads and they put them on the gatepost going
into Jack Henson’s place well that was it Jack Henson then became bitter of
course and rightfully so and he swore to avenge his son’s death brutal murders so
he had a special made sniper rifle it was a gigantic gun
wait 18 pounds but it was accurate up to 500 yards well on this bluff right up
here there was a cave about 20 some-odd feet down below the crest of that Bluff
and this is where he set up and and hid in a cave well right about where we are
in here now is where the river channel ran it was squeezed down because of an
island called towhead Island well there was a chute that went close to the
riverbank over here it was called toe head chute now as these boats would come
up the river and hit this chute where it was squeezed down they could only travel
this – just very slowly and so he could pick his targets without any problem
when he would sit there and as these boats would come by he usually picked
the officers so after the war he was a hunted man they had rewards I don’t had
many men out looking for him but they never found him nobody ever reported him
through the war he liked save killed an estimated 100 with a sniper rifle and he
after the war they had burned his home and destroyed everything that he had in
bubbling Springs so he and his family what was left of them moved to Magnolia
which is up White Oak Creek and 18 1874 s when he passed away but when he
started his to get revenge for the death of his sons he was 57 years old and back
then you know that was kind of an old man so he survived the war but they
never he was hunted the rest of his life but he never nobody ever turned him in

100 thoughts on “Most Wanted Sniper of the Civil War – Jack Hinson

  1. Don't blame the man at all. The Yankees and offended blacks and weak effeminate college students will probably try to remove the historical plaque and erase our history. A movie would be nice but the way our country is going it will never happen. Yankees moving south because they have destroyed their own states with their liberal agenda and they will destroy the south with their ignorant antiGod, pro-homosexual, baby killing Godless ways. America the land of the free and home of the brave has become the land of communism and transsexuals. Sad to see. North, south black or white leave the history alone!….. Its history, you can not change the past it's done. Keep America one nation under God.

  2. it is simply demonic mass murder to kill dozends of people to revenge 2 others. Such a monster deserves capital punishment.

  3. I don’t blame him but it didn’t bring back his sons. All he did was take other sons and father’s. A very sad story.

  4. The truth is you seldom get to stay neutral in a civil war sooner or later the violence will find you , there are many people during the revolutionary war and the civil war the simply tried to live their lives only for the war to be brought to their doorstep! Mankind will never understand why we have to kill but it always comes down to it ,your enemies are to arrogant or to stupid to leave you alone!

  5. The comments some people make are so funny. You ferocious keyboard warriors you. I'm sure you all will win the all out Twitter war with those words of bravery and rebellion you type out with such deadly accuracy.

  6. Doesn't mean his son's weren't bushwhackers. The Confederates were just as bad as the Union. The Confederates were known to booby trap roads that the Union traveled, but that pretty much ended when they put the Confederate prisoners at the front of the Union Soldiers. When you have an enemy that won't surrender, you annihilate them into surrender. They don't say War is Hell for nothing.

  7. God Bless Jack Hinson. There’s nothing more dangerous than the man who has been left with nothing to lose, Vengeance and anger are Power and he used it to the fullest of his capacity. Until the last Rebel , We Salute You 😎🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿🤝😎🇮🇪🤝🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿😎👍🏻

  8. His rifle was a whitworth. A hexagonal bullet was used that fit a hexagonal bore…a truly accurate thousand yard rifle if the full kit was purchased.

  9. My family camed to Virginia in 1610 and has lived here since. Proudly fought for the flag of Virginia before losing everything after the war

  10. It's such a shame that escaped slaves didn't use sniper methods to kill slave owners that murdered their relatives.

  11. I'm surprised no one has mentioned the Hinson museum near the entrance to Land Between the Lakes. That was a memorable visit! It is/was run by Dan Griggs. Not sure if its still there. I used to marvel at all the Civil War flags outside the museum. He told about how Hinson influenced General Nathan Bedford Forrest on his great victories! And that rifle of his could equal some of our sniper weapons of today!

  12. According to the sign "He guided Gen. Nathan B. Forest in his last campaign"
    This would be the same Gen. Forest of the Fort Pillow Massacre and first Grand Wizard of the Ku Klux Klan
    As you southerners would say "Bless his heart"

  13. The whole story strikes me as pointless and sad. Especially if he never killed the men who murdered his sons.

  14. Many say there should be a movie made and I agree but FIRST someone needs to write a story THEN a script! So to all those youngsters out there looking for fame, get busy. Your glory awaits!

  15. I hope someone somewhere is making catalogs of all of these stories from this generation of story tellers. Video books catalogs from every war America has been in, all discoveries made before TV cameras were every where, titanic, civil rights movement and everything in between. When we lose that generation it will be one of the biggest loses America will have ever faced. Take a Saturday and go to a nursing home and volunteer. You may get lucky and get yourself a history book to listen to for the day. The things they have seen. If you get lucky enough to find a story teller, take your kids to visit too.

