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Most POWERFUL Pistols And Handguns In The World!

From firing 600 rounds a minute to bringing
down large game, here are 9 of the most powerful handguns on the planet!! 9. Smith & Wesson .500
You’re going to hear the name ” Smith & Wesson” a lot on this list, and for good reason. This company makes a lot of powerful weapons,
especially when it comes to pistols! So it’s only fair that we start off with one
of the biggest and baddest weapons they ever made, the Smith & Wesson .500. Does it seem big to you? Well fun fact, this thing really is bigger
in person, and I mean that in the most menacing way possible. This “gun” fires a .50 caliber round with
such power that no matter how experienced a gun user you are? You’re going to feel the kickback once it
fires. If you’re not careful, it can literally send
you stumbling backwards. In fact, this gun is so powerful, that some
people don’t even call it a gun! They prefer to call it a hand cannon, and
you can see why. This baby was built with the power to kill
some of the most dangerous game on the planet. If you have an itch to take out a grizzly
bear or an elephant with nothing but a pistol? The Smith & Wesson .500 is what you’re going
to want. For your sake though, don’t miss. 8. Uzi Submachine Gun
The Uzi is an Israeli super machine gun. While it is not exactly a pistol per se, it
IS considered a handgun, because like a pistol, it can be “wielded with one hand”. When Israel was first created, right away
it was under attack by its Arab neighbors. If it wanted to survive, they needed to defend
themselves by any means possible. They didn’t have any weapons and could only
get armaments and fighter planes by smuggling. So they started to develop their own. The Uzi was very much a revolutionary gun. For unlike regular pistols or handguns, the
Uzi could be semi automatic or automatic, firing 600 rounds a minute. The magazine was placed in the middle of the
weapon to balance it like a pistol and it was very easy to load. While it was not the standard weapon of Israeli
infantry, it had a short range and was useful for urban areas. Despite it being developed for the military,
the Uzi has also been used by many law enforcement agencies around the world and has also gotten
into the hands of many gangs and Cartels. Interesting fact, the man who created and
patented the Uzi, Uziel Gal, did not want the weapon to be named after him. And now for number 7 but first, be sure to
subscribe and click the notification bell so you dont miss out on the latest videos! 7. Colt 1911
Time and technology have made it so guns advance at an incredibly high rate, and every year,
bigger and better models are being tested and produced. To have staying power, you must be the best
of the best, and that’s exactly what the Colt 1911 has been over a century. If you can’t tell by the name, the gun was
developed and released in 1911, which means the gun has been in use for 107 years! The Colt 1911 was made by the legendary John
Browning, and was considered his masterpiece. John Browning is referred to as the father
of modern firearms because he created many innovative designs. When the gun came out it was an instant hit
with just about everyone. So much so that the US armed forces used this
gun as their standard sidearm for 70 years. Even though the military has traded up doesn’t
mean people don’t use it anymore. In fact, the Colt 1911 is considered one of
the best competition pistols in the world, and it’s so easy to use that many people have
it as a protection sidearm in their homes. With a 7-round magazine and a .45 ACP bullet,
this gun has lethal power to spare, and you can understand why people have liked it for
so long. What about you? Are you a fan of this gun? 6. 1847 Colt Walker
Necessity is indeed the mother of invention and the same applies to guns. If you think about it, many guns had to be
designed for specific purposes as warfare evolved. In 1847, two legends of war came together
to make a gun that some claim was the most powerful gun the military ever used…enter
the 1847 Colt Walker. So, how did this gun come to be? Well, it started with a Texas Ranger named
Samuel Hamilton Walker, who noticed that on the battlefield, the guns that were being
used just weren’t that efficient. He wanted to wield something that he could
not only feel comfortable with, but know that when he fired it, the bullet would go where
he wanted it to, and stop who he was aiming at. Enter the one and only Samuel Colt. Colt is a legend in the gun business, as he
was one of the first to set up a firearms design company. Colt had made guns before, and they were popular,
but with Walker’s help, he made things even better. In 1847 they made the Colt Walker revolver. This baby could fire six shots in pretty fast
succession, and with its 9-inch barrel and .44 caliber round, it had accuracy and stopping
power. Timing helped make the Colt Walker even more
popular, as this was around the time of the Mexican-American War. Sure enough, soldiers gravitated to the gun. Walker himself was very proud of the weapon,
