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Mini Tripod Tabletop Stand w/ Pistol Grip for DSLR/Mirrorless Camera | Altura Photo | Tutorial Video

Hello again! Izzy from Digital Goja showrooms. Today we’re going to take a look at the newest
version of the Altura Photo Mini Pistol Grip tripod for smaller DSLRs and hybrids and mirrorless. Anything that you want to put on a tripod
this guy is going to hold it as long as it is not over 3 LBS. If this video helps you out, hit us up with
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Goja showrooms. Now this one is a 2016 version. It works with any camera because it’s a ¼”-20 thread mount, which is the standard mount
for most tripod sockets on a camera. It’s compatible with the smaller DSLRs, mirrorless,
point-and-shoots, camcorders, anything weighting up to about 2.5 Lbs. So, I wouldn’t suggest
it for really big, heavy cameras. But if you have something like this, this is a Rebel
T6, notice how easily this just threads on and again, you just turn this until it locks
it in place. You don’t want to over tighten it because you don’t want to strip the threads
so as long as it doesn’t fall off there it is. Now, you can sit it there and you again
have the pistol grip action. You close this up, and now press again and there you go,
now you can do handheld shooting like this, especially for video. This gives you a nice,
steady surface. I like the fact that now this version has been rubbered, it’s like a rubberization
which makes it more ergonomic and it makes it easier to grip. that’s the newest feature,
it’s very slip resistant. So it feels nice to the hand, alright, lets try it with a mirrorless
and here I have the very popular mirrorless the OM-D EM 10 and again, just thread it on
and this will be perfect for small sized cameras like this, wow, that gives you a nice steady
grip, especially since this has the in-body image stabilization that makes your life so
much easier to hold it steady this way. And, open it up and we can use it as a small tripod.
And notice how with the, of course, signature purple from Altura, this button allows you
to angle it up to a 90 degree, so that way you can do time-lapse sky images or macro
shots, anything of that sort, even selfies. They make it really simple, you have little
notches where it stops and you can keep it in that place. Plus, they now added these
rubber feet on the bottom, which these little pads, notice how in an environment like this,
which is a very slippery surface here in my studio it doesn’t have any movement, I mean
I really have to push on it to move so basically its going to make it an anti-slip so this
is great for, again, any kind of glass surface, any laminated wood, anything that’s slippery
those guys are going to guarantee that you don’t have excess movement. Very, very comfortable.
Very easy to work with. It will work also with smaller DSLRs also, here I happen to
have a Nikon, this will fit in there also, this is a D3200 so any of these D series or
the 5000 series will work on here rather well and if you’re all asking what this is down
here, this is…it doesn’t come with it, this is something that I do myself. This is the
Altura Rapid Fire safety tether, I had an extra one of these from and older camera that
I got rid off and I attached it to this little loop that they added on here, I can now clip
this on to my belt or my camera strap or my camera bag when I don’t want to lug a lot
of stuff around I can make sure that I take my little Altura mini pistol grip tripod with
me, so I don’t forget it I can attach it like so, so it makes it a lot easier to take along,
so I can just take it this way and notice how the camera is nice and safety tethered
there. And I can just attach it to a strap or my waist belt, however I choose, but it
just gives me another, easier way to carry it with me. Again, it’s not included, this
is just something that I rigged up myself, but, if you’re looking for a nice small tripod,
low profile, allows you to do close-ups, anything you want that you can place it on the ground
or on a table top, you don’t need something super heavy and bulky. Take a closer look
at the Altura Photo Mini Pistol Grip tripod for 2016. Happy shooting!

14 thoughts on “Mini Tripod Tabletop Stand w/ Pistol Grip for DSLR/Mirrorless Camera | Altura Photo | Tutorial Video

  1. Excellent video! I'm thinking of buying. I suppose if it supports the weight of my Nikon D3300. I'll buy it to autograph myself walking in the city.

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