100 thoughts on “MMA with Medieval Armor and Blunt Weapons

  1. 13 minutes video and a whole description box , doesn’t mention the name of the tournament a single time.

  2. This is awesome👍 I seen this at renaissance fair with only 6 people or 10 idk it was cool tho it was a lot different then this cause there was more hitting an swinging an a lot of good melee hits I think they were professional 😎👍

  3. A black man hosting european medieval fight show and american knights? Now the roles have changed😂😭

  4. This would actually be really good if they had any technique at all , this is hard to watch, what a mess

  5. I think we men never grow old. This is like playing with toys but very violent. Amazing! I cannot imagine the adrenaline!

  6. If I led this stuff I'd have my team use the Roman tactic where the dude in the front is the only one that fights and interchange troops from front to back and rinse and repeat

  7. France can only beat the USA in retreating. Considering they need the USA for help with everything lol

  8. Battle of Nations rules! There's a gym near me that specializes in this stuff and I'm so tempted to check it out!

  9. It really hurts to see them not parry because its not a points system, and most of them don't know real swordsmanship. Still cool though.

  10. I'd love to know the rules of this. Blunt weapons okay but how hard are they allowed to hit? What if they get hurt and then angry etc etc? Which bits of the body are they allowed to hit? The list goes on. In medieval times it was just do what you have to do to kill.

  11. If you get out with a serious injurie it must be a sport… Cool, l got my Nose broken today, no need for daily workout^^

  12. Me: Rolls up in medieval crusader armor with a boom box blasting The Last Stand by Sabaton
    Also Me: Switches out crusader overcoat for star spangled banner and starts blasting Resist and Bite

  13. Although it’s definitely not as historically accurate as HEMA, this was definitely fun to watch because you never see large-scale battles like this.

  14. It is the French with their constant feudal fights since the Xth century who invented this kind of fights They invented Tournois ans Joutes (joust) with horses and lances and Heraldry ( French words used).

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