and noted that he won a lot more battles because it was in his hand. The gun wasn’t perfect, and in inexperienced
hands it did cause problems, but hey, that’s probably always the case. And many future models were based on the Colt
Walker. It truly changed history, and it was definitely
one of the most powerful guns ever. 5. Smith & Wesson XVR 460 Magnum
Remember number 9? Well, this is like its big brother, and it
shows in many ways. To be fair, there are a lot of similarities
between this gun and the .500, but there are a couple of major differences. One, the Smith & Wesson XVR 460 Magnum has
the distinction of having the highest velocity ever in a big-bore handgun. This thing fires a bullet at a whopping 2,300
feet per second. That’s insane. Which leads to the other big difference, this
gun actually has a stand you can use for it, as well as a scope. Think about that for a second, this gun is
so powerful, that it actually recommends that you use a stand and a scope to use it! Pretty powerful stuff. 4. Thompson/Center Contender G2
You might think that putting a scope on a handgun is a relatively new idea, but that’s
not the case. For example the Thompson/Center Contender
G2, was made and released in 1967 along with a scope. Unlike some of the Smith & Wesson guns, the
Contender G2 was built not just for excellence, but for elegance. It’s smooth, got great lines, and it just
feels like something you can control perfectly. The Thompson/Center Contender G2 is a single-shot
gun, and it has a break action, so it’s not as fast as other guns on this list, but it
makes up for it in other ways. First off, the gun can wield many different
calibers of round. So if you need to go small or big, you’re
set with this one gun. Plus, between the design and the scope, the
Thompson/Center Contender G2 is a very accurate weapon. Hunters have been using this gun for a long
time, and they haven’t regretted it that often. 3. Colt Peacemaker
If you want to talk about classic guns, there are a few that stand out in the history books,
and one of them just so happens to be the Colt Peacemaker. Dubbed, “The Gun That Won The West”, the Peacemaker
was a gun that started out as a military weapon, then made its way to cowboys, then civilians,
then back to the military. This weapon is so legendary that it’s been
featured in numerous films, TV shows, video games, and is actually still made today. Interestingly enough, the history of the Peacemaker
is just as important as the gun itself. It was made in a time where firearms were
advancing. Colt, (the company, not the man. Samuel Colt was long gone at this point) had
to adapt on the fly to make not only a more powerful gun, but one that was durable, accurate,
and was easy to use. They succeeded. The gun was advanced in a lot of ways, and
even when used alongside a very reliable Smith & Wesson pistol, the Peacemaker was a favorite. This gun was used by many legends in history,
including George S. Patton, Theodore Roosevelt and his Rough Riders, and several of the men
who fought in the legendary battle at Tombstone, Arizona. This weapon has been used in movies by John
Wayne, James Stewart, Clint Eastwood, Kirk Douglas, and so many more, and was seen in
many films in the early 1900’s as “authentic” weapons of the west. More powerful guns have come out since the
Peacemaker, but it’s important to honor history! 2. Smith & Wesson Model 29 Classic
Dirty Harry and the classic line “Do you feel lucky punk?” is what cemented the Smith
& Wesson Model 29 Classic as one of the most legendary weapons in the history of weapons. Used in the original Dirty Harry movie as
well as Magnum Force, the gun is very powerful, and for a long time you wouldn’t have been
wrong with saying that the .44 magnum was the most powerful handgun in the world. It certainly was when it arrived, and it actually
kickstarted a desire to have bigger, better, and deadlier guns. Deadlier guns…that sounds like an oxymoron,
but I’m sure it’s something Dirty Harry would’ve loved to say in his movies. 1. Desert Eagle .50 Caliber
You’ve seen the Desert Eagle in Predator, Snatch and other movies. Like certain other guns on this list, the
Desert Eagle wields the mighty .50 caliber round, and is about as powerful as semi-automatic
handguns can get! This weapon is not for the faint of heart. This gun has a kick to it, and it’s majorly
powerful. If you’re a novice, stay away from this gun,
but if you have some experience? Yeah, this might be for you. It is considered one of the world’s most
powerful handguns. The reason is because it uses a gas-operated
mechanism to reload that is usually found in a rifle. A new bullet is then loaded into the firing
chamber. The gun is very sleek, and, it’s the biggest
magazine-fed handgun in the world today. That means it’s easier to reload, and can
be much more handy in a fight over revolvers. Not to mention, this thing can stop just about
anything, which is kind of the whole point when it comes to having a handgun. Thanks for watching! Which one was your favorite? Let us know in the comments! Be sure to subscribe and see you next time!

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