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Modding Nerf Guns into Overpowered Blasters

>>Today’s video is brought
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click on the link below.>>I’m not going to say we might die but I mean, you don’t
want to be a murderer. Come on, come on.>>I feel weird, I’m worried. So we’re going to be making
upgrades to Nerf, right?>>Right.>>I’ve got mine.>>Oh geez no, no good god!>>I’m not real sure how… where’s the tape?>>NARRATOR: Modding Nerf Blasters.>>All right Bill Doran,>>Yo.>>prop maker, replicator extraordinaire. You were telling us that you
could take rinky-dink Nerf and make them into
high-powered Nerfing machines.>>Yes, Nerfing.>>Still very likely not fatal,
>>No. but enough to be the king
of the office cubicles.>>Yeah, yeah. If you have that office guy that you’re always in Nerf warfare with, I know I did that when I
worked at my boring office job.>>We didn’t even have Nerf wars.>>No, the only war was sanity,
[laughing] for your own sanity.>>And nobody wins that war. But if you want to win the Nerf war, there are a number of things you can do to upgrade the gun to
have better performance. And if you want to make
it look cooler too, we have mods for that.>>I want the cosmetic upgrades, I want the force upgrades, I want the actual force.>>You have the the custom
Counter-Strike ghost skins.>>Yes!>>There’s a massive robust Nerf
modding community out there. This particular Nerf dart is the Mega. So normal Nerf darts, there.
>>Itty bitty.>>Mega Nerf darts.>>Are these based on
actual caliber weapons, or?>>Nope.>>They’re just Nerf style.
I don’t think so.>>They look way more
bullet like than they did when we were kids, right?
>>Yeah, right!>>So this guy here is a revolver, it’s super easy to modify. I followed a tutorial, this guy Lord Drac has mods. He’s got a great video. Crack it open, remove some pieces instantly make it better.>>What’s the difference though? You say make it better, I
assume that it shoots harder.>>Yeah, so this guy has been modded, that one has not.>>Okay, so this one, should I shoot?>>So you pull the thing back.>>BRIAN: Oh, that.>>And give it a shoot, okay. All right, so it puffs air out. This is what mine sounds like. [loud click]>>That sounds–>>A little sharper.>>Little sharper, yeah. How satisfying is that? Just this.>>BILL: Yeah.>>That’s badass.>>So the reason why
it’s modified like that is to get more airflow out of this thing.>>BRIAN: Okay. They restrict it out
of the factory because this is for children.>>Okay.>>For children. I agree to disagree.>>Demo, demo, demo!
>>A ballistic test. So load the thing up, give it a crank.>>Yup, yup.>>BILL: There you go. Look down the barrel, that’s important.>>BRIAN: Yes, it’s good. [all cackling]>>Here’s your opening right there.>>Just knock it all over.>>So this is the guy that has had the air flow restrictor ripped out of it.>>Okay. So the same Nerf dart, except.
[intimidating dart]>>Whoa! You could hear it whistle as it went by!>>Yeah, right away.>>Was that the bullet?>>That was the bullet.>>So with a little bit
more oomph and a good seal, these things get a little extra life.>>Yeah. All right, this is the
unmodified Nerf gun, test one. [shooting]
[laughing]>>BILL: A little inconsistent.>>BRIAN: Little variability here.>>BILL: That’s pretty good, little to the right. There you go.>>BRIAN: I hit the target on that one. [gun cocking]
[shooting]>>BILL: Not too bad.>>BRIAN: That’s wild even
correcting for the off-site and all that stuff, there’s just so much air
turbulence between here and there. All right, this is the modified.>>BILL: With the smaller
darts from the ported barrels.>>BRIAN: Whoa. Wow.>>BILL: This is the laser. It’s a little squirrely.>>BRIAN: It is squirrely
but it’s so fast. Okay, yeah weirdly it’s not more accurate.>>BILL: Right>>BRIAN: That’s actually good to know. So I guess what we should
test for distance now.>>BILL: Distance for sure, yeah.>>BRIAN: Fire one off going
for as far distance as you can.>>BILL: All right, this might be like a 30-degree angle here.>>BRIAN: Yeah. There you go, keep going, keep going. There you go. Wow. [gun cocking]
[shooting] So… So like five of them ended up right here and one of them was an
outlier by like 10 or 15 feet.>>BILL: All right, you
ready for the modded one.>>BRIAN: Yeah give us some.>>BILL: All right.>>BRIAN: Holy cow. [laughter]>>BILL: I’m going to wait for the wind to die for a second.>>BRIAN: Yeah, the only reason that one didn’t keep going was the wind. [gun cocking]
[Shooting]>>BRIAN: Wow, hot damn.>>BILL: That’s it.>>Yeah, that’s a good 40% to
