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Most Comfortable Concealed Carry IWB Holster? / Stealthgear

alright guys we’re out here on the range and we’re looking at these two inside the waistband holster from Stealthgear so let’s check it out alright guys we’ve got some really nice products for you guys to look at today these are the stealthgear inside the waistband holsters and I really believe these are some of the most comfortable concealed carry holsters out there got a few different models we’re going to look at so let’s push some of these other ones out of the way and first look at the Ventcore alright guys now Stealthgear offers are inside the waistband holster is in two different sizes this is the standard that they started with I’ve been carrying this one for about two years now and they recently came out with the mini and I think the mini is really nice this is a new one now i’m going to start carrying it just takes up a little bit less space on your belt and if you’re carrying a compact gun you don’t need anything any bigger than this now lets go right at one of the most important features the backing that they use on these Ventcore models as you can tell this is very soft as a performance mesh material that is extremely comfortable but at the same time it’s not very bulky still remains pretty thin so you can get optimum concealability but with the added comfort of that really soft material on the back that’s something you don’t see in many inside the waistband holsters some of the most popular ones out there are leather other ones made of neoprene but the problem with holsters like that is there not breathable they’re going to trap all that sweat behind them and it’s going to get very uncomfortable throughout the day you’re not going to have that problem with the Stealthgear hopefully you can see this on camera but I’m holding a flashlight back here and you can see that there’s actually cut all the way through there that allow moisture to wick away from your body and go out through these vent holes and that keeps you a lot more comfortable especially during the summer months when you have to do a lot of sweating I know what you’re thinking you don’t want that sweat to get onto your gun and start causing corrosion problems Stealthgear has thought of that and put the flashlight back here you can see that there are no holes along the slide where the gun is that allows the moisture to wick through everywhere else and keep you nice and dry and comfortable while still not getting on your firearm now this outer material here is a really tough nylon type material and they have some really nice stitching along these holsters don’t see that coming apart this is really solid construction that’s really going to last a long time on the front here everything is adjustable some of the best things about the stealth gear holsters as you can see it has these tension screws here where you can adjust the tension on the kydex and that’s going to allow you to get some really nice lock up on your gun you can hear it click in place and you’ll see if I turn this upside down and shake it the gun is not going to come out so what you want to do is adjust these screws to give it enough tension that the gun stays in there securely while still allowing you to draw it out easily when you need to the holster is also adjustable for cant so as you can see the guns already canted on the holster but what you can do is it has these three adjustments here for the clips or you can adjust the clips up and down so you can get a little bit deeper in your pants that you won’t to, the gun can ride higher you can adjust it so it’s more canted to the right of the left it also has two different adjustments on the actual clip is a lot of different combinations you can use to really customize this for what you like another thing I’ll say about these stealthgear holsters as you can see there’s no extra material there’s just enough that you need to cover all the important areas but what you don’t see is this huge leather area all the way around the outside that just is really unnecessary that is just extra material that’s either going to get in your way or it’s going to make more uncomfortable so very minimalist but it’s also very well-thought-out and engineered to make sure you get optimum comfot they do offer the stainless steel spring clips if you like that that’s what came on the standard that I carried for a while but what you’ll notice after i did carry this for a couple years you can see here that over time that tension is not as tight as it used to be you can see the gap here so you know that’s after two years of use, you can order more clips they get worn out and I don’t think it’s very expensive to do that so that is an option but what the new holsters come standard with is this injection molded plastic clips and I think these are really nice it’s a really strong plastic and you can see it’s very thick so I don’t think you’re going to have any problems with that breaking or anything like that the other thing that I love about it is you see how it kind of undercuts here that really grabs ahold of your belt and make sure there’s an absolutely no way that could come off another thing we haven’t talked about yet the kydex this is some very nice strong kydex on here and it is smooth on the inside so it’s not going to be abrasive on your gun what still here has done here is really amazing this is a very tough holster that I think is going to be the most comfortable holster you can get with this nice soft backing and the fact that it is vented so that you want to worry about sweat and stuff like that from my research of not sound of better inside the waistband holster and i really love these holsters they are also offering these and different colors now this is a standard black and red but they’re offering it in FDE and OD green now they also have one thats designed for appendix carry if you’re one of those guys who like to do that me personally I don’t like a gun that close to my junk but thats up to you another thing they offer is inside the waistband mag carriers that match the holsters made out of all the same durable material may just go ahead and show you how the mags fit in there you can tell very nice tight fit, you can fit a variety of sizes they do make these in single and double stack they also make them in short and long you can get these to carry two magazines ,one magazine they even make some to carry one mag and a flashlight if that’s something you’re looking for a lot of options from Stealthgear. the next we’re going to look at is their revolution holster you can already see the design differences this is more cost-effective option, the ventcore is going to cost you around 90-100 bucks i believe the revolution right now I selling for around 60 but this one is also very comfortable the backing on the revolution is this really soft suede material and as you can see it does still have these laser cut diamond cuts in here that allows it to still be breathable, one of the biggest reasons that people that start carrying a gun for protection ultimately stop carrying a gun is because they don’t have a comfortable option and who wants to walk around all day being uncomfortable Stealthgear solves those problems as you can see it has a lot of the same features as the Ventcore, it has all the same adjustment points all over the revolution features this really cool design here kinda looks like it’s already been used it just looks really rough and tough I like that look and that’s how they advertise this this is your down and dirty rough tough holster here it is completely waterproof you don’t have to worry about it getting messed up it gets wet or anything like that the revolution is also a little bit lighter than the ventcore just because it’s less material there but these are both very light both of these can move and flex with your body because these holsters are already flexable there’s really no break in time for these, the first time you put them on its going to be very comfortable alright guys we’re out here on the range and we’re looking at these two inside the waistband holster some stealthgear we’ve already talked a little bit about the differences between the two so we’ll see how to perform let’s check it out first we’re going to be looking at this Ventcore model and we’re going to be using the M&P SHIELD 9-millimeter alright guys as you can tell this is not the loosest fitting shirt in the world something I would wear on any normal day now as you can tell the gun doesn’t really print any at all if you can’t tell i am wearing it here about the five o’clock position it is very comfortable and it’s easy to get to when you need it also re-holstering is fairly easy now let’s do a little shooting and show you what it’s like drawing from this holster all right now let’s take a look at the revolution the size and everything is exactly the same as the Ventcore so it should be the same as far as printing and everything like that but let’s put it on and lets do some drawing from the holster for some reason this one does seem to be a little bit more difficult to re-holster I think because there’s not as much material here on the backing so it kind of flops over just a little bit but it’s still pretty rigid if you’re new to conceal carry or if you’re looking for another option for inside the waistband holster definitely look at the Stealthgear products i think you can’t go wrong you’re going to get ultimate comfort and durability with these holsters and Stealthgear does have a lot of the great products they are starting to come out with are they also have outside the waistband options so you want to go to their website and check those out. Alright guys if y’all have any other questions about these holsters feel free to ask them in the comments below thanks for watching guys please like share and subscribe and we’ll see you next time

