29 thoughts on “[Milkchoco]Updated Guide – Sniper

  1. Eighth like, also keep up the good work, you're one of the best milk choco YouTubers out there

  2. "if you mastered these three tricks you'll be truly unstopable and perhaps i can call you pro :p"

    Me: "if they had very good aiming :')"
    Lucid Dreams Intensifies

  3. For anyone reading this I have another tip. After you shot with sniper and switch to pistol and switch back, when sniper is ready to fire, it will immediately be scoped in for you. But if you reload any weapon it will reset and you have to scope in again. Mastet this and you can switch from pistol to sniper and back to pistol in a close range fight real quick

  4. Hey- It Doreen matter if I cap or not. Wait for somoene or not. HEY KEEP FINDING WAYS TO SNEAK ON ME AND IILL MEEEE This doesent help at all. Sorry. Unsubbed Also. The bots f*** me a lot because they go I different places every time I can't even get a kill without dieting ONCE with bvm but with bv19 shotgun I ALWAYS get kills. I can only get a bot kill In this condition: My sniper always headshots. I need my pistol to do 40 dog or more. I need my opponent to have 180health MAXIMUM. And that's it. PLUS If I am camping in a small position ITS PHYSICALLY IMPOSSIBLE to get shoot a pistol with a bullet of he BVM Also. I found a moment where I SWAPPPED AT THE MOMENT I SHOT and it didn't shoot. Say all you want. I'm telling my friends to all dislike your videos. BYE

  5. Dime pendejo como que después de darle con la sniper le tengo que rematar con la arma secundaria?
    Se supone que debería estar a larga distancia
    Como va a llegar el disparo de el arma secundaria?.
    Las sniper's y las armas en general de el juego están mal
    No están equilibradas
    Las sniper's son para matar de un sólo disparó por eso hay 4 sniper's con forme a su elevado presio deveria asegurar la kill
    Pero todas las sniper's matan de 2 tiros de que sirve comprarse las sniper cara si al final terminará necesitando 2 tiros para matar igual que una barata,
    Lo único que es diferente son los daños pero eso no tiene sentido
    Que con que haga más daño?
    Si al final son la misma mierda y así todas las armas.

  6. For sniper I use BVM but for the secondary weapon is blade(I think that is the name) Do you guys think suitable together?

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