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Mosin Vs. Mauser Bolt-Action Rifle Challenge

– Hey guys. It’s Alex. – And Miles. – And today on TFBTV we’re going to do the Mauser verses the Mosin challenge. I caught a lot of flack in
a video I did a while back about the top five infantry
bolt action rifles, and I didn’t include the Mosin-Nagant, because quite frankly,
I’ve owned several of them and none of them have ever
impressed me in any way, aside from them being cheap, which is a pretty good feature actually. – Yeah. – So what we’ve done today is
I’ve got a World War I era, actually 1901 production Mauser Gewehr 98. This is actually an interesting
one because it was made in Wartenberg and has a Ulm proof mark on it. So it actually predates
the 8×57 IS cartridge, but it was upgraded to IS and the Lange Vizier
sight was accommodated. And Miles is using a M91/30. The 30 variant is a little in-aneristic, but the big differences are
it’s got a round reciever, it’s got meters on the
sights instead of arshin eye, and then it’s got a different
front sight arrangement. So basically we’re going to do some tests and see if the Mausin is
in fact on par with what the Germans were using in both world wars. Let’s get to it, Miles. – Good thing. Let’s do this. – Alright guys. So the
first test is going to be who can get off ten shots fastest. So that’s going to require five shots, a reload with a stripper
clip, and five more. All right, let’s get ready. – All right. – All right, shooter ready? – Ready. – And go. (guns fire) – Done. (Miles exclaims) (gun fires) – You beat me there, Alex.
You beat me pretty good. – I beat you by a pretty
fair margin there. – Oh, definitely. Definitely. – So score one for the German empire. – Yes, yes, yes. – As you can see, we’ve
got targets at 100 meters. I’m going to be doing five
rounds with the Mosin-Nagant. And Alex is going to do
five more with the Mauser. (cocks gun) (gun fires) That is a pretty tough bolt,
especially after you get after a while. Shooting after a bit. Just getting that bolt over that top, it really gets stuck there, something the Mauser
doesn’t have a problem with. – All right guys. So now
it’s the Mauser’s turn. We’ll see how I do at a 100 meters. (gun fires) One hit. Two. Three. Four. And I missed the last one. Dang it. But, score one more point for the Mauser. – All right. We’re going
to put these rifles through their paces, we’re just
going to do a little movement to contact type drill. Simulate walking around on
the western front somewhere, on the eastern front. And we’re going to be walking around, and a bunch of Germans appear over there and we’re going to simulate that. So, from up here. Moving around, oh we’ve got contact front. (gun fires) (smacks bolt) (Miles grunts) (gun fires) I’m out! So, did pretty good. Oh, and we’ve got one more. (gun fires) (smacks bolt) That bolt handle. That’s getting really
stiff doing these reloads. It’s just getting caught all the time. I would not want to be an Ivan
in a hurry, that’s for sure. – All right guys, it’s time
to do walk and fire with the Gewehr 98, we’ll see if
it can best the Mosin again. (gun fires) And out. All right, all in all
I think the Gewehr 98 did a pretty good job, however the Mosin still did pretty good. While this edged it out I think, what I think we learned is that running and shooting
with a bolt action rifle is pretty dang hard no
matter what rifle you have. All right guys, so we did
quite a bit of shooting today with both the Gewehr
98 and the Mosin-Nagant and I think we came to
the conclusion that the Gewehr 98 is a better gun. – I think I came to that conclusion before the shooting started. – The good thing about Mosins, is they’re a good way to get
into shooting inexpensively, because starting with a
large center-fire cartridge might sound silly, however
it does help you work out things like your flinch and stuff. I mean, if you learn
how to shoot on big gun when you move to smaller bore guns, it’s going to be easier. As silly as that sounds, there
is some truth to it I think. – And it’s got the whole
historical aspect, as well. Sure, they’re cheap and everything, but this one is date marked
1943, middle of World War II. If the historical aspect does it for you, this will get you there. Good way to start off a collection. – Absolutely. You can buy
a very significant piece of history for- – 150 bucks. – Just over 100 Bucks. Yeah. – Whereas a good Mauser’s going to cost you quite a bit more than that. A lot of people would say the
98 is the best bolt action rifle ever made, I would
argue that it is as well. So I guess a more accurate test is, these were introduced in
1891 and adopted then, would maybe be something
like an Argentine Mauser, or Spanish Mauser would
be a better comparison. – A Mauser versus Mauser. – Well, no. Like if you squared
off an older Mauser design, one of the cock and close Spanish Mausers, or even a G88 commission rifle, that’s not technically a Mauser,
would be more appropriate. However, in the context of
World War I and World War II, the Germans had a better
gun. It really is. However, Miles actually
brought something forth. There’s a challenger
that could potentially dethrone the Mauser. – Definitely. Definitely. – Now, what gun is that, Miles? – The Lee-Enfield. – Miles says the
Lee-Enfield’s a better gun, so I think it would be
cool to do a part two, where we do the same
tests with an Enfield, because it’s indisputable you
can fire an Enfield faster. – Mm hmm. – At least most people can, I would say. So yeah, that would be a cool part two. But until then I would like to thank Ventura Munitions for
providing the ammunition for these old war horses here. – And Grizzly Targets, we shot
the heck out of them today. These are some high powered rounds we were throwing down range. – We keep trying to destroy them, but we don’t have much luck there. So anyways guys, this is Alex C. – And Miles Vining. – We’ll see you next time on TFBTV. If you’d like, maybe drop a comment and hit that subscribe button. – Until next time.