50% farther across the board. And to be honest I think
they would keep on going, but they went up so high that
the wind was catching them. That’s a market improvement.>>BILL: Awesome. Already it’s better but you can go one step further with these mega guys, the big ones. This is like three
quarters of an inch barrel, if you get PVC pipes
that are the right size you can get them. I don’t know I couldn’t figure it out so I 3D printed my own custom barrel.>>Couldn’t figure out
how to buy equipment from a hardware store, therefore instead I did the easy thing, which is 3D printing the cylinder.>>Do you have a good 3D printer or one like Brian’s?>>I have a good one.>>You’re killing me, you’re killing me. [laughing]>>So here’s the thing,
these barrels are tapered. So that when you put the Nerf dart in it’s gets stuck in the back of it there. So these are tapered a tiny bit, so they will only fit in one way. The idea is you put this in the this gun and this creates an airtight seal so that you can put a smaller
Nerf dart in the bigger gun. This gun is designed to
fire those giant darts. So you put the little guy in there.>>My goodness!>>Yeah.>>That’s a lot–>>It’s a lot more.>>That’s how you lose an eye,>>That is how you lose an eye. So in a test I shot myself in the hand and that was a mistake.>>Oh, did it hurt?>>It hurt a lot.>>Really?>>It’s my left hand, what could go wrong? Yep, yep, yep.>>BILL: Yep, it hurts a lot.>>Oh do me, do me.>>All right, shoot my
friends in the hand there.>>Ow!>>Yep, right.>>So what’s the first thing we got to do?>>We have to open these things. We got screwdrivers, mine is already set but we got
phillips head screwdrivers. There’s a bunch of screws, you just unscrew them all.>>All like getting–>>BILL: Start with these guys here so you can take that part off.>>BRIAN: Roger.>>And then kind of keep track of them.>>Kind of keep track of them.>>This is totally endorsed by Nerf or whoever owns Nerf, right?>>So there is a huge, like
I said, a huge community, they do Nerf wars. I don’t know how
officially Nerf endorses it but I’m pretty sure they’re
pretty stoked about it.>>Narrator: They aren’t.>>BILL: Cause they
move a lot of toy guns. I bought three of them.>>To adult hobbyists, yeah.>>And by the way these, $15. That’s it.>>BRIAN: Really?>>Yeah, right out of the box
looks pretty dope already. Look at that, a bunch of warnings on there.>>JASON: Yeah, what does it say?>>I’ve never read one of those.>>It says feel free to modify, don’t worry about your eyes. Use anyway you want.>>It does specifically have cautions about eyes on here. Do not aim at eyes or face.>>Jason had a pretty cool
idea with the razor blades. [laughing]>>It legitimately
doesn’t mention anything about razor blades on here.>>So at this point all the screws are out except for this one cosmetic fake screw.>>Right there.>>That totally faked us out.>>BILL: That is not coming out Brian.>>BRIAN: That’s why you need a bigger, I was asking for.>>Yeah, that’s it. So this part here is just a hollow shell,>>Yeah.>>And everything else sits in that. So you can just lift those pieces out.>>BRIAN: Okay.>>BILL: That comes out.>>This is making me nervous.>>I feel like I’m field stripping
a semi-automatic handgun, it’s literally what I’m doing.>>This is my cyclone shot, there are many like it but this one is mine.>>BILL: Okay, all right, that’s it. That is all the mechanical parts.>>BRIAN: Okay.>>BILL: The rest of this is cosmetic.>>I understand using
the smaller ammunition but how do you make it fling harder?>>BILL: This is the plunger here, that’s what forces the
air through this tube. And then this guy right here
is the air flow restrictor.>>I don’t know what the
air flow restricts does.>>So when a dart goes
across that it opens but as it closes as the dart goes out, it lets progressively less air out.>>BRIAN: I see.>>They put it in there not
just to make it less powerful but there’s other reasons why. But we don’t want it. So this air flow restrictor
here’s got to go. I’m using a surgical pair
of needle nose pliers.>>I could tell.>>BILL: And then you
just kind of work at it, there we go.>>BRIAN: Okay, right on, so…>>BILL: There’s a little spring in there we don’t need either I think..>>BRIAN: This is just
a gasket in a dagger, the old dagger gasket.>>That’s it. We can put it all together. One other thing you might want to do, there are these pokey things
in there that the darts sit on. If you want to put your own like custom-made ordnance in there.>>Oh, like the razor.>>As Nerfers all want to do. For example, this poorly made Nerf
dart that I made at home.>>BRIAN: Yeah.>>BILL: It won’t go in because