  16. Good for him!

    You know a lot of people don’t realize during the Civil War the union was the Democratic party while the south was the Republican Party.

    Just like we see the day the Democrats are actually the evil bastards that was for slavery, the Democratic parties were the ones that created the clue cluck clan. And they try to hide that history and pray upon the black / brown voters so they can stay in power.

    All while the Republican Party does just the opposite trying to help people of all nationalities. Many people will not believe this because the Democratic Party has been so good at its propaganda working on these people from the earliest age to believe the Democratic Party is their savior when in fact it is their master promising them handouts from the government.

    Makes you wonder what would’ve happened if the south would’ve win! We probably would’ve all been better off!

  17. Good. That is terrible. No wonder the South still harbors hatred toward the North. Lincoln's death hurt them grievously.

  18. Looks like a "Chunk Gun," extremely accurate. You can still find chunk gun competitions today. One is the Alvin York memorial shoot.

  19. Back in those days a 500 yard rifle was bad ass. I didn't realize they had that kind of technology back then. Hell, most people can't get that out of a modern rifle.

  20. Cool story thanks for sharing! If anyone took my children’s life or lives and or my dog’s there’d be one butt hurt sob out there getting a scalp or 2 or 20 I’d channel my inner Kurt russel however it goes and hell’s coming with me

  21. I sincerely hope as a Christian those men who took part in murdering his two sons are eternally burning in Hellfire…..

  22. Sounds like what happened to that American Confederate Hero “Bloody” Bill Anderson. Lincoln cutthroats had captured his sister and she was murdered. He was out for revenge!
    God bless the good guys.

  23. My great grandfather and great uncle were with the 8th N.C
    THEY DON'T COME BACK FROM THE WAR. I had to find out the hard way about them. So I guess I have a chip on my shoulder about that. All that is history. Live for them and DON'T forget that war. Sorry my family's history lesson.

  24. you damn southeners act as though the union started that war when it was you who fired on Frt Sumpter. everything descended from that. the rich slave owners used the ignorance of the common people to further their own agenda. I get so tired of you people sniveling and crying about how ill used you were when you brought it upon yourselves.

  25. Lord above, I thought my countrymen (the English) were bad at living in the past! To put it quite bluntly, revenge killing doesn't solve anything. As the comments show so clearly, it just entrenches the hatreds that led to the violence in the first place. And then we refuse to forget, and so perpetuate the divisions for future generations to suffer from. When, oh when will mankind grow up?

  26. I would NEVER kill a man's kids… You will create an enemy who's got nothing to lose, but everything to gain by your destruction… It's like creating your own demon that will haunt your ass.! No thanx.!

  27. For over a decade I kept telling people if I was a soldier of an invading military I'd be in far greater fear for my life with an occupied population armed with scoped high powered deer rifles that they're already experienced with shooting game dead by and large with a single shot than a bunch of yahoos with "assault" rifles with an average life expectancy rarely over two or three engagements. But everyone I said this to blows me off because they were obsessed with the fantasy of being some killing machine operator ignoring the simple historical truth that distance equals life, and more distances equals more life; especially when you are beyond the effective range of the average combatant. But the interesting thing is that there seems to be a growing popularity for long range shooting matches; maybe the idea is catching on?

  28. Its amazing the wealthy land/slave owners could convince poor southerners to fight against their own best interests

  29. Those Union soldiers were the predecessors of today's eff'n Freema$on skinheads with badges – we could use (& certainly need…) a whole civilian vigilante bushwhacker army of Jack Hinson's today – THANK YOU for your service, Jack… (RIP JACK HINSON & SONS…)

  30. Even tho people still want to side with the union. I AM like… Ok sure why not, being an idiot is nothing bad you Just have TO MAKE SURE YOU LEARN TO GET RIF OF BEING ONE YOURSELF.

  31. Stuff like this makes me understand why a lot of southerners then and now hate the Yankees. Totally uncalled for behavior.

  32. Don't mess with a Tennessee man and his family. If patrick swayze was alive would play this role perfect. Need a movie made .

  33. Once again reality revealed, it was a war of Northern aggression based on economic disparity between the north and the SOUTH. The SOUTH was the 4th largest economy in the world based on King Cotton and the tariffs the SOUTH was paying was 80% to the Yankee Government. THe north wanted the money so war was waged on the premise of false ideology. Wealth was the driving factor.

  34. I visit Capt Jacks grave every time I’m back home. Huge thanks to Mr McKinnon for keeping local history alive.

  35. So the people that killed his sons probably moved on and other Union soldiers get shot in revenge. That's why I have respect for regular confederate soldiers and little for the militias. The confederate soldier wanted victory to end the bloodshed not just for revenge.

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