100 thoughts on “Mosin Vs. Mauser Bolt-Action Rifle Challenge

  1. 1903A vs Enfield. Then mauser vs the other winner. Then that gun vs a mid shelf modern sports bolt action rifle. That would be cool.

  2. Test is already skued based on the fact two different shooters and two different rifles.shooters just like any skill set become accustomed to what they know either by choice or necessity.

  3. Mosins cheaper, but between the added difficulty pulling the bolt, the clunkier reloading process, and the supperior Aryan Engineering, the Mauser just barely squeeks the mosin out by a mile. Not even close

    Mosin's price is pretty good though

  4. I always find these videos entertaining. I have also seen a lot of Mauser guys get massive butt hurt when my 1942 Sako Finnish M39 shoots rings around them.

  5. Mauser all day, misinformation bolt is too sticky. My 1891 argentine (made in Berlin) is the smoothest bolt I’ve ever felt even compared to today’s rifles

  6. The Mosin-Nagant is not the best bolt action rifle but its good enough meaning if you're a reasonably trained infantryman you can use it.Its not impossible to handle an idiot could fire a Mosin.And in a war of attrition that matters more than being the best.Sure a better rifle increases the odds of victory but in a war of attrition at the end of the day if you have more men and material even if not the best it will still make a difference.In a war of attrition you don't need the best you need good enough.

  7. Ironically the soviet army kicked the nazi's ass all the way back to germany .. so maybe the Mosin nagant isn't such a bad rifle after all…as they say "the proof is in the pudding" 🙂

  8. All of the Mosin fan boyz in here is getting butthurt because they didn't change the shooter. The fact is: the result won't change, Mosin will still have lower firing rate compare to the K98 because its bolt is very heavy and easy to get stuck if you pull it fast. Unlike K98 with a smooth bolt and auto eject clips.

  9. i think this test has a lot of bias and some plusebo as well as thy don’t switch guns. iv read mey acunts of russians and a lot of sweds firing a round per second

  10. I once took my brother's Mosin to the range during the middle of March in northern Michigan. It was like 40 F out. The bolt did not like to work. Accurate rifle. But the action left much to be desired.

  11. Had that sticky bolt issue as well with the 182 grain heavy ball vs the 147 light ball. I shoot faster and better with the light ball.

