100 thoughts on “Mini Shotgun Mic REVIEW! RODE VideoMicro vs. BOYA BY-MM1

  1. First time putting the Boya mic to the holder and the holder broke. Tried to be careful and did it in room temperature so the part is definitely flawed. Have been reading that alot of people have had this happen to them. Not sure about the mic yet but should have just bought Rode and not this badly copied product.

  2. I just received the Boya BY-MM1 microphone, when I plug it inside my cellphone and I record, there is no sound on the video. Any idea to help me please? I have no clue.

  3. Shame not tested in the field – or at an indoor function – dinner party etc – that's when in practice you can hear the difference if any !!!!

  4. Boya m1 not working properly with sl2.. I found only left channel working… :(.. but on smartphones both channels are working well

  5. I've been interested in getting a shotgun mic, so this video was very helpful for me. Great video and thanks for sharing.

  6. The audio quality of Boya BY MM1 is surprisingly good for the price. But its annoying during the wind test. Not only that I am getting the wind noise, but even my voice is breaking a lot. An If I record without deadcat, its only the wind noise, my voice is not at all audible. Also the slight bumps are getting recorded when the camera moves or shakes. Is it that you are also getting the same issue. Or is there any solution or fix for this.

  7. Awesome video! I am looking for a mini shotgun mic for outdoor video/ vlog. Which one has better noise reduce when shooting outdoor?

  8. Awesome video! I am looking for a mini shotgun mic for outdoor video/ vlog. Which one has better noise reduce when shooting outdoor?

  9. The only thing that turns me off to this, is that it's going to drain my camera battery much quicker. (Am I correct in this assumption?) Thanks in advance. Great video BTW!

  10. I have both of these, and use them interchangeably … my old ears can't really hear a difference. I do think the Rode has a bit better side and rear rejection, but the difference isn't enough to use one over the other. If I buy a spare it will be the Boya, just for price, because there just isn't a big difference. I do like the Boya mount better than the flippy mount on the Rode. Good review … very accurate.

  11. there are mics on wish.com for $9 that do the same thing with wind shelds and all dog!!! and some prefer a slot for a aaa battery because they dont wnat to drain their camera batteries, especially on canon m50s


  13. Hi, i have an Iphone X, How do you connect the mic to that phone? And does the iphone regonize the mic is installed? Or do you have to in a menu on the phone to select it?

  14. What I want to know is how can you plug these microphones in while phones are in a gimbal as the bottom is covered by the gimbal


    I picked up the boya by mm1, and it sounds like trash. y is that? the audio from it sounds like it was recorded on an old android phone or something

  16. I've seen that Movo VXR10 and Boya BY-MM1 would be the same, the Movo is 93$ and Boya 50$ Canadian. Looking at the price , almost half, no wonder who's copying who 🙂 or rebranded

  17. I can’t hear any difference in the snippets you showed. So, because of the price difference, Boya beats Rode.

  18. The boya has a better freq range and sounds much better, giving up the top end for better bass is much better especially for voice

  19. Crap I just watched this video and heard you say that the mic I have (Rode smartphone mic) may have issues. I am having problems with getting a second microphone that I purchased (Boya lavalier lapel microphone). I do not know how to get the phone to use the boya rather than no audio recorded at all. Can you please help? Thank you, Jen

  20. Hi, nice review ! How close do you have to be from this micro? Would that work if I use a 100 mm zoom and am around 3 meters away inside a studio ?

  21. Why do you say you need to buy the cable separate? It's included in the box or were you talking about another cable, just saying because people can really missunderstand that and think they need a cable extra which is not true.

  22. Hi,i have seen many video on mike in mobile vs boya by mm1 but hardly i find any difference,pls can u tell weather really it has any difference?

  23. Hi! I need a mic to use on my reflex and make some videos of a band playing in a bar…would the BOYA MM1 improve the sound coming out of my reflex in this condition? or there's no point in getting this mic? thanks a lot!

  24. The Rode and The Boya is made in China and they have the same internals so The Boya is the best and backed up by accessories The Rode is not worth the money

  25. Get the Neewer CM14 instead. Even less than the Boya and sounds more crisp, I just reviewed that one. You are so right, my Rode mic go has interface, can’t get the crackling out no matter what I try.

  26. Thank you very much for this video. I was hesitating between these two options and the review was the opinion I needed to decide.

    good channel!

  27. Hey, the video is really very interesting. Thank you for helping me I will share this video to my friend who wants to buy a mic

  28. Great review, just ordered the Boya shotgun mic with your affiliate link. Happy to support your channel Justin 🙂

  29. Thanks for the review. Very informative.

    I am curious though if you got data audio interference with these microphones on the iPhone or other phone when recording a video.

  30. Your content is good but there's no hook at the beginning of the video, would have loved to see short audio samples at the beginning

  31. I just picked up a rode video micro with the intention of improving my galaxy s5. I cannot distinguish between the final recordings using both the internal mic and the micro. So much so that when I went back to listen and compare, I couldn't tell when I was using the external or the internal mic. . So can anyone tell me what is the point to having this rode micro when it "seems" that the internal mic from this 2014 phone gives the same result🤔 Am I missing something here?

  32. Great video @Justin Brown I just purchased the Rode VideoMicro and just waiting for it to be delivered. I went with that one because of the convenience of use, the audio quality and the small body to be able to do run and gun shooting with both a smartphone as well as a DSLR. I would have loved to see/hear examples of an outdoor audio test, the sound in the room you are in with the AC versus what the microphones picked up. Just to see a contrast between the two. Keep up the great videos.

  33. Boya mm1 is not working right out of the box for me and I want to know why. It would seem as though only a select small group of people are addressing this issue on YouTube but as my luck would have it they are all Indian and while their is nothing wrong with that it's just that all of them so far that I have seen are speaking in their native tongue which I can't understand. PLEASE HELP

  34. Thanks so much for this video, Justin! 🙂 I'm curious – how would one mount either of these to an iPhone? Or would I need to somehow find a tripod that has a "cold shoe" mounting capability?

  35. Hi I just bought the Rode and I think either mines is broken or it is not that great. After watching carefully it is a mic that atenuantes down to 10dcb the range of frequencies where human voice is. So it is not good if you want to record on noisy environments.
    Also it is a very poor cardioid shotgun mic wanna be, so you don't expect it to capture your voice better.
    I have to use it with an equalizer app in my smartphone that compensates its freq response.

  36. Thank you for this useful video! Coming from the music world I was already a big Rode fan – after seeing this video I picked up the Boya for $280HKD and it has been serving us great so far!

  37. Hey guys, does anyone here know if the Boya By-MM1 works on ipad? Because I bought that mic but it doesn't work with my ipad

  38. I find the VideoMicro sound acceptable, but the mount and the cable are comically flawed. The Rykote mount has a RECTANGULAR cold shoe mount plate – effectively preventing it from being mounted on a rail without purchasing a separate adapter, can we spell kludge? The mic when mounted as prescribed effectively prevents it being pointed anywhere but straight ahead. Also, Rode in its wisdom decided to give a very cute red curly cable. Uh-oh, when stretched even a teensy bit the cable TWISTS the Rykote mount, meaning your directional mic is now picking up sound from God knows where. Other than those highly annoying product design idiocies, not a bad mic. Finally, check the Amazon 1-star reviews for the Boya…

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