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Monster Hunter World 🏹 What’s The Best Weapon For You?

Hey what’s up guys it’s Deathstalker Synchro
with another Monster Hunter video and today I’m going to help you figure out what weapon
you can relate to the most! There are more batty and crazy weapons in
Monster Hunter World than you can count on both hands. Four swords, 3 ranged weapons, 2 lances, a
Glaive, a hammer, 2 transformers, and we can’t forget everyone’s favorite musical mallet. Fourteen to be exact. Despite what others tell you each one is very
powerful in it’s own way. If you want to see a further breakdown of
all the weapons keep an eye on the top right of the screen for links to video breakdowns
and gameplay. Though if any Monster Hunter veterans are
watching please do drop any tips you have for your fellow hunters. I’m sure they’ll appreciate your insight into
the weapons. But enough about that let’s get started with
them! First up is the Sword and Shield or SnS. Considered by many as the most beginner friendly
weapon don’t take this thing lighty. If I had to describe the Sword and Shield
in one word it wouldn’t be easy or beginner. It’d be versatility. As the name implies the weapon sports both
a small sword and shield. While not the best shield in the game when
it comes to guarding it still proves to be a valuable asset. Sword attacks are fast and relentless with
great recovery. They do do lower damage per hit than many
other melee weapons in the game but the speed more than makes up for it especially when
trying to inflict damage with the elements or status effects. Oh! And that shield isn’t only for defence. When you want to get nice and disrespectful
throw a couple shield bashes into your combos for some blunt damage. The Sword and Shield is a “Jack of all trades,
master of none”. Great all across the board in attack speed,
mobility, recovery, and utility thanks in addition to the ability to use the Slinger
or items while unsheathed. So pick up this clever pair if you prefer
to have access to as many tools and forms of damage as possible. Second we have the Long Sword or LS. While not as fast as the Sword and Shield
this weapon has greater reach and attacks of higher damage. Moderate in speed the Longsword’s attacks
are a mix of wide sweeps and far reaching thrusts. This weapon doesn’t come with any form of
guarding but you can easily roll out of your combos, use the Fade Slash to reposition,
or even get really stylish and use the highly evasive Foresight Slash. Dealing damage with the Longsword builds the
Spirit Gauge, a small bar found right below your Health and Stamina. You can then spend some of this gauge to use
the stronger Spirit Attacks. For every time you hit with the last Spirit
attack of the combo you’ll upgrade the Spirit Gauge. Each time further increasing your overall
attack damage and enabling you to use the most stylish of moves…The Helm Breaker. Looks can be decieving but the Longsword is
an elagant, honest weapon. What you see is what you get. A long sword that in skilled hands will make
short work of any monster as the fight progresses. Proper utilization of the Spirit Gauge and
Spirit Attacks is key for maximizing your damage. But remember you’ll have to be quick with
those rolls as guarding isn’t a option. If you fancy you rself or aspire to be a skilled
swordsmen then you’re going to love the Longsword. I honestly can’t help but feel the Samurai
in this one. Third on our list of weapons is the biggest
of swords the Greatsword or GS. Perhaps you were really liking the previous
weapons but they were missing something. They just….weren’t enough sword for you. You can’t expect those puny things to satisfy
you. No. You need something big. Bigger! With enough destuctive power to leave no surviving
man- or monster able to walk straight again. So I present to you the Greatsword. Without a doubt this weapon has the highest
damage per strike in the game! This is a large and heavy weapon and as such
it will be slow. At it’s core the Greatsword is a basic and
easy weapon to use with a little patience. Single button inputs to string together a
combo, a decent guard, and despite it’s size and weight you’re can roll when needed. But the true power shines in the charged attacks. Holding down your standard attack button charges
the blow but if you perfectly time the release with the flashing stages of your charge you’ll
pull out even more damage. Use caution though, while charging you will
