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Most Insane Weapons People Invented Some Of These Just Unbelievable

Elite Facts Presents
7 INSANE Weapons People Invented 7. Digital Revolvers and Pistols
The future is now! So the Armatix Digital Pistol looks like something out of freaking
Blade Runner or some other science fiction movie, and a variant of this weapon was actually
featured in a recent James Bond film, “Skyfall” in the form of a Walther PPK. What sets this
gun apart from any other handheld pistol is this new futuristic feature. The Palm Reader.
This gun has a digital safety mechanism that can only be disabled if the operator is also
wearing a special wristwatch that sends the unlock signal to the gun. The more and more
we talk about it, The more and more it sounds like the gun used in Judge Dredd…..The goofy
one start Sylvester Stallone, Not the good one! The wristwatch itself only becomes active
once the user unlocks it with their fingerprint. Now that’s security for you! This means
that in order to use the gun, you must have your fingerprints scanned and recognized and
you must be wearing the watch while you are using the gun, That means no matter who has
possession of the gun, the gun can only be fired by the owner—preventing the gun from
being used by people who may steal it. It also means that the revolver cannot be used
against its owner. Many gun experts claim that this approach is the way of the future
and a great means of ensuring gun safety. How widespread this digital revolver gets
used remains to be seen. 6. Pepperbox Gun
Okay this one is a little bit of a cheat as it is fairly similar to the split shot Duck
Foot Gun wha with the multiple barrels on this device. But we figured that it’s just
different enough to be classed as it’s own weapon and it’s just too cool to leave off
of this list. Much like any modern pistol, pepperbox guns hold multiple bullets for repeat
firing. However, unlike those unamerican pieces of trash you call revolvers, a pepperbox doesn’t
believe in sharing. Now you’re probably saying “What the hell are you smoking?”.
Nothing. The Pepperbox gun doesn’t believe in sharing because the gun doesn’t hold
a clip of ammo. Instead, Each individual bullet gets its own private barrel. No sharing required!
Sharing is un american dammit! All jokes aside however, this is pretty damn cool. It’s
almost like having a minigun in the palm of your hand. Now as you’d probably expect,
this weapon is just no good on the battlefield. I know we’ve just bigged this weapon up
for like a solid minute but as cool as it is, it can be very impractical. Now you know
how we just mentioned the minigun? Yeah there’s a reason why they’re not that portable.
They’re usually mounted to vehicles or on stands as stationary weapons. That’s because
the weight of the barrels is simply too much to aim precisely, and keeping a steady. The
pepperbox gun suffers from the same issue. That’s not all. Even though this gun can
hold a lot of ammunition, Each bullet needs to be loaded manually by hand-rotating the
barrel between shots — is too complex for possible use on the battlefield. But regardless
of all this, The weapon certainly deserves to be mentioned on this list just for how
crazy of an idea it is. 5. German Gustav Rail Cannon
Time to go back to a dark period in history to showcase one of the biggest titans used
during the second world war. Back in WW2, The germans developed a number of different
powerful weapons that they envisioned would help them to defeat the Allies and become
the supreme military force on the planet. Some of the weapons they envisioned and in
some cases even invented were down right mad! Things such as stealth bombers, Spherical Tanks, Anti Aircraft Rocket Launchers, Guided Missiles
and even quote unquote “Helped” further the development
of nuclear weaponry. They were all about innovation, however this weapon was just down right mad
as they combined a large projectile weapon with an on rails vehicle. We’re of course talking about the Dora and
Gustav rail cannons. They were the biggest cannons ever created and were so big they
had to be moved around in pieces and assembled in the desired location. With almost a 32-inch caliber and rounds that
weighed in excess of 10,000 pounds, the cannons were capable of reaching targets more than
90 miles away, and travel through 100 feet of dirt and rock. T he Gustav gun was used only once, as the huge
size and weight made them large targets and incredibly difficult to transport. 4. Vomit Gun
Remember the “sick sticks” used by police in the movie Minority Report? Or how about
that weird taser like device used in the film Kick Ass 2? Well, The sticks would cause anyone
they touched to instantly vomit. This weapon is very similar to that concept. Believe it