those things are in the way.>>I don’t understand, oh I see, I see so that it can’t be. [laughter]>>I’m just thinking outside the box.>>In this case this is not hollow,>>Correct.>>and then as a result
you got these jabby, pokies they’re like I only want
hollow Nerf ordnance in me.>>So those can be ripped out as well. I don’t know that what
real purpose they serve.>>This is DRM for
ammunition, is what it is.>>That’s a good way to put it.>>Yes I was trying very hard.>>Let’s just destroy all this stuff.>>So how about we use the ones I have.>>Oh yeah, you could just snip all those.>>These are cutters. And you can just cut, it’s a really soft plastic.>>Now we can wedge all
kinds of dangerous stuff– [gasps]
Dog turd shooting. [all laugh] I mean theoretically. Somebody Nerfs a dog turd at me I’m going to be like, bro
you’re the one with dog doo all over your gun. I don’t know who the winner is. So I would imagine you get a little bit of a benefit in that there’s going to be unrestricted airflow
for that puff of air.>>BILL: Yeah, it could be, yeah. so that’s it, trim those off a bit. If there’s a little extra
we can. Keep it going>>BRIAN: Yeah, here
they’re all so unpretty.>>Something else you can do if you have the appropriate size spring. This spring can be replaced. There are people who will sell kits of the right size spring. Home Depot doesn’t have them, I checked. But you take this off and
put a bigger spring on here and get a little bit more oomph.>>I’m felling good about this. So now this is the part where
I would suddenly freak out and I’m like I don’t
remember how anything goes like do you guys remember “Voyagers” when Thomas Edison took apart the Omni and then the kids freaking out, like, “I’ll never get back to 1984.” And then Thomas Edison is like, “No I know where everything is.”>>I don’t know what you’re talking about.>>You never so
“Voyagers”, neither of you?>>No. That’s not the one with Scott Bakula?>>No, no, no it’s a time-traveling dude in a pirate shirt, who lost his book that
told him how history was supposed to go.>>”Time Bandits”.>>But he had a kid from the 1980s, also “Time Bandits”,
but the kid was his book and he meets other voyagers, oh my god.>>His child was a book?>>No, no he stole a child, he kidnaps a kid.>>Narrator: Some time later.>>Flash-forward to
six hours later they’re like, “We get it Brian it
was definitely a show.”>>All right, so here’s a tip, before you take this whole
thing apart take a picture.>>We should have done that.>>Then you know how to
put it back together. But the point where we are right now, we have an opportunity to spray paint these pieces before we
put them back together.>>Go on.>>So these mechanical
parts we can leave separate so that they don’t get paint on them. The shells here, these pieces here and this
guy can all be laid flat and spray painted. Now, if we had more time, I would recommend sanding it, so it’s got some grip to it. Maybe removing the Nerf logo, if you wanted to.>>We’ll just add periods and we’ll make it an acronym. It’s a totally different gun. It’s the Modern Rogue N-E-R-F 5000.>>Yes.
>>JASON: Yes.>>Yeah, so why don’t
we go spray paint this?>>All right, I know nothing about
making this look pretty but I know you need cardboard. I’m going to get cardboard.>>All right, cool and
I’ve got spray paint and we should probably go outside.>>Yeah, all right. Okay so we’re going to
spray paint this thing but as I understand it, just spraying onto regular
flat plastic causes trouble.>>Yeah, this shiny ABS plastic it doesn’t like to grip.>>Will it just chip off?>>Yeah, over time. And since we’re so quality
concerned around here.>>Welcome to the Modern Rogue.>>Nothing but the best Bill.>>BILL: I know, right? We’re going to do a
little bit of prep work and these are just some sanding pads from the Home Center.>>And the idea is what, just to give everything texture?>>BILL: Just to rough it up it up a bit, get rid of that shine.>>JASON: Yeah, [beep] you. Oh, you mean just… okay.>>Like I was saying you could sand the the logos off if you wanted to.>>Oh, you can really see how
quickly it gives it texture for the paint to hang on to.>>So you don’t have to sand it smooth you just have to give it
a little bit of tooth. And these pads are nice cause you can get down
into the nooks and crannies versus using a piece of sandpaper.>>So I would assume also, like let’s say you had a 3D printer and you wanted to replace the Nerf logo with your own logo.>>BILL: Oh yeah,>>You can just glue your
own custom logo on it. Just wherever you’re going to glue it, really rough it up with sand paper so that glue has a good