be immobile and vulnerable so it does require careful timing and positioning but when a
charged attack hits. It hurts. I don’t know whether the Great in this weapon’s
name is for damage, size, or weight but if you’re looking for hitting things as hard
as possible this is your weapon. Find the right time and placement for a charged
attack and your victim won’t last a minute. Not a fan of the heavy weapons then you’re
going to love the fourth one on our list. The Dual Blades or DB. You want speed? Look. No. Further. The fastest weapon in the game. Damage per hit may be low but the onlsaught
of attacks from the Dual Blades more than makes up for it. Combos with the Dual Blades look exactly as
they are. A relentless flurry of slashes and cuts great
for elementals. The lack of a guard shouldn’t concern you
in the slightest as the Dual Blades have a strong dodge property allowing you to dance
around the monster even while still attacking. And I haven’t even got to the best part. Demon Mode. As the name suggest this an alternative mode
activated manually. Demon Mode grants you increased damage, makes
you immune to knockback, and gives you access to more powerful moves like the Demon Dance. But this does come at a cost as Demon Mode
can be taxing on the Stamina. Dealing damage in Demon Mode will in return
build your Demon Guage. Once filled you’ll enter Archdemon mode increasing
your attack even more and giving you some more powerful moves even outside of Demon
Mode. The Dual Blades are short in range and low
in damage but aggressive, fast, and often times unstoppable. You’ll have to keep an eye on your stamina
but the Demon and Archdemon Modes are powerful tools that shouldn’t be ignored. Any speed demon (pun not intended) will instantly
fall in love with this weapon. Myself included. Nearly halfway through with number 5! The Insect Glaive or IG. While we’re still on weapons of high mobility
we need to talk about this Insect Glaive. It’s a fast, agile attack with decent range. The damage output of of the attacks is nothing
impressive but a deeper unstanding of the weapon will show you it’s true strength. Part of this is in it’s very well known capability
in the air. Thanks in part to it’s Vault move the Insect
Glaive can launch Hunters into the air where they’re free to dash and attack. This also makes it quite easy to mount the
monster. Without a doubt the cool aerial moves and
mounting are useful both in solo and multiplayer hunts. But a skilled Glaive wielder will know the
right time and place for these. That’s when the other half of Insect Glaive
comes in. That large bug on the Hunter’s wrist is a
Kinsect. A supportive and powerful addition to the
Insect Glaive. Send this little thing in to attack the monster. Each successful attack will leave behind dust
that’ll explode when hit by the Insect Glaive. The effect of the explosion varies by the
Kinect and yes there are multiple types you can get. When the Kinsect attaks it also gathers essence. Recalling the Kinsect will deliver the essence
to the Glaive and bestow a temporary buff on the Hunter depending on color. A little bit of management is needed with
the Insect Glaive as it’s strong on stamina consumption. The Kinsect itself also has stamina that has
to be watched but don’t let that discourage you. Sweet aerials moves, a cute commandable insect
companion, and constant mounts to annoy your friends with it’s hard not to love the Insect
Glaive. Learn to use this weapon properly and you’ll
look like the Lord of the Beast you’ve always dreamed of. Alright it’s time to move into the heavyweight
class. Starting with the Hammer or HM. Ever took being called a savage or barbarian
as a compliment. Or perhaps when a monster roars at you, you
roar back before knocking ’em into next week. That got your blood going? Then the Hammer is your kind of weapon! Don’t let the size of this blunt club fool
you. Hammer wielding Hunters still retain mobility. The Hammer is an absolutely brutal weapon
with high damage output and is perhaps the easiest weapon to knockdown a monster with. Basic combos consist of bashing, pounding,
smashing, crushing, and…well hammering the monsters face in. But a lot of power in the Hammer’s kit is
behind charging your attacks for even more savage blows. There are 3 levels of charge and while the
third can give you the most destructive power you should know the first two have their own
powerful moves that should not be ignored. Speaking of not ignoring moves, don’t forget
to perform a Power Charge. This quick move done while charging will increase