43 thoughts on “Most Comfortable Concealed Carry IWB Holster? / Stealthgear

  1. I am considering this, the aliengear cloack 3 and crossbread . Why did you choose this brand/style over the others?

  2. I use  the Revolution with my M&P 4.25 m2.0. It is hard to re-holster, I'll admit, but damn, it sure is comfortable. I use a cheap assed Desantis with my Shield.

  3. I have one and I really love it. One thing that other reviews have not addressed is that it comes apart easily and can be washed in the sink with warm soapy water. Try doing that with a smelly old leather holster. They all eventually collect sweat and lint and stink. So being able to clean it is a big plus.

  4. Which one do your prefer? I thinking getting on but don't know which one to get the ventcore or revolution. Living in Florida I would want a holster that is extremely breathable and comfortable.

  5. I have the standard Onyx one for my Glock 26.. LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!! Worth the money!!!!!!!! Every penny! You get what you pay for…that's for sure.

  6. Cant decide between the mini or the standard. Looking for comfort. I hear the weight is distributed the wider it is but I like the small plat form of the mini.

  7. Bought the Aliengear 3.0 and its comfortable but a bit large for my taking. Im really considering the stealth gear mini for my Sig P320c Im sure the venting would be great during the summer here in Coastal SC.

  8. MY Stealth Ventcore IWB does not work.When weapon is drawn the soft body side of holster completely collapses into the inside of the outside kidex shell.Standard pressure, no spare tire, quality belt.When I try to reholster mesh side is almost completely pushed into kydex shell.The mesh side has NO top support to keep holster open. Insane design??Please comment.

  9. This is how you do a review! Good job man, still shopping but you covered everything I need to know about the Stealthgear.

  10. I've been carrying stealthgear for a year, their holsters are 100% gimmicks. There are so many other holsters out there that are just as comfortable that DONT cause your gun to get soaked in sweat if you wear them in any kind of outdoor environment. Can't tell you how many times I've taken my gun out of my holster and had to wipe all my sweat off the side. AVOID. Get a holster that doesnt "vent sweat right BY the gun".

  11. Do you wear pants that are 1 or 2 sizes too big for you? There were no directions at all with holster. Do know of a YouTube link for directions?

  12. Tried pants larger. Not comfortable. Hard to reholster . Adjusted the height. Adjusted the location on my side and hip. I don't think the IWB works with my body shape. Maybe I'm expecting too much. I'm returning it.

  13. I have never had to re-holster while concealed carrying a gun. That being said, the only issues I could see with the Ventcore is having difficulty re-holstering, or the hardware rusting. I had a gimmicky holster from a company called Comfort Holsters, and their hardware rusted immediately; so I'm leery when I see too many metal fasteners on a holster. I'm trying to decide between Stealthgear and Vedder's Rapid Tuck holster. The Vedder won't be as comfortable at first, or maybe ever, and it's not washable; but their holsters arrive fast, they don't cost an arm and a leg, and I shouldn't have any problem, if I ever need to re-holster while carrying. I'm tired of spending money on holsters that are mediocre; or worse yet, suck. Everyone raved about Crossbreed holsters; but I never liked them, despite ordering a couple. It's hard to trust recommendations from strangers, when you've been misled so many times. Raven Concealment and Bravo Concealment are two other disappointing, but widely hyped brands that come to mind. If I decide to go with Stealthgear, and like it; I'll be sure to come back here, to thank you and tell you about it. I appreciate the video review.

  14. How does it lock in? I do not like kydex scratching the gun and the best way to avoid is companies that lock in at trigger guard.

  15. How comfortable are they if worn at the 3 o clock position? I currently have a leather pancake holster that conceals well with just a t shirt and an alien gear paddle holster that conceals well with a light jacket or oversized t shirt. might add an iwb if I ca find something that will work at 3 o clock

  16. Love my ventcore mini. Thinking about getting the Revolution OWB. The price on these holsters has come down a lot. I got my mini for under 60 shipped with a coupon.

  17. If the retention is tight it's one up from the Black Arch. It has the adjustment at the trigger guard area. Do like the padding up the slide. About to order a Black Arch until seeing this one. Now im not sure.

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