opportunity to grab in there. That’d be like like super glue or something like that, would be pretty good.>>Because this is ABS, you can actually melt it with acetone. People do that with 3D
prints all the time.>>BRIAN: Really?>>Yeah, they’ll take
a hunk of ABS plastic and melt it in acetone.>>And then use that to adhere.>>Yeah, that’s like a slurry.>>So if we were to put this in acetone it would turn into the goop.>>BILL: Yeah.>>The same goop? Something tells me we’re going to be–>>Hey, did you know that’s napalm?>>Oh, geez, don’t. [laughing]>>Hey, if you guys ever
want to do an episode where you learn how to make good molds. Let me know.>>Oh yeah dude, his heart was broken by that episode.>>He’s watching us, he’s like, “You children, you sweet summer children.”>>BILL: All right, we’re probably good.>>BRIAN: Okay, all right.>>BILL: Sort of wipe it down. Good to go it looks good.>>Okay, when I was a kid, whenever I’d mess around with spray paint it was always like this. You’d always just squish and then you go. So you would always have a glob>>BILL: Yeah it’s bad.>>BRIAN: That would drip down and this. Then one day my father-in-law was helping me build a magic prop and tell me if this is right or wrong. But he would say you drift in and out hitting it over
and over again like that. Is that right?>>BILL: That’s great.>>JASON: That’s what
I do when I’m tagging.>>You just gently consistently paint it.>>M.R.>>BILL: It’s easier to
put on two light coats than one big coat that’s not going to dry. So just a little bit and like that.>>JASON: Wow.>>BILL: And even if you
see a little red it’s fine, we’ll hit it again but
this will dry much faster than just going
[makes raspberry noise]>>That’s way more delicate
than I would have done it.>>You don’t say. This is why we make a complete pair.>>JASON: Then have experts.>>BRIAN: Finally get
adults to make it better.>>BILL: So that’s fine and we’ll spritz it again. In fact if we put a
little bit on these and make it all the way there, then we can hit that first one again.>>With this chrome
stuff I’m amazed at how little it takes to completely
change the nature of the gun. I mean already just this much
already looks super sci-fi.>>JASON: I’m amazed with it,
how amazing it smells.>>BRIAN: I’m amazed with
the visions of unicorns.>>BILL: And also here’s the
thing you can learn, dummy. [laughing] I’m sorry how I made that sound.>>No, it’s okay.>>It’s a great thing you could learn.>>BILL: Do you see how right
here the red is showing, when you spray it aim for
the cardboard down here.>>BRIAN: Oh it’ll all like bounce up?>>BILL: Yeah, like that
so you get a lot of it.>>Dummy. [laughs]>>BILL: Start spraying beyond it and go across.>>BRIAN: There you go.>>BILL: I thought you
said you were a tagger, I think he was lying.>>JASON: It’s just, I use a different, this Rustoleum no that’s a–>>BILL: You more of a Krylon man?>>Yeah, yeah.>>BILL: Here, let’s flip it around, you can get the other side, like so. Just spray-paint my hand that’s cool, that’s fine. [laughter]>>BILL: I never get paint on myself. I always feel like I’m being careless. Have you ever watch Adam Savage spray-paint stuff? He’s just like hot, his hands are always covered in paint. So this was the first one I painted.>>BRIAN: And it’s already dry. But it’s dry specifically because you put such a light–>>BILL: Nice light coat.>>BRIAN: Whereas this is
going to take a bit right?>>JASON: Yeah, great
the one I did of course.>>Any of the ones that we–>>BILL: Might need one more hit on that. Uh, that’s pretty good.>>BRIAN: I don’t even think so. That’s one of the things
I love about all the props you make is that they
have this weathered look. And you were talking about how much of it is to create a layer of paint meant to be discovered as it chips away or is encumbered.>>JASON: That’s brilliant. You were talking to us
about using actual rust.>>BILL: Yes, which we won’t do today but you can use paints
that have metals in them, that will oxidize. Then use oxidizing solutions
to put genuine rust on them.>>JASON: That’s fascinating.>>BILL: It’s hard to beat the real deal.>>So what’s your favorite
prop that you’ve ever built?>>BILL: Did you see I
just sprayed my hand?>>BRIAN: It’s fine, see,
Adam Savage you’re the best.>>BILL: Favorite prop I’ve ever made. Oh you know what, actually speaking of Adam Savage.>>I know what my favorite prop is. The “Mass Effect” gun
you made for yours truly.>>BILL: It a very long time ago.>>JASON: Oh that one.>>BILL: I worked with
Tested on a project doing the “District 9” alien assault rifle. Big-ass gun molded in cast, my wife and I spent four
