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MODULAR weapons, NEW map markers and more | Rust update 27th September 2019

Greetings survivors and friends, Shadowfrax
here with your weekly serving of Rust development news where we have Foliage, pianos, and modular
weapons? But first! The new map and death screen changes are now
on staging! So let’s take a gander at that death screen
first, which looks very different to what you’re currently used to. A marker now shows where you last died, and
there are all the details such as who killed you (with their profile pic now), with which
weapon, and from how far away, a bit like a slightly more detailed version of Cluedo. You can also see where all your beds and sleeping
bags are now, with their timers. You can move the map around, zoom in and out, and if a
cluster of bags are close together, you can click to expand them as a list, then simply
select which you want to respawn on or choose a random respawn. Also, because the team are thoughtful like
that, if you’ve got streamer mode on and would rather not give your audience a full frontal
of all this vital info, the map won’t show unless you press G, or whichever button you’ve
got the map bound to, very handy. The in-game map now has some new features
too.. The death marker will show where you last died, so if your corpse is still out
there, you’ll be able to find it a lot more easily, and at the moment this marker will
stay on the map as a reminder of your most recent failure and only move when you die
again. You can also now add and remove up to 6 different
colour-coded waypoints on your personal map by right clicking, and these will show up
on the compass, allowing you to home in on your intended target.. There’s no fast travel
sadly, but hey ho. Also if you’re in a team then the team leader’s
waypoints will show up for all members on the map, but not currently on the compass,
not sure if this will change though.. Uncle Helk has been busy working on horses
and their tack.. You now examine one instead of opening it.. Which is more reassuring..
and at some point very soon on staging, maybe by the time YouTube actually sends you a notification
of this vid, there will be some new equipment for them.. Saddle bags will be a thing, and necessary
it seems for a horse to have storage.. with each one adding 6 slots.. shoes will increase
the speed of your steed, and lower its rate of stamina drain, and armours will slow him
down.. although in an interesting change these now add protection to both horse and rider..
With wood providing 25% to horses and 20% to riders and roadsign giving 50 and 40% respectively.. As Helk explains ‘While not exactly realistic,
this seems to feel good from a game perspective, because right now it’s almost a disadvantage
to be on horseback as you are a sitting duck’ Crafting figures are also more concrete now
with wooden horse armour being a default blueprint, workbench level 1, 2 rope plus 600 wood to
craft. And roadsign being a workbench level 2, costing 500 scrap to research with 5 roadsigns
and 3 sewing kits to craft.. It’ll also be available at the bandit camp in what seems
to be a new attire shop, but not sure how much it’ll be yet.. We now have sounds for
both types of armour too, with the wooden set sounding like you’re running with a bag
full of Jenga pieces.. All figures are subject to adjustment though before the forced wipe
on October 3rd It looks like the horse info panel is getting
a rework too, and will show such details as health, max speed and stamina.. It’ll also
show which breed the horse is.. I just wish we could name them.. But what would you call
yours if you could? No pressure. In other changes, oil rigs are getting a bit
of a nerf it seems. All military and elite crates will soon be kept under lock and keycard
behind puzzles and the recyclers are being removed from them.. Let me know what you think
about that in the comments.. There were a few fixes this week, namely Compound
scientists will now cover a blackspot near the recycler.. There was a fix to Bradley
crates sometimes spawning under the world, and corpses not saving and loading their inventories
properly. Harvesting heli gibs should no longer mark you as hostile, and work to optimise
skeletons and LODs across the board are still ongoing.. Although we’ll have to wait to see
what performance increase comes out of them.. In addition to this there were two new console
commands added.. Although they’re not that useful unless you’re filming cinematics..
grass.distance is currently set at 100 but can be boosted to 200 if you want to see it
from further away.. and headlerp basically sets how quickly your head returns to the
forward position after letting go of alt when using free-look.. Now to works in progress, and this is where
it gets interesting! Oh by the way, I uploaded a new CONCEPT LIMBO vid yesterday, it’s all
about community underwater concepts, floating bases, mines, sharks and other stuff..So make
sure you watch that if you haven’t already. Anyway, it seems that work on making double
doors skinnable has started up again.. Which has taken its sweet time, but this is promising..
There’s a new branch being worked on called quickloot, and although I don’t have details
about exactly what it’ll entail, it looks like soon there will be some looting-based
quality of life improvements and I’ll let you know what they are when I find out.. And as well as modular vehicles, which are
really going to drive the game in a new direction.. According to the commits, work has also started
on garages to keep them in as well as vehicle lifts.. And it looks like when this is all
finally merged you’ll be in for either a treat or a shock depending on where you stand on
the issue.. And lastly, just a few days ago, Facepunch
set up a new Instagram page.. So what you say? Well here you’ll get a couple of new
images each day, that’s 1 for Gmod and 1 for Rust, and already some really interesting
new things have been shown to us.. First up there are two shots from test scenes
on the HDRP branch showing off some of the new foliage work.. This one in particular
demonstrates the kind of plant density that might be possible with the new meshes.. And
yes this is Rust, but if you squint your brain it almost looks real.. To be clear though this is just a test scene
and although these plants have a lower per square metre cost than the current ground
foliage.. When it’s merged, performance may dictate that the density is scaled back quite
a bit.. you certainly shouldn’t expect the whole island to be this overgrown.. No harm
in dreaming though.. More recently, we finally got some imagery
for a couple of the new musical instruments.. Firstly the tambourine, lovingly crafted with
old squashed cans.. not sure if we’ll be able to melee anyone with it, but we could well
hear the rattling of one of these replacing reeee as the new danger warning sound.. Then we have a glimpse of the piano. Which
wasn’t at all how I was imagining it, but does the wheelbarrow mean it’ll be portable?
And will we be able to wheel each other into battle whilst striking a chord of fear into
our enemies?.. Probably not. And finally, although I have mentioned this
before in relation to the roadmap, this is an incredible image to be hit with.. Looks
like fully modular weapons are on the horizon.. And when I say horizon I mean before the end
of the year apparently.. This is not just a piece of concept art, these are actual models..
But of course, I’d like to know your opinion on these, plus the other changes I’ve discussed,
so please tell me in the comments down below and I’ll try to reply to as many of you as
I can.. I stream on Twitch three times a week, still
quite a few people unaware of that, so please join me there.. I’d like to say a massive
thank you to my supporters on Patreon for keeping me going as well, a link to my page
there will be in the pinned comment along with links to my Twitter, Facebook, Discord
and Steeeam group pages.. I shall catch you all soon but in the meantime, keep calm and
stay Rusty. Cheerio.