or not, a real life vomit gun has been invented. In 2007, the U.S. Navy signed a contract with
a company called Invocon to develop a weapon that uses radio frequency to impact a person’s
sense of hearing and equilibrium. The idea of this weapon is that if Anyone is hit by
the vomit gun’s….Rays?….Yeah, Rays, Immediately experience severe motion sickness
and will eventually throws up. At the same time, The Department of Homeland Security’s
Science and Technology Department engaged a company called Intelligent Optical Systems
to develop an LED Incapacitator that emits a rapid pulse of different colored lights
to cause dizziness, headaches and vomiting as well. Unlike most of the other weapons
mentioned on this list, the Vomit Gun is viewed as a non-lethal means of subduing people and
gaining the upper hand on enemy combatants……That and embarrassing someone you just simply don’t
like without hurting them physically. And very much like the soon to be mentioned digital
revolver, the Vomit Gun seems to be a case where science fiction has actually caught
up to science fact. Maybe if this weapon is used by the police, there will be less crime.
Throwing up is one of the worst feelings ever! 3. Duck’s Foot Gun
Okay, I’m not going to lie, This one is pretty damn cool! So A Duck’s Foot Gun was
a distinctive type of volley gun that was manufactured during the 19th century and the
20th century. What sets this aside from other volley guns out on the market is that it had
multiple barrels all aiming in the exact same direction, giving this weapon a much wider
burst. Duck’s Foot Gun had four individual barrels that were arranged in a similar way
to that of a duck’s foot (I mean…’s in the gun’s name after all). This unique
arrangement meant that the user could use it to fire at more than one target at a time.
Hell it even gives the user a better chance a taking down a group of people directly in
front of them. This property made it very popular with those who might have to face
threats from groups or gangs, such as prison guards and ship captains. This weapon isn’t
without it’s flaws however as it’s heavy design and high recoil made it difficult to
fire and aim. 2. Stinger Pen Pistol If only this gun was golden. That way, it
would seem like an updated version of the golden gun from the James Bond film “The
Man with the Golden Gun”. I wonder how many more times we can say Golden gun in this portion
of the video?……..Golden Gun. Okay all jokes aside, This weapon is literally something out of
a spy thriller film, and have often seen guns and other weapons disguised as ordinary household
objects, such as a pen or walking stick. The R. J. Braverman Stinger Pen Pistol differs
from ordinary pen guns though, by actually folding into position and looking like an
actual gun, giving them a designation of a normal gun, and therefore, freeing them of
tight regulations that govern disguised weapons. This gun was produced and manufactured back
in the 90’s (Because like most awesome things, of course it was made back in the 90s), However,
it is believed that only 4,000 of the guns were ever made, making them something of a
collector’s item. 1. Hand Mortar
Oh what’s that? Grenade Launchers are too heavy and way to inconvenient to carry around?
Yeah we get you. Well did you know that there’s a freaking hand held explosive launcher that
was created way back in the 16th century? It begs the question as to why this hasn’t
been improved upon since then. Hand Mortars are exactly what they sound like, a weapon
that could be held in the hand, and fire an explosive round over a large distance. This
gun is exactly what would happen if A Grenade Launcher Making love to a Flintlock pistol!
The user would light the fuse of a grenade and then put it into the barrel of the weapon,
before using gunpowder to fire it at the enemy. Now yes, that’s pretty primitive, but this
is the 16th century we’re talking about. Speaking of which, This weapon was used mainly
between the 16th century and the 18th century, although, it was not a common firearm. I mean,
come on could you imagine every average joe carrying around one of these back then? That
would be like if every Cleatus out there had a freaking rocket launcher. It would be anarchy!
Now you’re probably asking us “Why hasn’t this weapon been improved upon and why isn’t
it in production today?” Well the answer to that is pretty simple. The weapon was unreliable
and offered a number of safety concerns for anyone using them. The explosive grenades
could often become stuck in the barrel and explode, while in other cases, the gunpowder
would light the fuse too early and cause it to prematurely blow up. It was just too risky
to keep producing these guns and to risky to even improve on them. Regardless, this
weapon is just nuts! Thanks for watching!
Elite Facts

