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Mossberg’s New Patriot Hunting Rifle: Guns & Gear|S7

– When a company’s
been making guns for almost a century,
they get it figured out. And Dave, with this new rifle, Mossberg has kinda
hit a home run. You bet, Tom, we’re
really excited about the new Patriot
rifle from Mossberg. Beautiful, classic
designed stock. – It is. – All the features
a hunter needs. We start off, we changed
the angle of the bolt handle which made it better for
people with big hands. The other one used to interfere with the trigger
finger a little bit. – [Tom] Sure. – So that’s improved. We’ve got a fluted
bolt, a fluted barrel. drop box magazine, easy
to load and unload. – Right. – Really convenient
for the hunter. And target crown, it’s recessed so as you’re going
through the woods, if you bang into something you’re not gonna mess
up your accuracy. – Exactly. With the target
crown, what you got is this way, if it
bangs on something, you’re not hitting that
very, kind of fragile, crown. That affects the
accuracy, right? – Oh, absolutely. – OK. Now this is
kind of a combination of the best features
you’ve had in other rifles through the years. – [Dave] Oh, you bet. This
rifle really is an evolution of the Mossberg rifle. We’ve been making barrels
for years and years. We’ve been making them for a lot of other
people for many years. Now we’re making a
bolt-action rifle that has all of those features. It’s got the LBA trigger,
which is a wonderful trigger. – [Tom] I was just going to
say, you left out the best part. I think that the
trigger is like, (trigger clicks) it’s incredible. – [Dave] Oh, yea. – It’s adjustable
from 2 to 7 pounds, so the user, if they
like a light trigger, they can have a light trigger. If they like a little
heavier trigger, you hunt with gloves perhaps, you want to have a
little heavier trigger, you can adjust it. – [Tom] And you have a
scope package now, too. The Vortex scopes. – [Dave] Yep. – [Tom] That’s good stuff. So it comes set up, ready to go. You just take it from the
store, tighten everything down, and sight it in and go? – You bet. You head
to the retailer. You buy your gun, check
your scope mounts, make sure they’re tight,
head out to the range, sight it in, and you’re
ready to head to the field. – [Tom] Calibers? – [Dave] For calibers,
we have two short-action, and three long-action
calibers in this scope combo. Overall we have
over 11 calibers. You can buy it with this scope
combo, go to the retailer and you’re ready to
head out to the field. – There you go. The new
Mossberg Patriot rifle. (classic rock music) – [Voiceover] The
Mossberg Patriot is really the best of all worlds
for Mossberg rifles. They’ve put it into this
one Patriot rifle package. So, detachable box magazine. This one is a 7 mag. So we’re gonna
shoot it downrange, see how we do. – [Voiceover] There’s some
nice features on this gun. A detachable box
magazine is great. It lets you unload
the gun easily, and reload the gun easily. It’s a nice feature. (gunshot) You know the action is strong. They have it in a .375 Ruger. That’s a safari cartridge. One thing I noticed
right when I picked it up is how slick the bolt is. With the value you get
in a Mossberg Patriot you still have room
to get a good optic, and a bunch of ammo
to practice with. You know, I think it’s
great that they offer the Patriot rifle with a
traditional wood stock. What you get with
a Mossberg Patriot is just a gun that can
pretty much so anything. (gunshot)

37 thoughts on “Mossberg’s New Patriot Hunting Rifle: Guns & Gear|S7

  1. "The best feature" is that somebody still makes a reasonable priced rifle with a walnut stock! Nothing wrong with plastic except the plastic stocks on most budget rifles are cheap to the point of almost being unuseable. Walnut gets character as it ages…plastic, not so much.

  2. I just bought this rifle for 308. With scope combo. out the door price for me was 502. the retail price online was 439. and I pick it up on the 20th. the california 10 waiting period is literally killing me aha. I

  3. fucking dicks sporting goods store I bought the scope combo and it didn't come with the vortex scope. just a basic 3-9 scope

  4. I'm having trouble with my ejector. when I pull the bolt back the brass doesn't eject. any suggestions thanks a million

  5. I never thought I'd love another rifle more then my 300 blackout…. damn i was wrong. the 270 patriot has been on my wishlist for months and i finally got it for christmas. been to the range 3 times since then and i love more each trip out.

  6. Why make such a nice rifle but forget to put a reliable extractor on it. The junk breaks easily. Carry an extra 2 with you on a hunting trip.
    They are easy to replace though.

  7. This gun was ok at best. I've had mine since late 2015 maybe early 2016 chambered in 3006. In that time I have taken kills on hogs that weighed in at 425 and at ranges of 350 yards. So all in all not to bad. It was when I installed my bipod that I started to see issues. First shot ripped the swivel stud almost all the way out of the stock. I figured can't be to big of a deal I'll replace it with a nice bolt in model. Well I always questioned how a walnuts stock could flex so bad, when I replaced the stud I saw why. There was no decent barrel chanel just a huge routed out section under the barrel. Not enough material to prevent the flex. So I bedded it which helped tremendously. When reassembling I noticed that would was so soft under the guard that it would cave in under minimum torque. Which I was able to temporarily fix until I decide if I want to continue to invest money to improve such a cheaply made weapon, by installing pillars. How ever I doubt I will since I noticed the thin little guide piece between the bolt and mag is cracked and warps very easily. The rifle reminds me of a Craigslist cars, it functions great at first but falls apart shortly after the purchase.

  8. Just got the .270 and put 8 rounds in a 1" group at 100 yds straight out of the box. The recoil was not too bad either.

  9. I heard the Mossberg Night Train Has problems with the composite  stock breaking from the recoil. Is that true?

  10. Got a Mossberg 800c 22/250 this rifle was also ahead of its time.Made in USA,Walnut stock, real gloss bluing,trigger that breaks like glass at 2 3/4 lbs . Have a Leupold 3-9×40 with LR reticle,and will shot 1" groups at 100 yds. New Costs $108.00,more gun for the money.Buy a Mossberg you wont regret it.

  11. I bought this rifle in 243 with the Stainless Steel Marinecote finish and synthetic stock. I swapped out the plastic stock with the Grey Laminate stock and bedded the recoil lug. I topped it off with a Nikon P-308 4-12 x 40 BDC 800. Laser bore sighted on the bench and sure enough 1/4 pattern in the 10 ring at 100 yards. I couldn't be happier. I could never get that with my Savage Axis in 243.

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