100 thoughts on “MODULAR weapons, NEW map markers and more | Rust update 27th September 2019

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    Steam group:



  2. I think they are removing the challenge of finding your body or even the challenge of getting around because players dont like challenge

  3. Btw I wanna ask u questions rust have planing too make rust in Android..??Or maybe not..🤣🤣I'm curious…I hope that rust think about it..😅

  4. You should be able to not be a “sitting duck” while riding horses by leaning left or right on your horse like in the movie. So ride blind, not have ability to turn, but be safer from one side of fire

  5. I feel like the new death system is just turning it into an FPS as opposed to a survival game. I mean if I know the general radius in which the enemy who killed me was, I can help my team mate pinpoint the location much more easily. Hopefully there will be servers without this feature in the same way that there are DayZ servers without it?

  6. removing the recycle from the oil rig will only affect solo duos as we will have to be incredibly selective on the things we take home due to inven space big groups wont even care about this change.

  7. Horses should be tameable as to make em' a worthwhile venture, like once tamed it can't be ridden by someone else/someone not in your team, just to save yourself from getting that really fucken fast badass looking horse from getting yoinked, even with horse armor and the extra inv space i still wouldn't use em' just because if i die so does my horse well by all means it's dead

  8. Do you know, I started watching rust updates for a long long time maybe 2 years + but I just noticed that the intro sounds like GOD ZILLA sound affect.

  9. Don't ask the internet and especially don't ask rust players what the horse breen should be called or its name will testify the untainted behaviour of some austrian-german guy from the last century.

  10. Dont really play rust a whole lot rn but its nice to always watch ur vids, its like a rust news station keeping me up to date, keep up the gud work

  11. Rig 'nerfs' are retarded af. The keycards don't really matter either way. And removing the recyclers only hurts solos or smaller groups that can't carry all loot. Doesn't hurt clans camping rig whatsoever.

  12. modular weapons will actually be huge, bc as of right now the objective of the game is to work your way to an AK and spray down nakeds lmao, but itll actually make pvp a lot more interesting and possibly more fair

  13. InB4 Rust turns into the Mad Max game we need, i can see Mad Max servers coming into the community and modded section once those modular vics drop

  14. I'll come back to rust in 3 years when all planned features from 4 years ago are fully implemented ! Hopefully the children will be mature enough by then

  15. Modular weapons are amazing though we could use some more armor combinations as well. Not happy that they are changing oil as they are with the puzzle and removal of recycler.

  16. The sooner rust becomes mad Max, the better. But if so, there needs to be a huge desert map with limited water sources.

  17. I never realised this until now but Rust is in the dictionary, yes, I was looking through the dictionary and it’s definition is; “The worlds most underrated game.”

  18. So obviously modular weapons will be in addition to the current weapons and not a replacement? Unless they find a way to make it work with current skins people spent money on.

  19. After how many years did they barely start updating everything ? Will it still have a big arrow pointing down from the sky to show where ur body died ? I think thats easier to spot. Or both this and a big arrow in the sky.

  20. Bruh, whenever I think of a sensible update a while later they add it I was thinking that rust should show where your bed is on the map

  21. YAY! They just KILLED Rust even more!! Great job WORST DEVS EVER! I had to let ALL my servers die after the WORST update ever the Excavator which DESTROYED ALL Small-Medium map servers! So Great job morons COMPLETELY KILLING ANYONES chance of starting their own Rust server, Cause you will obviously start a new server with almost NO population as thats just how it works & be FORCED to have the BIGGEST maps EVER if you want monuments. Since the Excavator update (Biggest GAME KILLING update in gaming history) I wont be running a server or playing a game with the Dumbest & WORST Devs EVER. Scumbags.

  22. I'm not looking forward into land vehicles whats the point of giving the horse armor if everyone gonna ditch it for a car

  23. I'd rather have only Modular weapons really suits the game. Probably keep the crate drops and turn the old guns into smaller crate drops. Remove the ak tho fk xD

  24. removing the scraper from the oilrigs is the dumbest thing they have done, after playing solo today im not that keen anymore tbh

  25. This game was awesome for me and was everything I wanted in a game until my weeks worth of awesome farming and honest looting was all stolen from me and my base was utterly demolished. If this game had some sort of toggle for pvp or some type of initiation system it would be the worlds best game ever for me.

    I realize that it might change the game dynamics or something like that but it really hurt when I logged into a destroyed base. I can handle people killing me randomly for no reason while farming but not this. Just not my type of gameplay I guess. I gave it a try though.

    This game is just brutal…

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