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More than 1,100 unwanted guns collected at HCSO Gun Swap

– [Crystal] It’s not often
you find people lining up to get into
Falkenburg Road Jail, but for Dan Tracy – Well, we got Rays tickets. – [Crystal] and
hundreds of others, it was well worth
the Saturday trip. – We got rid of some guns that we just want to
get off the street. – It’s gone wonderful. We opened an hour early and
we already have 100 firearms. – [Crystal] After
a five year hiatus, Sheriff Chad Chronister
brought the gun swap back to Hillsborough
County residents, a chance to exchange old guns
for new cash in their wallets. – This isn’t about Sheriff Chad coming to get your firearms. This isn’t about for or
against the Second Amendment. This is if you have
an unwanted firearm and you don’t want that
responsible gun ownership. We’re gonna give you
an easy, convenient way to dispose of it. – [Crystal] Guns
were swapped for $50 and a pair of Tampa
Bay Rays tickets. Deputies filled trash bins with unwanted
rifles and handguns, each one checked in a registry
to see if it was stolen like one gun found to be
stolen out of Jacksonville back in the ’70s. Guns that were cleared
are set to be destroyed. – One elderly female just
drove up from Manatee County and said my husband passed,
left me all these firearms. I don’t want them. I didn’t know what
to do with them. I saw it on the news
and here I am today to get them turned in. – They could hurt themselves or hurt somebody else with them so it’s good to get
them in a safe place. – [Crystal] Every gun
was swapped anonymously to encourage residents
not to be afraid to turn in their
unwanted firearms no matter how big (metal clanging) or small. Each one having the
potential to impact a life. – [Sheriff] We want to make
sure those unwanted guns don’t fall into the wrong hands. – [Crystal] For the Hillsborough
County Sheriff’s Office, I’m Crystal Clark.

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