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On April 23, 2019, the U.S Air Force Research
Laboratory (AFRL) Self-Protect High Energy Laser Demonstrator (SHiELD) Advanced Technology
Demonstration (ATD) Program successfully achieved a major goal. A laser developed as part of the program has
shot down several air launched missiles in flight. U.S Air Force officials said the test was
conducted at the White Sands Missile Range in New Mexico. The SHiELD program is intended to protect
aircraft from incoming missiles. Viewers may note that the U.S Air Force contracted
Lockheed Martin to manufacture the laser in 2017. It is a game-changing technology in a true
sense and will transform the way air combats are fought in the future. In this video Defense Updates analyzes America’s
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20 million players from all over the world! The dynamic of air engagement has changed
in the last decade. Countries like Russia & China are fielding
highly sophisticated air defense systems & are in in the process of deploying 5th generation
fighter jets. In this situation, American 4th as well as
5th generation fighters will find it difficult to penetrate the rival’s airspace. Increasingly powerful Air Defense Systems
could be able to detect, track & engage even the most stealthy jet like the F 22 Raptor
in the future. The Russian S 400 is at the forefront of this. The powerful main radar of S 400 which has
a range of 600 km is complimented by target acquisition radars like 67N6 Gamma De and
9N6 Protivnik Ge radars in L band, Nebo SVU in the Very High-Frequency band and Nebo m
& Zebu M in multiband. Nebo SVU & Zebu M is touted to have the ability
to detect stealth aircraft. The radars are highly resistant to jamming
and hence are hard to disable using Electronic Warfare. The situation gets grimmer in case of F 35
Lightning II which will be most numerous 5th generation fighter that will be available
to NATO & American allies. Unlike the F 22 Raptor, F 35 has many compromises. F 35’s airframe is not as stealthy as one
on the F 22 Raptor • Against x-band radars, it is only stealthy
from front and rear • Against S-band radar, it is stealthy from
the narrow front aspect • Against L-band radar, the limited reduction
is achieved from direct front It has a much greater reliance on radar-absorbing
materials to maintain its stealth profile. Apart from the challenge coming from Air defenses,
it is to be noted that Russian Su 57 & Chinese J 20 5th generation stealth fighters are shaping
up for full-scale combat deployment. These jet could probably get close to American
fighters and fire short range missiles as well as get a lock on with long-range Beyond
Visual Range missiles. Taking these aspects into consideration, America
needs to develop a competent defensive weapon that will work in conjunction with stealth
and Electronic Warfare to suppress Air Defenses & attacks from enemy fighters jets. The SHiELD program is developing a directed
energy laser system that will act as a demonstrator for a self-defense system that could eventually
enable aircraft to protect themselves from surface-to-air (SAM) and air-to-air (AAM)
missiles. The system could be deployed as an add-on
pod in the future. The test demonstrated the ability of the laser
developed under SHiELD system to neutralize incoming missiles. The exact number of missiles that have been
downed is not made public for security reasons. Dr. Kelly Hammett, director of AFRL’s Directed
Energy Directorate said, “This critical demonstration shows that our directed energy
systems are on track to be a game changer for our warfighters,” Maj. Gen. William Cooley, AFRL commander said,
“The successful test is a big step ahead for directed energy systems and protection
against adversarial threats. The ability to shoot down missiles with speed
of light technology will enable air operation in denied environments. I am proud of the AFRL team advancing our
Air Force’s directed energy capability.” The current system used for the test was ground-based
and quite heavy. AFRL statement said, “The final SHiELD system,
however, will be much smaller and lighter, as well as ruggedized for an airborne environment.” It is expected that after this successful
ground-based test, a test from a flying platform could be taken up in 2020. Lasers have some very important advantages. The speed of light enables them to hit their
targets almost instantaneously. Laser weapons also don’t need to carry ammunition
like traditional systems and hence they will be able to take out a much larger number of
threats constrained only by the power supply limit of the platform. This is not the first time the American military
has tested laser weapons. In 2010, the Air Force mounted and fired off
a megawatt-class chemical laser from a modified Boeing 747. Things have changed since then and instead
of unstable chemical laser used for that experiment, solid-state lasers are now being used. Another test with LaWS was conducted in 2014. Laser Weapon System or LaWS is a directed-energy
weapon developed by the United States Navy. It will act as a short-range, self-defense
system against drones and boats. Having a cost of less than $1 per shot, it
is a very cost-effective solution. But missiles are much harder to neutralize
when compared to drones and boats, as they are much faster and the laser has very limited
time to focus its energy on it. So, this demonstration is an excellent achievement. There is still a complex technical challenge
to miniaturize the current prototype, so that it can be fitted on military aircraft. But with constant funding and efforts being
made, things are expected to fall in place slowly. It is to be noted that AFRL is leading the
program to stop ground-to-air and air-to-air anti-aircraft missiles, whereas Missile Defense
Agency (MDA) is studying the feasibility of using high-energy laser mounted on an F-35
to knock down ICBMs. It is expected that the result of this study
will be available by the end of this year. Overall, it can be said that America seems
to be wining the laser weapons race as of now.


