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More 80% AR15 Problems

Alright, So I got some .556 here Last time I tested this, It had .223 Tula ammo So This will be a first What I’ll probably do Is make sure it chambers ?? Alright Let’s test it (?) Locked back, ejected Let’s try two more Here’s four (aka not 2), then I’ll load the last 15 Locked back! VERY NICE Let’s push it down to the end, see what happens Got five more rounds Wigwam I wouldn’t shoot that Feels a taaaad spongey (?) Flocked back But real sluggish Lost my son (?) See the ejection (internally screaming) Oh was it three rounds (yes) I loaded three! That was my bad It would’ve locked back (maybe) Locked back BUT Casing’s still in there I dunno what that’s about Now I have two Well, that seems to work Last three 🙁 See what’s in my van (?) Shoot ’em somewhat faster For uh, Kiev (?) ?? I found my mother in a freezer?? Well that was 19 rounds through it One of them double fed STILL think it’s undergassed We will have to Go back and Buy an AK

8 thoughts on “More 80% AR15 Problems

  1. might be too much bolt carrier weight for the gas system pressure produced by the ammo you are using. if you used a heavier m16 style bolt carrier, try using a commercial ar15 bolt carrier (which is about .5 ounces lighter) in combination with a standard buffer and standard buffer spring.

  2. It definetly boils down to the bolt carrier group, ammo and possibly the buffer tube. Perhaps running it a little dry might have an influence in the extraction? Just a thought 😉

  3. GAS RINGS on BOLT are BAD, Please in this and prior vid edit this info into the description section, edit title to reflect such.

  4. Not the bolt. Like described in some of the posts . also if u have a adjustable gas block to little to much will cause a issue.

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