hey there guys what’s up Beck bro Jack
here with your girl Betsy I figured out how to stand on her back which is pretty
dang cool so now we can do like circus tricks and stuff like that
hey guys anyway welcome back to a brand new minecraft video today I am super
excited as I hope you guys are too it is officially 2018 actually yesterday was
officially 2018 but still guys is a brand new year which means we got to do
some more crazy stuff in Minecraft so for today Messi and I found this mod
that basically allows you to craft and that some of them you actually can’t
craft I put a lot of these things are just crazy Opie minecraft admin weapons
now as you guys probably already know if you’ve been subscribed to the channel I
check out crazy weapons all the time so I thought today is no different in this
chest right here we have some awesome swords now I feel like I’ve seen some
stuff that do a little bit more damage than this but let’s just test it out
today so let’s go say bestie oh oh what is this we have oh we got dinosaurs
today to test this stuff out on all right Betsy thank you very much but real
quick guys let’s go check out the comment of the day which comes from
Giovanni games who wants me to check out the nether guns mod so I’ll definitely
be going and giving that a look-see yeah but guys if you will be featured as the
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below oh oh my bad mr. sheep this is all your fault bro gosh dang a stupid sheep
little guy let’s go over here and test out some of these weapons let me see can
I craft any of these well I mean I mean it’s admin weapons
so you’re basically gonna want to get them from your creative menu and then
yeah let’s just test these bad boys out so we got some swords in here to start
us off we also have an admin gun and admin rocket launcher and oh my goodness
we have a bunch of T’s or Dynamite’s we have a new killer dynamite a glass bomb
with nuclear thing inside of it and also a
glass launcher all right sweet so I guess we should just start testing this
stuff out I mean it is super flipping Opie so I’m assuming that we’re gonna be
able to kill everything in one hit alright let’s go test this out first
thing what the heck is that hello hi how are you mr. pig you might want to be a
little bit careful there’s a giant dragon up here yo dude what’s going on
man how are you track oh yeah what’s our dude
what happens if I hit you with this sword you like – oh my goodness that
just did a thousand and one damage holy crap oh my goodness he’s were gentle
like crazy the head literally flung him all the way back though I’m curious do
you like velociraptors will you fight a Velociraptor I don’t know where this
dude just came from maybe Bessie spawns him in because obviously these swords
are super ope and these dinosaurs don’t seem to be able to take a hit let’s test
this out let’s try this Oh No they automatically die all right maybe a
Tyrannosaurus Rex will be able to tank in alright let’s try out the next sword
so it looks like the air sword literally just flings them all the way back but
let’s try out this one BAM there oh my goodness this is soap Hey holy crap wait
a minute can I like hit you with it maybe maybe you won’t die let’s see oh
my goodness oh it does set him on fire and it does a thousand attack damage but
that’s really it and I also get this pretty cool particle effect around me
but anyway guys next up let’s test out the water admins sword all right let’s
see can I even take the suit out BAM okay I don’t know what that did what
about you BAM what the heck is the difference with
these swords cuz I mean this one’s called the water admin sword
it has a cool particle effect I’ll give it that but I mean I can’t right-click
with anything I can’t like make water appear out of thin air I could just do a
thousand attack damage which is cool I guess but I wish that I could do some
more things with that let’s try out this thing so we have a lightning staff our
BAM oh I took them down guys um buddy hello hi oh gosh wait where was there
more thun.. what it’s not even thundering out alright hopefully he still likes me when
he comes back or if he comes back I don’t know what the heck to do is doing
alright let’s try that I’ll get lightening Steph whoa holy crap hold on
wait let’s do that again what uh it sets multiple blocks on
lightning oh my goodness who’s back all right let’s try this oh it gets rid of
blocks – all right that looks so quiet let’s try this oh my goodness so much
flippin lightning all right let’s go see how much damage it does on our boy Drago
up here with Socko how’re you doing all right let’s go see three two of babe
oh my goodness it’s an insta-kill and it looks like it goes through black
star let’s try and do it through this tree let’s see yep go straight through
the tree that is crazy all right I think Drago is dead again dude I have
to try out this admin gun on you all right let’s go try this out on something
else let’s get out huh Braca no way let’s get out of Triceratops let’s go
test down on this we have a huge Triceratops right there let’s try out
the admin gun which Oh Oh yep I got him so yeah from what I remember this admin
gun is an insta-kill against anything in Minecraft I should
be able to take you out and one single it yeah look at that that is crazy it
just dies instantaneously and it also gets rid of blocks oh look at that you
get through to so many blocks I could just spam it too because I mean these
are supposed to be super Opie weapons so I mean if you wanted to you can kind of
dig with this I’m not sure how far you can get home let’s go see what heck this
is so weird I never thought I would be mining with a
gun in Minecraft but yeah this thing is an insta-kill
against anything I mean even Drago who has over 1000 health could not take a
hit okay let’s try and sight this dude BAM
did I get them come on why it oh yes I hope my goodness and it’s still got rid
of some blocks – that is crazy all right let’s try it out on these squiddy’s all
right hey Thomas quit together did it hey wait what uh-oh what the water
stopped the bullet you got to be kidding it bro Holloway there we go so
apparently I have to be close when I’m in water that is the only bath you look
at that it gets caught in the water just kind of like real life bullets – alright
anyway next up we have the admin rocket launcher that way let’s try this away
from everything let’s say how big is that thing oh my
goodness this is like 10 different tnt’s going off holy crap now you’re supposed
to be able to span this to it let’s see if it kills him
oh no it only did around 300 attack damage maybe an instant hit if I do it
right in the middle oh no it didn’t even affect him so yeah this thing doesn’t