your stun damage, give you more powerful moves, and make you uninerruptable during charging
and swinging. Unlike the Greatsword you can move freely
while charging the Hammer. In my opinion, the Hammer is one of the most
satisfying weapon especially with the way it dominates monsters. So if you like the idea of pounding in a dragon’s
face. Definitely give this weapon a go. Not a Hammer kinda person? Okay. So maybe you consider yourself more of a lover
of fine arts. Not blungeoning a monster like a savage barbarian. You have class! And there’s nothing more classy than the Hunting
Horn or HH. Hunting Horn hunters bring the tunes to the
battle, supporting all in their party with temporary buffs. But should they be intterrupt during one of
their performances, these lads will kindly play their next melody on the monster’s face. The Hunting Horn is probably the greatest
victim of misuse. While described as a support weapon you should
not mistakenly believe your job is to do one or the other. Every attack the Hunting Horn has doubles
as a note added to their musical staff. Chain or combo these notes together and you
create a melody. Created melodies are added to your queue,
up to three melodies. Performing these melodies provides yourself
or the entire squad with buffs. Now here’s where many newbie dancing tooters
screw up at. Your performance of these melodies or buffs
should not be done off at the sidelines. Your character isn’t swinging this thing around
for nothing. Performances are attacks too. By all means rock out with your Horn out but
remember “Face not is best note”. You aren’t a cheerleader, you’re a Battle
Bard. Play it smart though if you’re in danger during
a performance crack out a roll because you can’t guard. The Hunting Horn is powerful but slow in attack
speed and reliant on positioning and careful timing. You may now resume tooting. Even the most fearsome of Dragons should fear
the Lance or LNC. A bulky weapon with an even bulkier shield. I said we were going into the heavy weight
class and I was not joking. With the Lance unsheathed your incapable of
rolling so your only form of defense is guarding with your shield. But the Lance’s guard is the strongest in
the game capable of tanking even the most powerful of attacks. If you have even the slightest bit of doubt
hunker down in the Lance’s Power guard and then retaliate with Counter Thrust. The best way to describe the playstyle of
a Lancer is a impenetrable fortress that quickly turns into a aggressive harrasser and even
rusher. On the offensive side the Lance sports an
array of far reaching thrusts and counter attacks even from behind it’s guard. Any monster will quickly realize it stands
no chance vs the Lance but if they should try to flee the Dash Attack will quickly show
them there’s also no escape. The Lance is a Bastion of Defense. An often impenetrable fortress. But never a coward. Guard when necessary but don’t let up in your
attacks. If you’ve mained a tank class in another game
or the thought of slaming a shield into the ground and being unfazed by the most brutal
attacks brings a smile to your face then you know what to try first. The Gunlance may look like just another Lance
to the unexperienced but the deafening blast it produces will surely open their eyes. The Gunlance or GL is sometimes called the
Funlance. And with good reason. Part Lance, part freaking tank. Much like the Lance the Gunlance comes along
with a massive shield that will prevent you from rolling with it unsheathed. Instead of thrust and pokes, the Gunlance’s
melee attacks consist of heavy high damaging slashes with the full weight of the weapon. But I didn’t call this thing part tank just
for its defensive capabilites. Part of the Gunlance’s weapon is also a vicious
cannon with multiple forms of firing. The standard being a powerful shelling. How powerful? Well let’s just say it happens to be so powerful
the blasts will go through the defenses of any monster. Then there’s the Wyvernstake, a piercing stake
that explodes after some time dealing multiples hits of damage. And if you think for a moment that it couldn’t
get any more insane there’s the Wyvernfire. A massive charged explosion sure to rearrange
any monsters face for good. Keep in mind that the shelling and Wyvernstake
require reloading while the Wyvernfire has a lengthy cooldown represented by the glowing
red rail of the weapon. So yeah! Part Lance, part freaking tank. Superb damage and defense thanks to the guard
