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Most Accurate 50cal Ever? – The Desert Tech HTI .50 BMG Rifle [ Full Review ]

hey it’s Andrew with gy6vids and in today’s
episode we have a full review of the desert tech HTI 50 cal I’ve utilized this rifle in a few videos
already shooting things in slow motion and blowing things up if you want to
check out those types of videos links will be in the description as well be
talking about all the specs and all the details about this rifle in this video
but if you want to skip forward to seeing the accuracy parts of this video
you can click the link in the description for a timeline jump you
can’t get the way this looks from desert tech this was a custom Cerakote job by my
friends at Fall River Arms and Meridian Idaho they did a fantastic job
I’m calling it “patriot in the night” it’s a design I’ve wanted for a long time and
they knocked it out of the park I wanted to add a little customization to it
a little flair for you guys in the video but it does not affect the rifle in any
aspect it’s mainly just beautiful with an overall length of 45 inches with a
375 cheytac and the 408 cheytac but 45.7 5 inches of overall length with the 416
barrett or the 50 BMG there’s a slight change in weight as you go from caliber
to caliber but for the most part is staying right around that 20 pound mark
so right now we have this rifle system in 50 BMG which is obviously very
popular around definitely putting a wall up on the target downrange and has
extreme accuracy out to long ranges but it comes in other big bore rifle
calibers as well all you have to do is swap the barrel the bolt and the
magazine and you can swap from 375 cheytac
408 cheytac 416 barrett or the 50 BMG easy to swap from caliber to caliber you
unlock the screw right here you loosen the four screws here the
barrel comes out on the backside of the stock you push this detent down but pad
slides to the side bolt comes out you swap the bolt disconnect the magazine
swap the magazine put the new bolt back in close the buck pad put new Barrel in
tighten all four of these screws down to 80 inch pounds lock the system of the
back lug and you’re good to go now desert tech claims that you are
gonna be able to hold the 0 as you’re swapping barrels well I only have 150
Cal barrels so I can’t test that theory but they say it is extremely solid and
allows you to return to zero even when you’re swapping from barrel to barrel
now granted as you swap from different calibers the point of impact scan is
shift and you’re gonna have to kind of re-evaluate where your point of impacts
are at different ranges if you’re transporting the system and you want to
take the barrel out to make it more compact
for a backpack or mitigating the overall size of the gun when you put the barrel
back into it and lock it down the return to 0 should be spot-on now this is
something I want to test in another video because it’s a little long-winded
but I want to have different calibers to test out to see how it transitions with
different calibers if it’s not just one barrel that’s returned to zero but all
for the calibers with this big bore system now other than the ECI platform
desert tech has other rifles we might look into the near future if you liked
this video that shoots smaller caliber rifle rounds and they also have
semiautomatic rifles that shoot 5 5 6 3 in their black out and so on and so
forth I really want to get my hands on those and test the reliability of the
semi-automatic platform bolt actions are pretty tried-and-true and as long as
they’re built right you can’t go wrong we have different rounds over here these
are the Hornet ei max match grade ammunition desert tech claims that these
are the best rounds to use through it for accuracy downrange that’s what we’re
gonna be using today for a hundred-yard test and our 500 yard test these things
are loaded very well we also have regular FMJ rounds when you want to just
start freaking sending giant chunks of bowling ball lead downrange and causing
mayhem these things do the job very well and also I’ve found that even some of
the cruddy your factory load fmjs are fairly accurate so I want to test them
out to see what the difference is between these and the a max rounds in
today’s accuracy test also we have some a pit rounds now a pit stands for
armor-piercing incendiary tracers these are fun click the link in the video to
see a video with the HTI shooting the a pit rounds at steel in slow motion and
you’ll get an idea of how much power is coming out of this rifle now the
attachments I have on this rifle for today’s video we do have the Viper PST
from vortex optics it has a quick throw lever on it which allows for adjusting
for overall magnification and a bubble level bubble levels are huge for
long-range accuracy if you’re not level on your rifle when you’re shooting long
range when you make adjustments you’re going up and left or down and ride or
low and left or up and right it’s you can be all over the place so being level
when you’re making adjustments out the long ranges is key
now front we do have the Atlas 5 H bipod this bipod is designed for big bore
calibers or fully automatic fire and allows you to adjust the overall can to
the gun it also allows you to swivel left and right as well the 5 H bipod is
