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Mossberg Shotgun FLEX System

Randall: All right, this is Randall and we’re
here at the Mossberg display and here’s Taph. Taph: Hi, I’m Taph Kelly Jr. with the Mossberg
group at the 2012 SHOT Show. I’m going to talk about our FLEX System with our 500 model
shotgun. This is a turkey set-up. We’re going to go from a turkey set-up over to tactical
set-up, in hopefully a matter of seconds. Basically I’m going to use our tool system
right here. Flip up that lever and spin it around. I’m going to take the rear stock off
and replace it with a pistol grip adjustable tactical stock. Once I put that in place,
spin it back around, and lock it in place. Our next step is we’re going to take off our
fore-grip, got a release button down here, I’m going to push forward, pull off, and we’ll
replace it with the dry rail tactical stock. Once I get it lined up, locked into place,
the only thing we have left is the barrel. In order to do that, I’m just going to take
off the screw lock, and I’m going to replace it with the short barrel with a [breaching]
tool at the tip of it. I’ve got that in place, I’m just going to screw it back in and lock
it in place. And then you’ve got a fully functional home defense tactical shotgun that started
out as a turkey gun. Randall: Very nice, Taph. Thanks a lot, buddy. Taph: Thank you.

3 thoughts on “Mossberg Shotgun FLEX System

  1. All these companies want to make a gun that has ten different functions…I'd rather just have ten different guns.

  2. Not everyone has the Money for 10 different guns….. hence Mossberg chooseing to keep marketing the way they do and why they do so well the majority can only afford so much and want the best gun they can get for the money. There are many cheap imported shotguns out there but the quality of materials is is compramised but not with …Mossberg made by hard working Americans for hard working Americans

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