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Montana Gun Owners Rally Against the March For Our Lives | The Daily Show

This Saturday, we saw millions marching in
the streets across this country, voicing their opinions
about guns. Roy Wood Jr. went
to the great state of Montana to report on another side
of the discussion. WOOD: We heard about the
March for Our Lives in D.C., but there was another march
going down all the way out
in Helena, Montana. And out here at this march, people were taking a stand for the real victims
of gun violence, guns. We’re blessed to live in a state that believes
in individual rights. If it wasn’t
for Donald J. Trump, our Second Amendment right now
would be gone. WOOD: And that’s why they’re out
celebrating guns of all types. We’re gun-toting Americans. Do you think our Founding
Fathers would approve -of the AR-15?
-Yeah. You know, it’s what I want. Wait. You want…
you want a tank? I should have a tank because
I should be equally armed with whatever
the government has. -So you’re out here for the tank
rally? -Yeah, the tank rally. WOOD: These tank-wielding
badasses have a solution to stop school shootings. We should have armed teachers. We’d be more than willing
to bring ’em in and train ’em
absolutely for free. -All teachers? -If they can pass
a background check. Dude, the art teacher can’t pass
a background check. They’re high as (bleep). I’m here because
I want the kids to be safe. Is it safer to have a gun? Oh, absolutely. Firearms keep absolutely
people safe. WOOD:
But filling our schools with guns
isn’t their only solution. Clear backpacks because you know that the student
does not have a gun or something dangerous
in that backpack. But I thought everybody was
supposed to have a gun. Well, uh, schools,
and, uh, uh… But if it’s a gun-free zone
then you don’t want guns there. But you just said
we needed more guns in school. Not by students. What we also need is
clear backpacks. WOOD: Yeah, clear backpacks.
What else? What is the answer
to stopping school shootings? All right, so, I’ve-I’ve been a cage fighter
for ten years. -You what?
-Cage fighter. So, I made a living…. Right, now you’re stepping back. One of the things
everybody always said is, “Man, we should get this
in one of our high schools.” So we could stop people
from getting guns, or we could implement
cage matches in the school? Absolutely, 100%.
I’m for that. I’d advocate that
in a heartbeat. WOOD:
But is the March for Guns real mission
to expose a hidden truth about the March for Our Lives? This is the real march.
That other march, D.C… Well, they’re…
They were paid by liberal Democrats
to go there. Somebody paid for half a million
people to go D.C. today? Absolutely. That’s all over
the Internet. It’s not a secret. WOOD: What about the Parkland
students themselves? They’re actors.
They’re paid actors to say that. It’s hard to debate a subject
when the opposite side… Just got shot at. Is… well, is shouting, and… Probably shot at, not shouting,
cause they just got shot at. Well, those kids are shot at. A lot of these guys
are just crisis actors. They really are, though.
They are. I mean… So you don’t think they’re
actual students of Parkland? -Do you?
-Nicolas Cruz– how did he know how to target
specifically the school where the crisis actors
were attending? Okay, so… (clears throat) (laughter, applause) Well… I’m sorry, but you just…
you just opened up something that could be a conspiracy.
I didn’t nev… I never thought
about that before. That’s what we need–
more conspiracies. WOOD: But the conspiracy
that I was on to was that even though
this was a pro-gun rally, something seemed missing. -Do you have your gun
with you today? -No. You go to a pro-gun rally
without your gun? That’s like being a sober
on Bud Light Island. I did not wear my gun here
today. So if a gun makes people safer, why didn’t you bring your gun
here today? -That is an… -FEMALE SPEAKER:
There’s only one thing… That is actually… WOOD:
Turns out the organizers told these folks not
to bring their guns because they were worried
about safety issues. But for all of their guns,
guns, guns, these Second Amendment
mother(bleep) were also pretty down
with the first, which meant anybody could come
up to the stage and speak. I know Roy over here wants
to say a word, as well. This is the march that all
the cameras should be at. I’ve learned today that,
you know, guns make people safe. -Yes!
-(applause and cheering) Which is why
we didn’t bring our guns today because we understand that. (silence) (laughter, applause) WOOD:
Well, that didn’t work. But luckily, this rally ended the way all good rallies do– with a big-ass pizza party, and that’s something
I’ll happily open carry.

100 thoughts on “Montana Gun Owners Rally Against the March For Our Lives | The Daily Show

  1. So…..teachers can have guns but students can't have guns cause that's unsafe. And no guns at a gun rally because its unsafe? IM FUCKING LOST AS SHIT! Montana is gorgeous but holy shit.

  2. They really do believe that gun control is a conspiracy and all protesters are paid actors?

  3. Wait a minute… No guns at a gun rally, crisis acting kids, pizza party, at the gun rally, pizza gate!? There's no way these things are just a coincidence.

  4. Look at all these little hand man fighting to possess a gun, scared to live amongst people you have historically wrong throughout the world.

  5. This is the type of stuff i expect from channels like info wars. The daily show has gone down the drain.

  6. Just because these people don't know the facts and politics guns should be what? .. All banned? What does the daily show support?