but this comes at the cost of mobility. Though, with practice and proper management
you’ll be a walking battlion. I don’t think I need to say anymore because
if this is your weapon you’re probably already sold on it. Okay now it’s time for the freaking Transformers. Starting with everyones favorite Charge Blade
or CB. Often regarded as the most complex of all
the weapons, the Charge Blade has a lot going for it. Put simply the Charge Blade has two forms. First is the Sword and shield, a quick and
nasty mode sporting fast attacks and a shield for guarding. This mode has a great balance of attack power,
defense, and mobility. But if you’re a madman you can slam that shield
into the sword to turn it into an axe. In Axe form, you can expect to see greater
damage and reach at the cost of speed and mobility. Here’s where things get…fun. Dealing damage with your sword stores energy
into it. You can then dump this energy into phials
within your weapon. The axe then uses these phials to blow out
massive elemental damage via discharges. The complexity of the weapon comes from the
learning the moveset, management of sword energy, and the phial system alongside the
usual difficulties of a monster fight. Though it may not be regarded as the most
beginner friendly weapon, learning the Charge Blade isn’t impossible. Just know you will require some patience. Those typically interested in the Charge Blade
don’t mind if their weapon is a bit more challenging in the beginning. The depth gives them joy and the true reward
is in the mastery of this powerhouse. The second weapon of what I’ve stupidly proclaimed
as transformers is known by many names. Mostly it’s called the Switch Axe or SA but
it’s sometimes the Swax or SwagAx. Like my good man Kirby once said, on paper
the Switch Axe and Charge Blade are identical. But in action if you told me they shared a
similar kit I wouldn’t believe you. The Switch Axe also comes with two forms,
Axe being the more standard form. In Axe form you’ll have the benefit of great
reach and mobility. But in Sword mode you’ll gain extra damage
and the bonus offered from the Switch Axes phial. Unlike the Charge Blade the Sword mode’s phial
charges automatically in Axe form should you deplete it. The Switch Axe’s phial isn’t just for a passive
buff to Sword mode though. You can also fire off a Elemental Discharge
causing a high damaging explosion. Or if you happen to trigger the Sword’s Phial
Awakening state, you can go for a Zero Sum Discharge staking your target with the sword
before letting off an even more massive and even more powerful explosion. You know that moment in a game where an attack
is so powerful you have press the button harder and harder. Or perhaps when the taking down the final
boss and the game prompts you to unrelentingly spam a button. That moment….Is the Switch Axe. Take caution with this monstrous weapon as
it’s long combos can be exhausting on your Stamina and if you haven’t noticed it doesn’t
come with a guard so rolling and evasion is your best defence. We now can now break into the ranged weapons. Starting with the biggest and heftiest. The Heavy Bowgun or HBG. The Heavy Bowgun is less of a gun and more
like your own personal artillery, sniper, or even machine gun. With the farthest range of any of the ranged
weapons, this gun can fire a multitude of specialized rounds from elemental to shotgun
like spreads or even cluster bombs. Each one is different in it’s own way and
not just in damage or status but also critical or optimal range. The versatility doesn’t end there as you can
also modify your Bowgun with attachments like a strong shield for blocking monster attacks. The Heavy Bowgun can also come equipped with
one of two special ammo types. The first is the Wyvernsnipe. This will all you to fire a single high piercing
shot resulting in a series of explosion after a small delay. The second special ammo called the Wyvernheart
modifies the Heavy Bowgun to fire like a fully automatic machine gun. Each of the two have their own pros and cons. For example, the Wyvernsnipe is a great fire
and forget ability offering superb damage output on bigger monsters. While the Wyvernheart is a steady stream of
controlled damage best used on a monster’s weaker spots where outshine even the Wyvernsnipe
in damage numbers. Both of the two run on a cooldown but only
the Wyvernsnipe requires a full recharge before firing again. Though, you can fire the Wyvernheart with
a low charge you just won’t have the full ammunition supply for the machine gun fire. Fans of Rambo, lovers Michael Bay explosions,