  12. You can’t really compare these guns, ones a Mauser made by Germany witch had no reason to save money, they were building crazy shit back then and then you have Russia, a poor ass country that couldn’t even afford rifles for every soldier, one soldier would get a gun and one would get a stripper clip and pick up the others rifle when he died, I bet on a torture test or reliability test the mosin would win,

  13. Own a Mauser 98K and did have a Lee Enfield .303 British. Lee Enfield held 10 rounds instead of 5 but I think the advantage ended there. I found to be quicker with the Mauser with the bolt. Also not sure if the Enfield had a stripper clip or not which also speeds up loading. I could be wrong, just never had a stripper clip for a .303. I also found the Mauser more accurate and lighter. I also think the sights on a Mauser are more user friendly but that is subjective to personal use. Hate to say it and I'm sure someone will argue but I put the Mauser ahead of the Enfield, but not by much.

  14. It seemed to me that the Mosin was not properly greased and also 1901 is a nice interwar year for the production of Mauser 98 – 3 years from start of production, no rush, early qc problems worked out. On the other hand 1943. while Mosin had been in production for a long time by then, damn many of the skilled workforce was on the front, there was a huge rush just to get as many guns produced from the hastily re-located factories (which were far from ideal facilities) and shipped to the front – certainly not the best Mosin series qc wise…

  15. Your test is shit.look at this
    normal guy shoots a rifle unlike you dilletants

  16. Let me say up front that I own three Mausers and two Mosins, and I prefer Mausers. But, there are some real problems with this comparison that prevent it from really proving anything. I found this video because a friend wants a Mosin and I am trying to convince him to get a Mauser instead, and I was looking for a comparison to send him so he could see for himself that the Mauser is better, but, I won't send him this link. It's so openly biased that I think it would backfire.

    The main problems are:

    1 – Both testers preferred the Mauser at the start of the video. Both expected (and probably wanted) the Mauser to win. That can affect the test in various ways, including loading speed and accuracy.
    2 – One shooter stuck with the Mauser the whole time, and the other stuck with the Mosin the whole time. It would have made more sense for both shooters to shoot both rifles, to account for shooter skill. This video may have merely proven that Mauser guy is better with rifles than Mosin guy. We have no way to evaluate from the video.
    3 – More of a question than a complaint: Why are you using a Gewehr instead of a K98 or similar? The WWII comparison that everyone pictures would be a 91/30 vs a K98k. These two configurations you are showing in the video did not overlap in time when they were both standard issue for their respective countries. The Gewehr was phased out after World War One and the 91/30 was introduced in (drumroll) 1930. Though to be fair, the 91/30 is not that different from the Dragoon, and I'm sure there were cases where Gewehrs were used in WWII. Just seems like a curious choice that makes me wonder if you were trying to avoid the Mosin's longer sight radius coming into play.

    Thanks for posting, but a more fair test would have gotten a lot more positive attention.

  17. Any Mosin could easily beat the firing time seen in the video. The bolt is smooth, or at least mostly for mine. And it’s obvious he’s never used one, or barely used it at all. It looks like you’ve handed an infantry rifle to a 3 year old.

  18. With the Mosin being $300+ now, I don't see any particular advantage they have now. Any mauser action rifle is far better than any Mosin. Yes the m39 is good, but it isn't better and is far more expensive than a Mosin. With the Mosin being comparable to a price of a mauser, I would stick with the mauser.

  19. Instant thumbs down after seeing fire rate comparison and no im not watching the rest because its obvious that you intentional make the mosin look bad because you hate it you admited it at the start of the video its also obvious that mauser guy had a lot of practise while the mosin guy didnt get any

  20. These two rifles ale not contemporaries. Mauser is the pre-WW1 model with rear sight "Lange" and straight bolt handle. It was adopted at 1898 and produced between 1898 and 1918.
    Mosin rifle is model 91/30, produced between 1930-1944, based on Cossack- and Dragoon carbine from the WW1. Model 91/30 was the standard infantery rifle of the Red Army during WW2. Wehrmacht in this period used enhanced, shortened carbine K.98k (as "Kurz"/= short/), with modernized and simplified flat rear sight, another type of magazine follower and cranked bolt handle.