  1. Americas new laser is so powerful that when 12 missles were aimed at the donald cook the laser shot down all 20 of them

  2. Do you believe that they would tell you that they haven't already accomplished minatureization and have this SECRET technology already? We have had satellites that are capable of this sense Reagan era.

  3. W.T.F!!!, We the (Allies) bought this plane f35, on the premise it was undetectable. The coating could be applied to any aircraft. You just admitted that the U.S. has sold us, the allies a fairytale Grrr 🙁


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  6. They will be able to shoot down not only missiles but planes before the enemy will see the aircraft attacking them that's A scary game changer

  7. Fake news! Laser weapons don’t work at distance or on mobile targets without a tracker on board. Plus thermal blooming google that

  8. Carbon nano particles could be used to ride on the beam of light like data packets and assemble into rods on impact.

  9. why can't a fighter use a gat gun on itself and shoot down long range missiles, or anti missiles missiles on older fighter and clear airspace with this. even drones could counter these enemy fighter to out move and hit enemy aircraft.

  10. why do we not try focused radio waves glitching enemy missiles with laser combo and gun and missile countering this threat.

  11. you should definitely send your audio signal through a compressor….listening to it hurts the ears

  12. I think an XRay laser would defeat the mirrored missile/warhead. This is all boys and their toys. War is fun Isn't it? There will never be a aerial laser protection system The only installed laser is on an aircraft carrier. The have fission power.

  13. This is game changing!!! The applications for this technology is limitless. Im thinking satellites, drones, nuclear shield etc etc etc…..

  14. Soviet developed a laser tank 1K17 Szhatiye in the 1970 and 80's, and came in use in 1992/93, and did also have laser pistols for cosmonauts in service from 1986 today at least Russia, China, Iran, Sweden, Germany and Norway either developing ore already have laser weapons

  15. This
    Dr Bendover seams like a little arrogant American brat without much knowledge.
    He lowers the level of Americans who may be reasonably smart and not so arrogant and do not behave like brat's

  16. watched a video today of a new russian missile that fly's at mach 9, i think were gona need a bigger laser.

  17. Also China's 5th gen is a knock off of Russia's 5th gen, both have terrible engine problems and stealth problems. Also the US just ordered 450 of its 5th gen aircraft so we are a lot ahead.

  18. us you need to build a drone that can fly very fast and that has a lazer on it to use new technolagy to destroy jet airplanes and rockets

  19. I think Russian Fighters will have the ability to lock on and fire ground-based missiles increasing the fighters capability overall

  20. With all the tons and tons of stuff that gets smuggled into a country it's feasible that there could be bombs already placed in every major city, I know we have surveillance looking for this but if the radioactive bits were heavily shielded and smuggled in a little at a time the weapons could be assembled here and shielded, it's not impossible and we ( USA ) is at a much greater risk with our open boarders/massive imports.