and just about any dude or dude-ette that loves big guns…This. Is for you. Remember your ammo is limited and it will
be work maintaining your stock. But that doesn’t matter so long as your get
to dump a hundred rounds into a monsters face. Right? Second of the range weapons is the Light Bowgun
or LBG. If you can’t guess this is the lighter version
of the previous Heavy Bowgun. Choosing the Light Bowgun will reward you
with greater mobility and faster rate of fire when compared to the Heavy Bowgun. But there is a cost as there should always
be. When compared to the Heavy Bowgun the Light
Bowgun carries less ammo and has more recoil from its shots. You’ll still see a nice spread of differing
ammo types just like with the Heavy Bowgun but there will be some new ones here like
the supportive healing or even defense buffing shots. Now this wouldn’t be a Bowgun if it didn’t
have it’s own special ammo. The Light Bowgun can fire up to three Wyvernblasts. These planted charges can detonate several
times resulting in explosions whenever an enemy steps within proximity. But you can also cause these explosions by
firing over the Wyvernblasts. Sounds simple in definition but once you see
the damage numbers fly you’ll realize how power it is. The mobility when compared to the Heavy Bowgun
is something you’ll feel immediately as you’re able to now sidestep and even slide after
your shots. Like any ranged weapon be mindful of your
optimal range so you’re not wasting your ammo and missing out on damage. One thing to keep in mind is that your crosshairs
always turn orange when in optimal range. Just like the Bowgun, ammo is limited and
you can upgrade the Light Bowgun via modifications. If you’re a lover of the Heavy Bowgun but
require greater mobility then the Light Bowgun is exactly what you’re looking for. But honestly it wouldn’t be such a bad idea
to take up both the Heavy and Light Bowguns. After all, there’s no law saying you can’t
have two guns. Last and certainly not least is my bae. The Bow! Lightest among the ranged weapons the Bow
is best at mid-range with it’s quick rate of fire. With little to no weight you can take advantage
of the Bow’s mobility to find and pick at any monster softer spots. Shots can be either charged or fired in rapid
succession for higher damage output. The Bow even has an enhanced dodge called
the Charging Sidestep. Use it to both evade and power up your shots. Alternatively you can respond with wide spreadshots
or even arc shots capable of raining barbs on your target. But when it comes to all out damage your charged
Dragon Piercer will shred through any monster from head to tail. Fortunately for us Bow users arrows are unlimited
in supply. We can even use consumable coatings on these
arrows to give them unique propeties like inflicting sleep, poison, or paralyzing status
effects. Be wary of your supply though as you are limited
in your coatings and should you run out while in the field you’ll need to craft more via
herbs scattered across the map. Just like the Bowguns, the Bow has optimal
range that should be taken into consideration with its varying shots and coatings. This often leaves you closer to the monster
than any other ranged weapon. If that doesn’t scare you away then you’ll
make a fine archer. Those certain to love the Bow have likely
enjoyed using Bows in other games like Far Cry, Dragons Dogma, or Horizon Zero Dawn. If so then join me my brothers and sisters
because this Bow is one of the best even when compared to those games. And that’s all 14 of Monster Hunter World’s
weapons. There’s one for everyone no matter your playstyle. In fact, there’s likely more than one. Don’t worry. Think of Monster Hunter weapons like characters
in a fighting game. Each one unique is even though it may share
a characteristic with another. But there’s nothing wrong in playing with
more than one weapon. The idea of a main should be nothing more
than a favorite. The Bow is my main and I swear by the lovely
thing. But honestly I plan on playing with every
weapon in Monster Hunter World. Just some more than others. Remember guys and girls there’s more than
enough monsters for all of your weapons. If you like the video be sure to hit that
thumbs up and subscribe for Monster Hunter content or check out my Mixer channel for
Monster Hunter live streams. For any questions or tips, feel free to drop
them down in the comments section below. Remember we’re all hunters here. Until next time I’ll catch you guys later!