days making the mold.>>BRIAN: Wow, holy hell.>>BILL: It’s four feet long,
it’s a massive ass thing. All right, a little more spritzing here. Let it sit for a couple minutes and I think we can go do a little more fine painting work on this and put it together. All right, so we got a
base coat on everything and soon we have to assemble it and then do the finishing touches.>>You could do it in
any order that you like whatever makes sense
for your paint cover it.>>I want to do the trigger first,>>Yep.>>And I want to put the
trigger inside the barrel.>>No, that’s not what I meant.>>BILL: I think we can assemble it first and then I got some paints here and we can do a little bit more.>>Little fine detail.>>At this point I have no memory of how anything goes except for I remember this goes in here.>>BILL: Yeah, it’s backwards.>>Okay, apparently not, apparently no m– There you go, that goes
there, see I got it. I’m good I can math.>>All right, before that goes in, we’ll put this together.>>It’s fine.>>It was a good effort.>>BILL: That goes in like that and that goes in there.>>JASON: But you haven’t
put the plunger in yet.>>No plunger should go in there we go. The three of us, if our minds
go together we can do this.>>This is what happens
after all that spray paint, it takes three of us
to put it all together.>>BILL: That goes like that>>You could realistically
do this with a lot of different Nerf guns. The mechanisms are going to be similar in a lot of cases.>>BILL: Yeah and I
mean that’s a design by Nerf because why, what do you call it?>>Reinvent the wheel.>>Reinvent the wheel each time, yeah. Oh that spring there, that’s got to go on here first, we got it now. We didn’t paint the trigger. Oh well. I’ll just move all of this.>>BRIAN: There we go.
>>BILL: There we go!>>BRIAN: Hey, look at
that, I did a thing. I did a thing Jason>>Congratulations, dude. That was really impressive.>>BILL: There, let’s screw this thing.>>BRIAN: I tell ya what
man, that already, yeah.>>BILL: Sandwich.>>BRIAN: Sandwich.>>BILL: All right, screws. Ta-da!
[gun cocks]>>Thank you, the payment will be in full. The next phase is, I assume, we paint Jason head-to-toe
and silver and we get him to freeze and stand on the
street and beg for money.>>Start playing some EDM. [laughter]>>All right, well, so
this already looks badass.>>BILL: Yeah it does.>>BRIAN: And it’s already amplified. What are some of the small touches that are going to make a big difference?>>A little bit of color, in fact we can use the
the red plastic that we already have on there. Can I grab one of those sanding pads?>>It kind of looks like
a “Men in Black” gun.>>A little bit, they went like
all chrome and carbon fiber. So if we wanted this part
here to be red again, we could just sand it
and sand down to the red and we would get that color back. So we got a little bit of red left there. There is there some cool
texture on it as well and then we also have paints we can use.>>Yeah, yeah. So when you’re when you’re removing stuff, I assume you would also
want to remove areas that would imply they’re
constantly being touched, right?>>You can even layer more paint on top of the silver and then weather it down to the silver to make it look like it’s metal that’s been painted and then that paint has worn off down to the metal.>>JASON: That’s a clever trick. What kind of paints are we
using here for the touch-ups?>>BILL: These are just normal
acrylic paints from the art supply store and I think like
the handle should be black.>>Okay.>>That’d be a quick easy thing to do.>>Sure.
>>Sure, let’s go.>>BILL: So, normal acrylic paints here. Now if you wanted to get
super fancy you could use masking tape, mask that off and spray it, but we’ll just do some
hand painting real quick.>>I feel like a little tiny builder ant, this is amamzing.>>It’s actually kind of cool
it leaves a little bit of the silver behind and we’ll do a wash of like a weathering pass over it too and some of this darker
paints will get caught in those lower crevices giving it a really cool sort of contrast-y a weathered look.>>I’m telling you Bill,
if it were up to me you would have some channel filled with all this amazing knowledge.>>Butt it’ll probably never happen. [laughs] You got some black paint here and I’m just going to
brush on the handle area and what’s cool if you’re
painting colors on like black, if you have a lighter color, the black will cover it really well. So usually I’ll spray on the light color and then if I have any dark
colors I’ll do them second.>>Just a little happy pistol grips. [laughs]>>BILL: Little black on the handle there, it looks pretty great, let