key for this test because you want to have it tour is not gonna fall
apart people go cheap on their bipods and one day it’s gonna really come back
to bite you because if that buy pot breaks when you’re putting forward
pressure on it yeah the last thing you want to do is rip off a round right in
front of them to the dirt could cause some serious injury or serious damage to
your gun and the fiveaces designed for big bore heavy punching rifles like the
h TI 50 cal one of my favorite things of long range is being able to utilize a
monopod on the backside the gun now the h TI has a built-in monopod say you’re
down here like this rails too high and you want to adjust you pick the gun up a
little bit find your elevation inside your optic and you push down right here
and that instantly deploys onto whatever platform you’re at and gives you a rough
estimate of level then you use left and right turns or clockwise
counterclockwise of the monopod and that’ll give you your micro adjustments
squeeze bags and sandbags are great but no one wants carry on a sand bag or a
squeeze bag if you’re humping a rifle to a location the entire top section of the
rifle is Picatinny rail so you can put attachments on it you also have
Picatinny rail attachment points on the handguard of the rifle and for quick
detach sling mounts up front and two in the rear the barrel is 29 inches overall
it is a stainless fluted barrel it is bullpup so you’re looking at the barrel
coming back to about here in the action of the gun and allows you to have that
short compact look and feel but still have 29 inches of barrel for better
accuracy that’s the point of a bullpup rifles have harmonics when the barrel
has a round going through it the vibrations cause a wiggle in the
barrel but not to interfere with because if you bump it or if you lay your rifle
into something you’re gonna throw your shot off downrange so having a
free-floating system is very key there isn’t a section where it touches inside
this handguard now back here they do have five inches of overall contact
points in their locking system because it’s a quick detach barrel system they
have those screws and five inches of overall pressure pushing down on that
barrel which helps for less muzzle WIPP when you’re shooting and that harmonics
has actually improved which gives you better accuracy downrange from what
desert tech is saying now desert tech is claiming of this rifle with the eMac
simunition is getting sub MOA groups or guaranteed MOA groups out 200 yards it
claims to be very accurate out to 2,000 plus yards as well I want to put that to
the test and another video when we have more fun and more
time to do that if you want to see me shoot this thing out to 2,000 yards I
think it’d be a blast it’s a lot of work 2,000 yards is a long way and even a 1
MOA group out to 2,000 yards you’re looking at a 20 inch pattern ok so 2,000
yards 1 MOA group you have 20 inches of overall natural travel while it’s still
being accurate not to mention environmental changes and
human errors so there’s a lot of things that come into play when you’re shooting
out to that range and I think we should dedicate an entire video to shooting out
from a thousand to two thousand yards let me know if you want me to do that I
can use different rifles as well not just the HT I leave a comment in the
comment section that’s always a good way of contacting me and let me know what
you guys like and what you think the muzzle break is desert tech patent
pending it allows for great mitigation of gases to the left and right hand side
keeping it away from the round as it leaves the barrel gives you better
accuracy as well we also have a match grade trigger you can adjust this
trigger down to 1 pound so 1 2 3 pounds adjustable Ida like this trigger a lot
it’s very crisp but the one thing I don’t like about the trigger right out
of the box I have shot this rifle before it’s not like I haven’t shot it before
so I do know some things with it right out of the gate safety off when the
trigger breaks it is very light and it is very crisp there’s a spongy play on
the back side it’s not hitting a wall this one has some slop on the back side
of it so that a little bit of extra pull when the gun goes off can slightly shift
you very very slightly during that small amount of time the bullet is leaving the
barrel it comes down to that especially at long ranges so having a solid wall in
the back side I think would be an improvement but this is adjustable from
1 to 3 pounds and I do like the trigger I just don’t like that slop of the back
side now HTI is utilizing the telescopic bolt in order to access the bolt there’s
a section back here you just pull back on it but pad slides to the left or the
right hand side no problem very easy you move this butt pad to the side bolt
comes directly out top to the backside slide it down lock it in slide that butt
pad back up and you’re good to go the safe turn this rifle is very easy it’s
right above where your natural placement of your trigger finger would be so you
don’t have to move around a lot Thor word is fire back is safe and it’s
ambidextrous both left and right hand side but paddling this rifle you can
adjust in half inch increments there’s a sections on the backs