100 thoughts on “Most Insane Weapons People Invented Some Of These Just Unbelievable

  1. Ducks foot guns are not volley guns, volley guns are guns that launch things over large distances at a normal projectile size unlike grenade launchers which use large payload filled projectiles

  2. Origins are mounted because of the weight of the ammo weight of the gun and the recoil You'll actually slid back from the recoil that why it is mounted not do to barrel weight alone

  3. "Many gun experts claim that this approach is the way of the future……" Hmmm, care to name a few? Virtually every acknowledged firearms expert think that the digital handgun is a bad idea. The flaws outweigh the "alleged" advantages 100 to one. Yawn, I say. Yawn. Do some more research, people. There's nothing elite about these "facts".

  4. that digital pistol has already been hacked, put a magnet on the left side of the frame and it disables the safety. theres a few videos that show this flaw

  5. the military has had modern handheld grenade launchers since at least the 80's when I joined.

  6. Why dont they just train with the heavy guns and when they are uses to it they can use it for emergency ._. If what im saying dont make sence give a thumbs up if it di make sence give a thumbs up too thx 😐

  7. The first weapon is a flintlock and that is one of the most important reasons why it did not work,
    The second one is a spy gun. It was devolved by USA as a gun for spy's.
    The third one is also a flintlock, again. The other reason why they don't use it is because it has 4 barrels and it took to long to reload.
    The fourth one nobody uses, it's useless to the army and it could be used for the police but they don't do it. It is not a weapon dumbass.
    The fifth on was used and it was effective, but too costly and had to have too much people to operate, and such makes it a easy target to the enemies. It's not a rail gun, it's a tank, a moving tank, but it could only move right and left. So some people will say it's a mortar. Also, that time was not a dark time for weapons, the dark times of weapons where the dark ages it self. Nobody used weapons.
    The sixth one has exactly the same problems as the third one.
    The seventh one is a perfect weapon for murders, if only the murderer can use it, then you can't pull it back and shoot towards the murderer.

  8. If i was a gun collector like one of my friends i would have bought every gun on you're list but I collect cars

  9. Puke lights. They all came with an automatically deployed, instant safety mechanism. Close your eyes, or blink them to break up the disabling pattern! DUH! Now beat them down for trying to make you look stupid. Unless you are, and you're puking!
    Anybody else see the custom gold-painted ballpoint pen cap front sight and muzzle accessory on the 'Golden Gun, Golden Gun, Golden Gun?' HAH!

  10. Okay, it's bugging the shit out of me… One does not put "bullets" in a firearm, one puts "cartridges" or "rounds" in it. The cartridge is a package which consists of the casing, primer, gunpowder, AND the bullet which is the projectile. Cartridge goes in, bullet flies out of the barrel when fired, and then the empty casing comes out of the firearm.

  11. A polite society is a well armed society, by the way, there are grenade rifles that can be fired like hand moarter , such as the chinalake.

  12. Totally expected the "fart gun" from Despicable Me (some black powder stench begs to differ)… not sure these were all "insane" inventions though

  13. kinda surprised the Maxim 9, Mateba 6 Unica, Chiappa Rhino, Fostech "Bolter", the suicide revolver, that one gun the Japanese used in WWII that was dangerous our troops were advised not to accept the surrender of it hand to hand because it could be fired without a finger on the trigger, that one chain pistol, or the guns designed to fire trounds didn't make the list.

  14. I know about and have been studying firearms everyday for more then 10 years. The facts here I can not say are inaccurate, but the narrator's comments are uneducated and create a false impression.

  15. Hand Mortor? Not improved? M203 Grenade Launcher is a basic example. They improved upon the motor launcher.
    Pen gun is pretty cool :).
    Ducks Foot gun just looks crazy but a front grip might of helped a little.
    Glad to see the vomit gun was made. Heard about it but didnt think it was finished. This was one of the guns being made for dealing with riots in a bit more peacefully.
    Ahhhh the Nazi Rail Gun. Could hit a foe from like 100 miles.
    Pepperbox weapon looks very impracticle. Holy hades.
    If i recall the Digital Handguns were originally called Smart Guns that law enforcement was making so no one but the officer could fire it that its registered to. They did get it to work but the problem back in early 2000 was if they fired the weapon it would of damaged the computer tech and make it useless.

  16. 8:20 "what sets this apart from any other handheld pistol" so, you're saying there are non-handheld pistols?

  17. i found myself screaming m79 at the screen over and over. also that antiwhite racist "cletus" thumbs down you city slicker snake

  18. I invented a hand gun based on the "vomit light gun",, i called it "the piss fart & shit gun"… Doesn't work on people wearing diapers though..

  19. Not a clip… A magazine. And for revolvers a cylinder.

    A clip is only used for storage and the only contact they have with a weapon is if you're loading one with an internal fixed magazine….

    Get the terminology right.

  20. I always was under the impression that a Pepperbox was for personal protection, like a derringer, and was in fact, about the same size and caliper.

  21. Hand mortar was used to launch a signal firework for battle communication or announcing dignitaries or special occasions, not for lobbing grenades.

  22. Not all ducks foot pistols pointed in front of you they usually would fire in four different directions making it very inaccurate

  23. :20……………why hasn't this been improved upon since the 16th century?
    Ever heard of the M40 grenade launcher, idiot?

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