  21. be interesting to put lasers on drones and have them attack S-400 missiles, have a "mother" drone carry 4 attack drones with lasers and make the "mother" look like an F-35 on radar, that could seduce the S-400 into attacking it only to find it's missile set upon by four highly aggressive drones with high-g maneuverability all aiming their lasers at the missile which might not be able to defend itself, lasers having such high speed should be able to pick off even hypersonic missiles, lasers might be the way to defeat almost any AA missile and drones might cost a lot less than an F-35, which could follow on in the cleared path, if the defenses have been sufficiently suppressed even non-stealth attack aircraft could go in for the kill

  22. Sounds like the British laser system called dragon fire. It’s been built by a British Defence company called QinetiQ maybe you could do a video on it?

  23. What do u mean America appears to be winning the laser weapons race?
    Russia have one which is believed to be tried and tested.

  24. It will be a VERY GOOD DAY for humanity when we can make the ICBM obsolete for anyone/body to to retaliate/attack out of anger or fear! Now about my Ex-wife…

  25. Oh now. America made this up. Just ask everybody who hates America. They probly say we shot r own planes down by mistake. Cause only every other country but America is capable of building great weapons. Go ahead. Just ask them. They will tellbu

  26. Yes indeed, Russia and China are in the process of deploying 5th generation jets, and by the time they're deployed, the US will be developing 6th generation jets. The Russian jet won't be deployed until 2027. Neither have demonstrated the tech to deploy effective stealth fighters in useful numbers anytime soon.

  27. see my twitter research input 2018: I hope its easy to understand how easily light array generated from object (A/C) can deflect missal…ViVO , well who made this research input be clear. you can contact me…

  28. Finally happening….G.I joe….Go joe…1985 = Gorbachev…-2019= Putin…..But whos gonna 2020 -Trump the War ? Taking bets now

  29. America is loosing it's dignity cause of trump… As former agents told he is an idiotic asset to Russia cause they are building up…i wanna see USA on top always…. Cause we are the best

  30. Russia is trying to show this world that they are strongest but they know what we are what we have been doing that's they quite and have been creating weapons for us

  31. this sounds like this is very simple ,this person only knows a tad what it can do ,no one knows but very top secret persons .

  32. Looks to me like all you'd have to do is give the missile a mirror finish and the laser wouldn't be able to knock it out at least not in time. But I'm glad they are developing it anyway because it is the future. Hypersonic missiles will not have a snowball's chance in hell against a laser. Maybe that's why the US is slow walking the development of hypersonic missiles. Between rail guns and lasers they'll be a waste of time. I'm glad the US is leading in both.

  33. If a war were to break out the world would see technology from the United states that they wouldn't believe..if you know about the tech you better believe that there is tech that is in the back pocket and not released to the public or even most of the military..for example we needed stealth helicopters to fly seals into Pakistan for bin laden. Before that no one even thought a stealth helicopter was possible. Another example is the b21 raider and the aurora.. These would all of a sudden appear if a major war broke out.

  34. Hurry up and add the system on Japanese 147 F35 plz
    if possible, adding it on F-2 and F-15J and P-1, US-2 and all all , and also all tanks and viecles is great

  35. Indeed this is a really great advancement BUT MY FELLOW AMERICANS KEEP YOUR EYES PEELED. IF THE US MILITARY IS SHOWING THIS TO US THAT MEANS THEY ARE ACKNOWLEDGING OUR ENEMY'S MILITARY POWER. But that also means, the US is starting to join the fast arms race now. And it will advance as fast or faster as other nations.

  36. As a American I have no problem with the Russian people ! By the wayThey look a lot like us,Time for a change let's start with trade ..

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