  21. In true Russian fashion, they would have more men then the Germans have bullets. So in a real combat situation, the Mosin would win by that technicality.

  22. Which rifle is better? How about the one you're more used to and more familiar with is going to be your obvious pick. I've shot both and are great rifles, but because I still own my mosin, I'm going to prefer it cause of my familiarity with such. That, and ammo is pretty easy to find and cheap. How you solve the argument? SHOOT BOTH RIFLES AND DEVELOP YOUR OPINION BASED ON YOUR EXPERIENCE AND KNOWLEDGE. And also, appreciate both rifles for what they are.

  23. When you over exaggerate how you think the Mosin is to make the Mauser look superior. You seriously can't be that weak to have trouble with a Mosin? 😂😂

  24. The bolt on the 9130 on needs to be hand polished so it wont stick. The challenges was biased based off of poor restoration.

  25. Чуть шомпол на трёхлинейке не потерял )) Растяпа)

  26. This is the second video I’ve seen of this motherfucker where he’s unfair and hates on Russian rifles.

  27. For all of you in the comments saying 'not a fair test' it still wouldnt make a difference. When it came to war time in both world wars, the german production never really fully lost quality until the very late stages of the war whereas the mosins almost immediately got into quantity > quality

  28. The kar98 is better but you also forgot that most of the best snipers in history used the mosin nagant. So you can’t say it’s not good either.

  29. I mean yea a prewar mauser vs mid war mosin probably not a fair comparison also 3 guys with mosin’s vs 1 guy with a k98 different story

  30. I have a Mosin. I have a K98k. Both from the same year. When I first got my K98k, its felt so different from the Mosin. The Mosin feels so cheap and the K98k is smooth and doesn't feel awkward.

  31. The gun that won the war vs the gun that lost the war. Quality is nice but a gun is still a gun. If it can kill thats all that matters. Plus whose shooting it. But all I can say is that the Soviets marched on Berlin and that's enough said. In my opinion the M1 Garand is superior to both because screw the commies and the facists.

  32. What is the Mosin-Nagant dealing with here??? It’s not like the bolt is going to be stuck as you cycle it for a new shot… the question is what kind of Moist Nugget are you using?

  33. With all due respect, miles sorry to say but you don't know how to manipulate a straight bolt action rifle and you're not holding the gun properly which is one of the reasons that is slowing you down and also, you might have forgot to oil the rifle's bolt so that's why it's a bit rubbish. Practice the bolt manipulation 😉

  34. It's the person shooting that makes the weapon bad and the mosin isn't bad it actually has a better performance than the old Mausers but like I said it depends on the person shooting it

  35. The Mosin is very slow.
    I mean,I love the Mosin,I would love to have one(I'm too young and Brazilian laws do not permit rifles more powerful than that poodle shooter 5.56.),but I would select a Mauser,a SMLE or a Gewehr/Geweer M.95 .

  36. 1. Is that Mosin a refurb?
    2. Is that Mosin an all matching serial?
    3. Was that Mosin re-barreled during refurb if it is a refurb?
    4. Was that Mosin re-bedded during refurb if it was a refurb?
    5. How many rounds/hours does the Mosin operator has on that Mosin?

    If some fellas want to crap on a Mosin, at least they should do their homework.

    I ben none of those fellas even know what Mosin armorers kit looks like, much less what to do with it.

  37. This is a Mosin operator problem video, not a challenge.

    This is a Russian Mosin operator challenge, 30 rounds in one minute on a target out at 100 meters:

    'nuff said

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