that dry a few minutes.>>So how would we do
something that looked as though there was like carbon scoring up at the front on that?>>BILL: If you have
it, I’d use an airbrush. You can get that nice like gradient on it>>BRIAN: Okay.>>Yeah, but you know what? In the other room I saw
some black spray paint, I bet we can just spritz the end of it. Got it some black spray-paint here and we’re only using a little
bit, it’s not too toxic.>>Yeah, but, and you want
to keep it distant right?>>Just a misting on the
end there, like that. So I’m just– Rotate it a little bit. [spritzing] Can you come to my shop and
hold all the things I paint?>>Yes, I want to move in with you.>>JASON: Brian Brushwood,
professional holder.>>Just a little bit>>Oh my god how much more
badass does that already look?>>That’s pretty slick.>>Yeah.>>I feel like, should it match
the red on the other side? I feel like we should…>>BILL: Yeah, yeah, go for it. And then I’m going to prepare to do a little bit of weathering
and dirtiness on here. I have more acrylic paint,
just some browns and blacks. We’ll do a quick weathering pass on it. Nothing fancy, but I do want
to water it down a touch.>>We haven’t had a lot
of setbacks with this build it’s really gone very quickly.>>BILL: Yeah.>>Yeah, which is weird for us. [laughing] Like what happens when
a Modern Rogue episode just goes right? What’s funny is I have this temptation to try to make everything even on both sides but nobody’s going to see both sides at the same time right?>>Yeah.>>Asymmetry is beautiful. All right, ready for some weathering.>>Yeah.>>BILL: We’ll get a little
sloppy here so I’m going to throw down some paper towels. The idea is that this
thing has been around the block a bit, so it’s going to be dirty.>>Yep.>>I got some black
and brown acrylic paint in there okay and it’s
just watered down a bit and then you just put it everywhere.>>This is the part that I
would get so upset at Bob Ross. He would have a perfect
painting and he grabbed a big chunk of brown
and just goes sploosh. I’m like, “you ruined the painting! What are you doing Bob Ross?”>>And then he would turn
and look at the camera and go, “because kiss my ass, that’s why.”>>BRIAN: “I’m talking
to you Brian Brushwood, you may have a stomachache,
but you belong to me.”>>And then he vanishes like
“Quantum Leap”, just lights up. [makes laser noise]
[laughter]>>BILL: So, that part
there, it’s just covered in a sloppy mess of paint and then you just, wipe most of it away. Oops.>>BRIAN: What’s amazing is that’s like realistically how that gun
would come to look that way. Is that it would get dirty
and people would half-ass trying to clean it up.>>Yeah, in a hurry
because the zombies are trying to kill you.>>BRIAN: Yeah, or because
you’re a lazy bounty hunter.>>BILL: That’s right. Like so. So I–
>>BRIAN: Look at that.>>BILL: And you can be as
like, refined as you want.>>I don’t think I was really
prepared for what a dramatic difference this was going to make.>>BILL: So here, why
don’t you give that a go?>>Just the whole thing right in here?>>Yeah, just chunk, chunky sloppy>>But make sure you drive
it into the crevices.>>Like a magic little–>>BILL: In these cracks here anywhere that grime’s going to accumulate.>>JASON: Just splat in the mud.>>BILL: I already did
that part, but that’s okay.>>JASON: Oh yeah you did, okay.>>BILL: So a good example
too, the texture here, get it down into that, yeah.>>BRIAN: See, this is so counterintuitive like we just bothered
to get all pretty chrome in there and you’re like, “no forget it.”>>BILL: So see how
it’s completely covered? You just wipe a lot of that away and what’s left down and those
crevices is the dirtiness, the grime. So why don’t we do half of it and then we’ll show off what this side looks like compared to the other side.>>Sure, sure.>>I noticed on one of the other designs that not only did you
have the scoring up top, but you had kind of what looked like an iridescent almost like–>>BILL: Yeah, you can get
real fancy if you have an airbrush, like I was saying. Get some fancy lacquers,
do chrome effects, do heat scorching with like translucent or transparent paints. Once you really dive into this thing you’ll find it’s just a world of possibilities with
the finishing you can do.>>JASON: Not to diminish
what you do, Bill, but what we’ve done here, today.>>It’s not that hard.>>Really doesn’t require a lot of skill.>>No. [laughter]>>This is the exposé, Bill Doran, fraud!
>>Fraud! [laughter]>>I grab the bigger brush I forgot I had. It’ll make this go a lot quicker.>>So, this right here