seem to be too overpowered except for the fact that I could spam it because it
is an admin thing so yeah look at that weight how many explosions I just got oh
my oh my goodness look at that everything is exploded yeah I could see
how you could easily wreck your Minecraft world with these crazy weapons
cuz I could just go crazy with this and I could just keep spamming it and
spamming it but let’s go see what other weapons we have are let’s go ahead back
over here all right ma’am got the Triceratops we got track who up there
who I may have exploded a few times but let’s put all of this stuff away we
don’t really need it anymore and now let’s move over to the Dynamite’s
alright so we have fire poison high jump attractive and repulsive oh yeah and
also nuclear dynamite Oh cap you forget about the nukes
alright let’s go test out the first one this is fired dynamite
alright there you go dude okay what the is it sucking everything in horn way
let’s try and summon a villager goal all right there we go villager iron golem
there we go oh my goodness it just sets everything
on fire play the shot again is it sucking stuff in like it looks
like that’s the center I really have no idea it looks like it just sets
everything on fire but anyway let’s try out the next one here is poisonous cloud
dynamite whoa that got rid of all the fire wait is everything poison now I
can’t really tell away this guy is definitely poison wait am i poison go
look at that I’m slowed poisoned and hungry at the same time now this dude is
not affected so it looks like it’s just in this small range right here but let’s
try out another one let’s try out a high jump dynamite what the oh there you go
holy crap that is crazy what the whoa I’m going up to way that well look at
that going up and down okay so it looks like it doesn’t actually make you land
it kind of just keeps you up in the sky look we got Drago up here we got all the
iron golems for some reason I’m still hungry and poisoned at the same exact
time but yeah I wonder when this is gonna wear
off up there we go it did indeed explode and everything came crashing back down
that was pretty dang cool alright guys but anyway next up we have
the attractive dynamite alright let’s see oh wait do I can pull into what okay
let’s say now it looks like when I’m in this mode I don’t get attracted in but
if I had in the game-mode 0 to our guys I’m still get poisoned what
the flip okay that’s why you my goodness you control people so hard with this
look at that they’re just getting sucked in like crazy oh my goodness wait a
second where’s Bessie oh never mind guys Bessie still in there I was afraid that
she got sucked in that’d be crazy if she actually got sucked in but I’m pretty
sure once it’s done it will actually explode everything let’s try and summon
in another villager golem No okay there we go it’s all over all right cool and
now we have the opposite of that which is the repulsive of dynamite all right
boys here we go three two one bite okay did that whoa whoa oh my goodness look
at that I just got thrown like 200 blocks back what the wait why aren’t you
getting thrown back right here I need to fix this come on man you should go that
way all right whatever bro oh my god dude I
can’t even close to these guys holy crap alright is it is it done being what wait
where did Drago go the track oh just get flown away oh my goodness bro holy crap
yeah it’s done except I don’t know where Dracula went alright whatever boys I
think it is time to test out the nuclear dynamite
all right boys here we go in three two one BAM
okay okay nothing’s happening is there okay what the heck so it looks like oh
wait it’s pulling in stuff wait what if I summon some more iron golems let’s see
no it doesn’t suck them in it’s sucking and blocks around it though which is
kind of weird is it gonna blow up I mean it is indeed
nuclear dynamite I don’t know what’s going on right now let’s just wait and
see may if I spawn in some Triceratops let’s see let’s do one right there maybe
a Tyrannosaurus Rex right there and that whoa wait my games lagging a little bit
what door oh my god oh my oh dude what the Tyrannosaurus Rex didn’t die this
is crazy Wow guys look at that this took out was that like probably like three
nine nine by nine area of chunks I’m thinking I am actually it’s maybe like a
three by three but yeah that is awesome holy crap it was a perfect square too
like it literally just dug straight down into the ground but anyway guys let’s go
test out the last of the Opie weapons so it looks like I have a glass launcher
and a glass bomb alright boys let’s test out the glass launcher first let’s do it
on this tyrannosaurus rex our BAM go what the is this just throwing glass
that’s it wait does this place glass okay it places glass down I don’t know
why you would want to place glass down though
alright maybe the real reason that you would get this is to make the glass bomb
alright let’s try out the glass bomb let’s see Oh what okay summoning glass
so this guy’s stuck their head you’re stuck alright but what would wait that’s
the bottom right there can I can I have it back now it doesn’t look like I can
have it back Oh Triceratops aw poor guy he’s just chillin over here
I’ll get rid of you buddy alright well what the heck happens it
had a nuke on it so I’m assuming that it’s gonna blow up at some point but uh
whoa huh what uh yo guys I am what I’m stuck
God’s not sure what’s going on hallway let me see if I can my way out what dog
wait I am in glass yo look at that oh my goodness the t-rex is stuck in glass
right now that is crazy don’t worry dude I will get you back so
this is just a nuke of glass what the heck why would anybody want this this is
just literally for the trolls out there but let’s try and get this dude out oh
wow that looks weird my minecraft is gonna lag so much from this alright BAM
there we go no no I killed the t-rex I’m sorry about that dude I was trying to
save your butt alright guys but anyway I think that is going to wrap it up for
today’s video these are some pretty Oh P admin tools I’m not really sure where my
boy dracco went but we’ll have to find him for a future video hey guys if you
ever want some Oh P weapons in your Minecraft world this is definitely one
of the mods that you should be checking out but anyway guys that’s pretty much
it I hope you enjoyed my name is back bro jack and i will see you guys all
back again here tomorrow peace out nodes
I’ll catch you next time I see you guys I just fired off like eight different
missiles so a Minecrafts probably in a lag out all right bye
see ya toodle-loo bye guys you

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