  7. So you want to arm the government(teachers) so you can your self to protect yourself against the government?

    And equal armed a tank… the government got nukes bro fuck a tank demand a nuk!

  8. I know they hand picked and carefully edited the footage to make the protestors all seem equally stupid but this is a fairly accurate representation of what we're up against today with Trump supporters; aggressively undereducated zealots with a minimal grasp of reality being spoon fed conspiracy theories and easy to digest talking points.

  9. I don't agree with this dude at all, and some of the people he interviewed we're redicules lmao. But he is very funny and I'm down with the pizza party too my man rock on!

  10. This is how you make AMERICA GReAT! By debunking and logically talking talking to trump supporters. They can then see how silly they are

  11. Thank you Ron Wood! Exposed stupidity is why I love America, also why I'm so worried about it, because morons like that won't understand.

  12. I know for a fact there were those who had guns there. This fool picked and vetted the right one to interview.

  13. Give guns to these di_k heads, as soon they will be a lot less than now. WTH these people think, guns are fun? How many of them got a bullet for fun? That's why they do Meow Meow!

    We did that experiment in Albania in 1997 and the result was almost a civil war, which caused around the same number of victims of WW2 calculated per time, but the most scary results were in Effective Troops engaged to disarm civilians.

  14. Excellent!! Lmao. Tbh i understand having a gun for self defense. But the argument that it's to stand up to the government if it comes down to it?! They really think they can go against the us armed forces? Gtfoh!

  15. Roy Wood Jr shut her right down!
    Is this dingbat serious?
    Maybe she's taken one too many to the head!
    Crisis actors?
    Like school shooting victims?
    Is this Alex Jones' wife????

  16. How stupid and selfish can some human beings get! Talking to these gun nuts is like talking with cows! There's just no logic and no conversation!

  17. Clear backpacks isn’t that stupid cause I mean we have uniforms and backpacks are less controversial, less people care how they look, and we shouldn’t be hiding anything anyways. but isn’t it the opposite of the principles of gun rights, it’s removing our freedom.

  18. Clear backpacks are a joke.
    All we did was hide weapons in our books.

    Or outside, near a door in another part of the building.

  19. Are these people for real? Their logic doesn't make any sense, and they're probably just going to start shooting each other. America has had 300 school shootings since 2009. The world average for any country other than America is far less than 3. America has had a little under 10 times as many shootings as the rest of the world combined, yet has 1/21 the population. That means that America has 105 times as many school shootings by population. Do you see the problem?

  20. You people understand that there are places in the United States that exist outside of your little bubble of safety, right? You understand that there are places that don't have cops for miles and no cell service to call the police in the first place? Where it is up to you and only you to deal with the criminal who wants to mess with you?

  21. This should be called, Conservatives say the darndest things “More guns equal more safety” 🤦🏻‍♂️

  22. This guy is the dumbest person I've ever seen. He is making these people look dumb when he isn't. All of y'all that think guns are the problem. There not. It's the people. The person pulls the trigger not the gun and getting rid of guns won't change anything. There are still weapons out there and those can harm people. You want to stop school shootings, stop bullying or arm the teachers and train them. I'm 13 and I know how to shoot a gun, everybody else is just to scared to shoot it a defend themselves.

  23. Do not bring your arms on government grounds that's why and yes the lady got it when she realized how stupid crisis actors accusation was

  24. No give kids guns to defend themselves, with one bullet. They can't have a mass shooting and would be shot by two or three other kids. Arm teachers and I always have my gun.

  25. Please tell me you guys aren't stupid enough to see how extremely edited that shit is. You can literally edit an interview enough to make the persons argument the complete opposite of what they are saying. This shit is so misleading and is why I'd never talk to a douche with a mic. They aren't there to hear you out they are trying to twist your words.

  26. BGM, Black Guns Matter. Federalist papers say if you want to put a canon on your commercial ship you could have a canon on your ship.. Make Machine-Gun Great Again. It's our right.

  27. trevor noah and the daily show love to troll these kind of rallies. but when someone fucks with them or breaks into their homes they wish they had a gun

  28. Open carry weapons? Fuck that. We will have true freedom when LGBT community members and atheists can open carry their personalities everywhere in the US. There is no freedom of religion without freedom from religion. If homosexuals don't have the freedom to marry each other, neither should heterosexuals.

  29. gets shot at
    “Hey can we make sure I don’t get shot at again?”

  30. Okay this kind of makes all of us in Montana look ignorant as hell and just FYI not everyone in Montana is this ignorant nor are we all Trump supporters.

  31. I think I'm starting to support the complete repeal of the second amendment and collection of guns if these gun nuts don't quit their shit

  32. Stupid Republicans lol this show couldn’t get better!. Plz keep making interviews 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  33. Sir, i dont care how stupid those trump supporters are, put them next to any of your emotionally disturbed liberal friends and I guaranee u conspiracy/cage fighter sally will sound like a univeral genius.

  34. Foxtrot Uniform MSNBC! If you truly hate the Constitution that provide the right to have or own firearms. . . Than here is my suggestion . . . Renounce your U.S. Citizenship, become a Tory, and move to either Canada or merry old England.

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