100 thoughts on “Miranda Lambert – It All Comes Out in the Wash (Official Video)

  1. Thank y’all for taking the time to chat! Hope you loved the video. Can’t wait to see y’all on the road this fall.

    Roadside Bars & Pink Guitars Tour: mirandalambert.com/tour
    Wildcard: smarturl.it/MLWildcard

  2. This song just has a way of making me feel like dancing and singing love it play it at least 10 times a day !!!

  3. There's no sign of Miranda and her writers taking their foot off the gas. Another cracking tune from one of the best country artists of her generation.

  4. I love you Miranda Lambert your song is amazing I look up to you as my big sister I don't have a big sister ahead of me. Your song is really speaks to me… I was living at home when I twenty four years old and I had this guy that I was working with and he wanted me to move in with him and I had money in the bank that I was saving up and he wanted to make sure that I was in it with him and he wanted me to buy groceries and I did he kept digging in my money I told him to stop he kept doing it and I literally lost everything it's my fault yea I know because I was in love with him.he really abusive toward and I was pregnant with his kid and he told me that it wasn't his kid I was raped by one of my family members and he told me that it was his kid and he was trying to dulision my mind by telling me that so I can stay with him he cut my family off and my dad tried to reach out to me and he had to call the cops to get information because my dad was involved in the situation and my dad is 91 years old and he cost me alot and cause me alot of problems and He made me go back to my mom and dad the first time and I was upset I didn't want to I move out I wanted to stay moved out so I moved back with the second time because I was upset and I was depressed and because he wanted me to come back he wanted me to then he pushed me out and cause me go on the steeet because he took my money again I was working and he couldn't work because he had disgenerating disease in his back so I had to make the money I kept the roof over our heads right along paying my car payments and insurance suff like that he got an idea he wanted to move up there close to this family and he made me go get a loan for a hotel room I didn't have any money I walk nine miles to my job I had to quit im in a better situation as today he still says all that stuff and and I just block him out of my life I always go back and listen to your song it help me throu it

  5. Miranda you rock you're my favorite country singer females of all times I like a lot of country singers but you're number one you're awesome keep up the good work you're cool

  6. Hi to everyone reading this! I recently uploaded a cover of Miranda’s ‘More Like Her’! If you want to check it out for me 🙂 thanks a lot

  7. I'm not going to lie I love Miranda Lambert she is definitely my girl crush butts this is the first video that I have really been disappointed in only because she barely had any mud on her and it was mostly her mudding around and I know she ain't afraid to get dirty

  8. I have a song I've been sitting on for awhile that is absolutely perfect for Miranda to record! Please check it out and if you think I'm right tell Miranda! Please go to Bandmix.com and look for https://www.bandmix.com/craiganddiepatsigngvteldotcom/ song title, What You Taught Me, writer Courtney Guns. Take a listen, the recording quality isn't radio ready but trust me it's worth a listen. It's a rocker! Courtney is a good enough singer to have made through a couple rounds of American Idol. Give it a shot! Thanks!

  9. Hey, Ran, such a sweet video! 🙂 I love it! Сладурана голяма! 🙂 Хайде да пускаме пералнята 🙂 Поздрави от София, България!

  10. Carrie: “All the Ajax in the world ain't gonna clean your dirty laundry”
    Miranda: “don't sweat it, Tide stick will get it”

  11. You take the CNN and the MNN and you through 'em all in,
    And you put that circle on spin 🙂 Lovely, catchy, so funny 🙂

  12. I remember first seeing her on Nashville star and knew she was going to be a star. Blake sure screwed up when he let her go.

  13. I knew she should have never married Blake Shelton because he cheated on his first wife and once a cheater always going to repeat history

  14. Sorry but if your sister gets knocked up in a truck outside the 7 eleven….that baby don't come out in no wash Ms. Miranda….you ain't sneakin nothin past me.

  15. Every body seems to miss the fact that she is so dried out she made a song about doing laundry based off another artists song so stupid

  16. Maddie and Tae: "How do you get a red wine stain out of your favorite dress?"

    Miranda Lambert: " You gotta put that sucker on spin!"

  17. Miranda Lambert has helped me find myself along this rough life I've had. I can't ever get tired of her. It just won't ever happen. 13 years and counting. Such a fan.

  18. I like Miranda's heartfelt songs that make you love country music. Then she goes and makes shit like this. It is as if she binge listened to shitty bro-country all day and thought to herself…I could make just as shitty bro-country songs as any of those. The first half of this album is way too overproduced and really sucks. The second half is MUCH better.

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