100 thoughts on “Monster Hunter World 🏹 What’s The Best Weapon For You?

  1. Hey finally a video that describe the actual pros and cons of the weapons and don't just start complaining about the worst players of each weapon. Every weapon can be annoying when someone doesn't know how to use it well, it doesn't mean the weapon is bad and shouldn't be used.

  2. Longsword main here

    Tip: (if you don’t know) time your foresight slash as you get hit you see
    The white like particle to know when you time it right then press r2
    To do last hit of the spirit combo. It most is a fast version to get a red
    In the spirit gauge but its hard to pull of in the start but you’ll get used to it
    Once you learn the moves of each monster

  3. GS/LS Main here – GS, take always heal augments, because using heal will get u a higher DPS (more dmg without always using heals) and use more the shoulde hit, try it on every monster and make it perfect, u can block all the hits and get your HP back using your heal augment. Wyvern Impact – 4th hit with heal augment = 50-100% HP back

  4. Insect Glaive and Charge blade are my babies because they strike a balance with two seperate approaches.

    IG: Get out of the way.

    CB: Get out of MY way.

  5. When playing switch axe watch the monster and your weapon. You get caught in animation you are fucked, especially with tempereds and Arch Tempereds.

  6. My opinion on all the weapons :3

    Greatsword – High damage, overcompensation, and the feeling of immense power in your hands (Highest Damage in a Single Hit, this is my main, yes I overcompensate for my lack of friends… 🙂 )

    Hammer – Same as Greatsword but you want more mobility and speed (KO King)

    Sword and Shield – You either are experimenting or you like the fast movements of the SnS, sadly your hunts may take a little while due to the damage output and you're usually appointed as Team Healer

    Longsword – You like flashy moves and elegant fast hitting combos, enjoying weaving around the monster's attacks

    SwitchAxe – Same as LS but you like a little bit more explosion and damage BUT it comes with a sacrifice of managing your blade's charges

    Dual Blades – Fast, hard hitting, cool looking, and just the weebiest weapon there is, gotta be honest, it's fun using it

    Hunting Horn – Heavy hitting (with the right buffs and combos) and a rarity, you will be like a ray of sunshine to someone, well, depends, the one I met got KO'd a lot, so it still depends on the person's skills

    Bow – Spammin arrows and spread, you gotta manage stamina, coatings, and also know the monster's elemental weakness

    Heavy Bowgun – Walking turret, slow moving but heavy hitting, especially the Cluster builds

    Light Bowgun – Imagine a shotgun, yeah, like that, but you have several different bullet types, unlike the bigger counterpart, you can't put on a shield and use the clusters, but you do have a wider variety of ailments and elements

    Glaive – Get red buff and go to town, learn the Arial combo for when the monster is up and the longer on ground combos for when it's taken down

    Charge Blade – Hooo boy, the combos… Learn em and don't button mash, manage the phials or else you'll bounce off the monster.

    Lance – You're like an iron wall and if you Master the counter attacks, you can do a pretty good damage output, give em a try sometime, I sure had fun charging in like a steam train

    Gunlance – If you like the Lance's pokes but you want more "Oomf!" To it, then strap a gun, you lose the steam train charge but you gain the ability to shoot in short distance, create an explosion, and stick a bomb in the monster

  7. Charge blade main since the old monster hunters. Keep your shield and now sword charged! You are just wastibg your phials if you are not charging your shield on the amped discharge. Quick note charging the sword does not consume phials. So here is my strat get your shield charged, get your phials to red. Then when you go to charge your phials charge your sword at the same time the attack that comes out if hit on the monsters head could knock it over. Then you can imminently go into axe mode and do a super amped discharge dealing max damage with your full phials and if you got your combos down you could even get another one out before the monster gets back up 🙂

  8. Hunting Horn main! Pro tip: for around early game (I’m up to the Anjanath assignment which is pretty early) use the pukeipukei horn (forgot real name) it has healing for you/teammates, is powerful for early game (500+ damage, 200+ poison attack) scoutfly up and soundproofing. Very useful for barroth and Tobi-Kadachi in my opinion