you can swap out and add half-inch increments for shorter or longer lengths
to pull for depending upon how big or small the shooter is the pad is not
super super absorbent of recoil when you’re shooting 50 Cal you’re gonna feel
and I don’t care what type of pad you have you can put a whole couch cushion
and you’re gonna get kicked especially with something this light in this short
the cheek plate on this rifle is adjustable you can raise it up or down
to fit your knees however you want to actually line yourself up cheek well
behind that optic and I do like the fact there’s a grip section right on the
bottom of the rifle right there so as you’re carrying this thing very easy to
pick up in its center balance which is nice you also can pop this thing over
your shoulder and carry it around just like this and it’s easy so super
lightweight and compact so if you had to hump this somewhere if you didn’t have a
sling just hold them like this is very comfortable all right
other than the slop and the backside of the trigger the only issue I have with
this rifle system so far is the magazine this magazine is kind of cumbersome now
even with the bolt back or forward it doesn’t matter to me it’s I’m having the
issue either way level it perfectly slap it in make sure it seats properly or
else you’ll have this kind of wonky seating and you got to make sure that
you place rounds in perfectly and seep them and make them flush because any
motion can have that follower stick and then you’re dead in the water you know
when you’re in the moment you don’t want to be dealing with rounds not feeding
and having to take your mag out and look around it’s Pat at it and make a bunch
of motion you don’t want to be making especially if you’re military or law
enforcement let’s see if they’re claimed to 1 MOA guaranteed or slightly sub MOA
grouping holds true using the horn of the Emacs round then we’re moving out to
500 yards alright Steve another shot same spot nice alright don’t want to eat my own
words but pull it on pull it I’ll take it
that is awesome alright yeah y’all take that ah not good
for you this most delicious so very very tight group that is a half MOA group if
not smaller I like it let’s do three more shots again with the a max ammo to
see if it’s consistent alright three more rounds let’s go for
that small lower yep almost yeah pretty much bullet on bullet or I should say
touching that one out of there and another clover that not quite a clover
but still I like that a lot with a 50 Cal that’s incredible now let’s see if
this holds that same accuracy out to 500 yards slight wind shift and you can
actually see it in the spotting scope the heat vapor coming off the ground
because of how hot it is today that definitely throws your shot a little bit
let’s quickly do a group with FM JS to see let’s quickly do it before we’ve got
to 500 though let’s quickly do a three shot group on that lower sticky target
see how the FM J’s regular ball ammunition does for accuracy compared to
the a max rounds from Hornady so three rounds
FMJ let’s see how this there it is see how
this fares let’s go for the lower sticky target again the point of impact shift
on these is gonna be different because the green weights different loads
different and it’s definitely not match ammunition so I’m guessing it’s gonna
hit low from where the a max hit low low enough yeah just lower than that one a
little dust level down there that would have a dust devil just as I’m trying to
do accuracy oh I get old Murphy all right last one yeah so you can see that shot opened up
it was still not bad for regular ball ammunition it’s not meant to be high-end
or precise keeping yourself under a 1 MOA grouping is huge because those small
changes turn into big changes downrange you can’t be within 100 yards of a
heavily armored vehicle will be like cool in the second let me put on my
armor piercing ground and sleep helmet for work you got to touch someone at a
long distance so this needs to hold accuracy out to longer distances and 500
yards is definitely getting out there let’s see if we can hold a similar group
at 500 yards on steel and you’ll be able to hear it that’s steel plate from TA
targets definitely let you know it’s being hit alright two propane tanks for the 50 BMG oh boy
this should be should be interesting there you are well uh it disappears real fast think
one of the propane tanks landed way out there all right back to it
always pick up your trash don’t be a douche bag found them look at that so 50
Cal just opens these things up so fast that all the propane leaves instantly
making a instant fireball while other smaller projectiles poke a small hole
and causes them to spin around someone’s about 60 yards that way and this one was
about 90 yards that way yeah so hmm maybe I’ll do a giveaway for our patrons
with these Oh little mementos no actually I’m serious we’ll do that who
would give away over on my patron account forward slash gy6
will do a giveaway of these for those who want them if you don’t want them
then you know don’t enter but also I’ll be giving away a lot of brass that I
shot in this video and other videos using this HTI 50 Cal if you want me to
I can sign the brass casing and then send it to the winners so let me know if