looks super awesome. It did.>>BILL: Well, so here’s
the thing you can do, this is super watered-down. You go over everything,
let it dry a little bit and then if you think it needs more, you can do another pass.>>Yeah, well I guess,
I guess I’m a big fan of that splattering. Something that looks like
you were just in a firefight or something.>>BILL: Got some green
you could just take– I’ll just do it with this. Just take– I’m really makin a mess, but you do this and you just go.>>Oh, blood splatter!>>BILL: There we go,
it looks pretty great. So once again, that is all dirty.>>BRIAN: Yep.>>BILL: That’s all clean.>>JASON: Yeah.>>This, I thought this was awesome. But this is the story, man.>>And this is really watered-down paint. So it’s not going to stick a ton. So this is the fun magic trick, if you just cover the whole thing. Really driving it into that
text and all the crevices and then wipe a bunch of it down. And then if it’s sticking around in spots, you really want to clean it off, just take a really damp cloth. You wouldn’t want to do this
with, say, an enamel paint.>>JASON: Or an oil.>>I would actually– I will say oil paints while
they do take forever to dry, look awesome on anything that’s supposed to be mechanical because it’s all greasy.>>What and that’s, that’s how, you know, you make a point of oiling
all of your guns and stuff.>>Oh yeah.>>In real life.>>BILL: Get some paint in this area here.>>BRIAN: I can’t believe
what a difference that makes.>>JASON: That’s incredible looking.>>BILL: All right, cool.>>BRIAN: So I guess the
last thing we have to do is add those add-ins.>>Yep.>>With the tougher bullets.>>And if you’re curious,
this is what your hands should look like when you’re done.>>BRIAN: If you’re doing it right.>>BILL: Yeah. [laughter]>>Dude.>>BILL: There you go.>>Do-do-do-do-do.>>Why don’t you show your appreciation for our arms master.>>BILL: This is how it ends.>>Make peace with your gods, little man.>>♪ ‘Cause I’m a modern betrayer! ♪ [laughing]>>Not the face!>>No, no, no, no!>>Go away, bad guys. [laughter]>>Oh, it jammed!>>That’s my line, that’s my line!>>Stay in front of me. [yells]
[laughter]>>Dude.>>All done. Look at that before-and-after. That is amazing.>>BILL: And if you spent more than, say, 30 minutes on it. Think how amazing it
could look on top of that.>>Okay, Bill Doran,
where is the best place for people to learn more of
these techniques from you?>> With prop and costume making tutorials. I’ve got books, ebooks and print books.>>Yeah.>>On foam costume and prop making.>>By the way, is it safe to say, you judge a lot of cosplay contests.>>I do.>>So if you want to get in good
with who very likely will be one of the judges, might as
well learn from the master.>>That’s right.
[laughter]>>You go to a lot of cons.>>I do, I was that one yesterday [laughing]>>”I did, I was at one yesterday.”>>All right, for a
thousand, billion, million Brian bucks, why do
people use Squarespace? You have five seconds, go.>>Is it the 24/7, 365 days a year– [makes buzzer noise]>>You’re too late and no. Go ahead, get five more seconds, go.>>Okay, is it the 10% off by
clicking on the link below?>>No and first of all
you should mention it’s R-O-G-U-E. don’t misspell rogue, but and no.>>It’s not that?>>No.>>Okay.
>>Five seconds, go.>>All right, well, I don’t know.>>I don’t know, I don’t know,
I don’t know, what is it?>>It’s because it saves you so much time. It makes any kind of blog portfolio or any kind of website look amazing and I understand you’re a coder, you love sitting in the cave. You’re the walking embodiment
of Plato’s allegory, You’re never going to leave the
cave with your ruby on rails. Guess what, you could code
in your cave on squarespace.>>You are cutting me
right to the core, sir. [laughing] I thought we were friends,
but you’ve got to go throwing the Plato thing in my face again.>>I’m throwing rocks into your cave.>>I just like going to a
place that doesn’t have fairs where I can write my code.>>The point is I get to
remain dumb, ignorant, and have a beautiful website. Because they have award-winning designs, they’re going to make you
look freaking amazing. It takes virtually no time,
you save 10% off when you go to R-O-G-U-E and you keep us in business.>>That is a–>>Does you cave do that?>>No, my cave doesn’t do that.>>Yeah why don’t you leave the cave?>>I don’t, I don’t have it.>>Why don’t you come out in the sunlight? What are you afraid of? What are you hiding in your cave?>>Afraid you’re going to
yell at me about things again.>>Yeah I’m going to yell at you
to go to Keep us in business!>>Click on the link below. [guns cocking and shooting]