  9. You can actually mount anywhere with the SnS, with that jumping attack. It's my personal favourite

  10. Being a freaking tank is best. It's like I'm a god damned Panzer as a Gunlance. Unrelenting, vicious, destructive to any and all parts. You have slashes, you have thrusts, you have EXPLOSIONS. and if there's no greatsword on the team, you don't need to ask if your Charge Blade guy's fully ready yet because your shit's prepped to go, man. I am a wall against which the fiercest of monsters break against, and then I get to channel an explosion loli in retaliation against them. It truly is a good day. I can fight freaking Nergigante to relax!

  11. I mainly SA my fav is nerg SA for elder dragon & jagras raider for more common mission,btw 15:17 damn so satisfying

  12. Lord sword main here – Tip: There's are lots of ways to mix and match your combos, take the fade slash for instance. If you use the fade slash and then use a spirit blade, you will immediately jump into the spirit combo. There are more ways to utilize your combos.

  13. Lord sword main here – Tip: There's are lots of ways to mix and match your combos, take the fade slash for instance. If you use the fade slash and then use a spirit blade, you will immediately jump into the spirit combo. There are more ways to utilize your combos.

  14. Hey man really loved this video, was more helpful than many others but i felt at times your voice got much lower than the music.
    Music is great but you sound like a movie theater or tv ad where the music beats the vocals and you lose out on what you were trying to say.

  15. I personally use all the range weapons (Bow/LBG/HBG) I prefer having some distance during hunts so I can assess the monsters movements and react accordingly

  16. Hammer Main: Alright just gonna do my Big Bang Combo-
    A Long Sword Main that doesn’t know what he is doing: I’m attacking the head!, Look guys!, I’m being Useful!

    yes, I am a Hammer Main…/Great Sword main

  17. Charge Blade has been, is, and always will be my go-to for kicking ass and taking names. I messed around with Gunlance and HBG in Generations, and Longsword in World, but nothing is more satisfying to me than slamming a huge elemental load right onto a big lizard’s head in the flashiest damn attack I’ve ever seen. And, truthfully, Charge Blade isn’t really that complex. Even without charging the shield or sword, Amped Element Discharge is still a force to be reckoned with.

  18. I gotta say, I was a massive fan of Horizon Zero Dawn, but I hate the bow mechanics in this game.. The range is embarrassing..

  19. This dude xD

    Here's Kushala Daora, or KD

    Here's my child, or MC

    Here's some rice, or SR


  20. Oh good, the cringe when you see him swing the greatsword like an angry little child (or Swaxe user).

    It's the worst combo you can do with GS and has almost no damage and send every teammate behind you flying

  21. To play shooting weapons seems incredibly boring and fun ruining since you don't have the same learn curve as the melee weapons where you need more time to master it.

  22. weapons are all pretty cool but i don't like the move set of most of them, i wish you could alternate them

  23. Dual blades are my thing. Nothing better than running at the speed of sound and cutting the monster to pieces. As the video said, u feel like ur dancing around the monster, with the monster forced to dance the dance of death with u. Just be careful not to get caught standing still doing a combo in ur dance or run out of stamina before the fights over.

  24. I'm a greatsword main and while I don't claim to be the best, or even too good, one thing that I see getting failed to mention is that while charging your slashes, you're not entirely vulnerable. If the monster is attacking you can use your shoulder charge to tank the hit. Though this may not stop as much damage as blocking it reduces the damage a ton and keeps you from getting knocked away, or staggered, and you can do it mid charge so don't die when you're going for that true slash and the monster rears up. Another good use is bailing out of a charged attack if say the monster runs away, since it's faster then just letting the attack go.