you want to head over to patreon calm for slash gy6 there should be a giveaway
going on or right now once this video goes live and if you’re watching this in
the future is probably over so but we’re probably gonna do other giveaways like
giving away guns and ammo and all sorts of fun gift cards and memorabilia and
future videos so still head over there five hundred yards and as you can see
through the spotting scope the heat vapor coming off this Prairie right now
is just immense so you got these heat waves that throw your target and it
makes your target look like it’s doing this so I’m gonna give it a little
leniency for accuracy at this range with this type of heat to going on but we’ll
see adjustment here – magazine is kind of pissing me off desert tech that’s not good little
sticky ammo Oh at least I caught that on camera it doesn’t look like I’m being an
asshole that’s not good I’m no mechanic but the airs are problem follower is
just the cactus right now all right get back in there okay that’ll do Pig
sometimes you know magazines they get sticky they get dirty they get grimy and
you have issues like that but you don’t want that to happen in the field that’s
for sure see what 500 yards does oh well we killed the target I might
have broke the 2×4 these things hit with some mmm so proof in the pudding now I
got a run all the way down to 500 yards I’ll be right back
on my journey time for a water break I gotta get myself a moped Dumb and Dumber
I get 50 miles to the gallon on this hog tray to the shagging way I can straight
up for it you don’t know what that movie is we
cannot be friends sorry for the footage and the audio I’m filming a cell phone
because I’m not carrying one of my big-ass camera rigs all the way down
range this is first person or second third person I get that don’t know if
the cell phone’s gonna pick that up but stunning gorgeous you get a wash out
watch out for the whistle pickles blow out a tendon or something or ligament
I’m losing my mind is today I’m hot drank like 20 of these bottles today
kissing like a racehorse but you know got stay hydrated I’m here at the seal I
think it just knocked over 50 Cal Brown so you big son of a bitch all right
oh I’m tired of running all over the place see how that 2×4 handles the next
shot of 50 Cal cooling off a little bit the clouds are coming in at vapors a
little bit better but still it’s pretty harsh hmm kind of nicked it I think I’m
holding over too far let me try it one more time yeah buddy all right so I think I got my
hole over point hitting a little high into the left it’s adjusted see here let’s go down a couple inches there is that’s my whole point alright come on baby nice well I think I destroyed the 2×4 so
those last two shots there was one shot the first shot we took was a little bit
to the right I adjusted a little bit too much and I was hitting high and left
dialed it in found a hold of a point took two shots we’ll see where those two
shots ended up because we destroyed the target so let’s go take a peek cue the
drone all right so impact points
I hit one here this is that far right almost parallel with is the centerline
not great but then we had two impacts up here one here that I heard Xing off and
I thought I just nicked it that’s that impact second follow-up shot
was that impact so we’re looking at you know about five inches or so between
those two spaces which is 1 MOA out to a 500 yards then the follow-up shots where
I thought I’d just the windage better which I did but still brought it over a
little more still right here five or six inches still staying within that 1m away
maybe slightly out of one aim away but at the end of the day this gun is meant
for armored vehicles and you know it’s it’s hard target it’s in the name H T I
meant to hit bigger objects that have armor on it but also if you want to
occasionally plank away of something smaller turn it into red mist this guns
gonna be able to do that having a solid 1 MOA group out to 500 yards
I can’t wait to test it a thousand but it sure beats the heck out of most 50
BMG s and being able to throw the cost your back if you need to just hump it
around this will be simple go check out desert tech they have all sorts of stuff
going on at their company you want to go check out they make fantastic weapons
and I think I’m gonna have to get my hands on a few more theirs to test those
out thoroughly as well alright enough rambling Andrew gy6 vids once again
thanks for watching guys please give the thumbs up it helps a lot lets me know
you’re liking the videos let me know you enjoy what’s being put out in that video
it’s kind of your rating system also come say hi on social media Instagram
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can’t say it enough thanks a lot to our patrons at patreon calm for / gy6
you guys you guys you just yet you know if there was there was something that
was it you’re it I’m humbled by your generosity and your small one to
whatever amount of dollars per month are adding up and they’re helping a lot for
funding these productions it’s not cheap it takes a lot of time a lot
camera rigs and want to say thank you very much my hats off to you guys thanks
again I will see you on the next episode later

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