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  2. Why not just add the same spring and now you have two at twice the power. Why look for a spring you monthly nit find

  3. secret to working with those bullets is the position of those holes in the head. thats why they curve. take the extra time n line up the holes to the gun.

  4. 11:24
    "right now we have an opportunity to spary paint before we put them back"
    Brian : Movie Voiceover Narrator Tune Go on….

  5. just get a shotgun and take the shot out of the shells. The wad holding the powder in becomes the projectile and you win every nerf battle lol

  6. How to modify a nerf gun:

    Open the gun
    Remove the internals
    Put paintball internals in instead
    Play paintball

    Wait we were modifying a nerf gun?

  7. Irony : The Voyager series ended when the star actor accidentally shot himself in the head with a blank gun and died 🙄!

  8. 10:32

    Damn, Brian,
    you just broke my brain dropping Voyagers on me like that!

    I've never heard of the show "Voyagers" (1982) in my life
    until literally the other day through a YT video that I watched showing old shows debuting in the fall of 1982.

    (Random, I know)

    Anyways, I just started watching it and although it's dated, it's still a pretty cool concept.
    It's a shame it was only on for 1 season; having an IMDB rating of an 8.0
    I guess it turned into a cult classic.

  9. could also modify them with electric pumps and canisters… just saying… seen sopme pretty gnarly "nerf"guns … except they were pretty much pneumatic guns at that point

  10. Was looking for nerf info for my kids and came across this great video, I just subscribed! Thanks for the excellent info.

  11. Have you heard of Gel Blasters? Its like Airsoft only it doesnt use gas and BBs, but uses only spring power like Nerf and water based gel beads as projectiles that breaks upon impact. It reaches up to 30-40 meters when moded.

  12. That is not a bullet that is called a dart. And that is not a revolver that's called Nerf Mega CycloneShock Blaster or just CycloneShock for short. No hate.

  13. 1:30 their are 4 Nerf dart diameters , mostly
    matelboom=2/5" = 10.16 mm = 40 calibre
    Streamline= 1/2" = 12.70 mm = 50 calibre most common
    OLD mega= 5/8" = 15.87 mm = 62.5 calibre
    new mega = 3/4" = 19.05 mm = 75 calibre (max 12 gauge shotgun slug)

  14. So I know this is an older video, and also someone has probably already said so, but I wanna clear something up about the accuracy. Brian said he thought it was the "turbulence" in their garage but actually standard Nerf Darts, known as Elite Darts and Mega Darts (the smaller blue or the large red) are made to be inaccurate. They have air gaps that lead to the whistling sound, but they mean depending on how exactly the dart is put in in relation to the gap the dart can veer way of target.
    Now if they removed the air gap they would be more accurate, but they won't have as "soft" of a tip meaning they may sting a bit more. They have came out with the Accuristrike dart, which is known as a waffle head dart and it has better accuracy, but if they hit skin they so sting a little more especially out of harder hitting blasters.

  15. Plastic adhesion promoter, the sanding does nothing it's a waste of time. Nano technology like they put in sun screen to help it stick to your skin and mark you car with your sun screen hands. Scientists, killing humans in the name of better for business builds bigger bucks.

  16. TIL some agencies will try to get you "in trouble" for manufacturing certain types of weapons "with the intent of selling them", while it is perfectly fine to manufacture them for yourself, then later on a whim decide to sell it privately … i guess they're planning on reading your mind to see what your intention was and at what time you held which intentions … what a very odd and and contrived set of very official-sounding "laws" that aren't even self-consistent lol

  17. 10:31 THANK YOU… Nobody remembered that. I always get the same reaction.. Voyagers, Raven. and Automan. I made the Automan joke with the new Tesla truck, and everybody just looked at me, as if I was an alien.

  18. When I was a teenager my friends and I made a pvc nerf cannon for mega darts. 120psi with a 6 foot barrel. After a few test fires one of our friends asked to be shot in the butt with it. His left cheek had a fist sized welt on it for a few days. We shot him from a distance of about 20 feet and he was wearing a helmet.


    -fill super soaker with gasoline

    -remove tank from super soaker

    -but cotton cloth at the end of the tank

    -light cotton cloth and throw at Enemy’s house.


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