  25. Bow main here. I switched between the Hunters Bow and the Iron Bow so I can use different arrow coatings. Also I don't have to get up close in personal to the monster I'm fighting all I have to do is shoot the weak points and dodge to the side and immediately shoot quickly or get some distance and use Dragon Piercer when the monsters laying down

  26. A tip for thoes interested in the bow: its range wont be as far as you expect it. You do have to stay relatively close but its still worth it. You can dodge around wyvern's attacks easily and still keep up your damage. Dont think your doing enough? Blast phials.

  27. Man,I can't choose between dual swords or light bowgun.I like to do dps, but I also like to stay at a range

  28. Honestly i main a lot of weapons. db, switch axe, charge blade, bow, long sword. I feel myself more at home with cb, switchaxe, and bow.

  29. I'm a GreatSword (GS) main since MH3U and I can say that in MHW, things are far too easy.

    You have now 3 types of charge moves and they can be used in a combo. You can charge while in the air. You can charge while sliding too. And now you have a shoulder tackle that gives you the Rocksteady skill for free! So many resources and tricks. The GS was reivented for this game… you can deal massive damage in such short period.

    For instance: my GS-style is the CritDraw Hit and Run. First and foremost I need a strong attack, so I get a strong GS. Then I get an ATK L as food skill and reinforce that with Mega Demondrug or Demondrug. The point is to get an Attack power good enough to cause 100 per Unsheath Slash. Like this… if the monster has 3,500 HP, I only need to deal 35 slashes into a weakness area for it to die.

    Actually I've been using:

    Drachen Set, 2 Attack decorations, Draw Charm lv 2, Anguish or Purgation Atrocity, powercharm and talon, mega demondrug and atk L (food). This often gives me 1354 or 1310 atk stat. Anguish has 15% affinity, so… even with draw charm, sometimes i does not land critical, yet… if i hit a weak part the damage is abobe 100. If I hit a weak part and get a crit… then the damage is almost 200 (it depends on the monster), but the damage is always 120+.

    With Purgation, the Crit becomes consistent and I also have 45% affinity… with this… even the other charge moves can get a crit with crit boos (drachen set). There was this time when a got a Critical True Slash on the mane of a Bazelgeuse… the damage was 800+.

    So… basically… I keep hiting frequently with usheath attack and geting a 100+ damage for each hit… and when the monster gives an opening… i crit charge him with everything.

  30. I'm a complete beginner to RPG and chosen MHW as my first. Gotta say I love using sword and shield / hammer / bow

  31. Great job on the guide! I wish I watched this when I started. The weapons are kinda different than the first MH.

    So, I believe this will still be useful even after iceborne release, so I'm leaving this here.

    I'm an IG main. And I may be able to give some tips regarding how to use it.

    So first of all, kinsect is essential. Kinsect can gather these 'essence' that will buff your character. There are three kinds of essence with different buffs. In a nutshell, red will help you attack more fiercely, white will make you more 'agile', orange will help you stay on the move.

    Red you can get from the part of the monster's body used mostly for attacking

    White can be extracted from monster's limbs/ parts used for moving (leg, wing, etc)

    Orange from the part that is harder to reach than others.l, depends on the monster

    Kinsect have either blunt or sever attack, but not both. It can have elemental attacks as well. Also, auto mode for kinsect is also possible.

    Air is your domain. But it doesn't mean you have to stay up there the whole time. stay on the ground when you have the opportunity to unleash much better dps.

    In midair, you can Dodge using both the Dodge button and attacks. Though the later will drain your stamina.

    Know when to sharpen your glaive, and to drop down. Being able to fly doesn't make you invincible.

    You can master all of this just by playing the game. You will understand everything without you realizing it.

    Lastly, do give other weapons a try to keep you from getting bored playing the game. Most of the time, it will make you appreciate IG even more! For me at least 🙂

  32. Before I see the vid. I will say I like axe AND hammers cuz I love a powerful heavy weapon like foreal heavy! I like when I fight things but with the axe it makes the game hammer xD

  33. Ever since it was introduced I have fallen in love with the charge blade. Such a unique weapon. Also the switch axe. I just love the transformation between axe and sword. So cool.

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