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Militia groups and gun rights activists are planning an armed rally as VA Democrats introduce gun co

34 thoughts on “Militia groups and gun rights activists are planning an armed rally as VA Democrats introduce gun co

  1. Yeah, like the far left is never involved in extreme Democrat action which results in the severe injury of many people and millions of dollars of damage.

    Democrats make it seem like if you are not a Democrat, you're a Nazi. Or if you aren't a Nazi, you support them!

    They're going to try to milk the Charlottesville incident again. It's not going to work. Many patriots will show up in Richmond!

  2. You can see the leftist slant dripping everywhere from this video. I guess the local commie organization took over the news station again. Typical.

  3. CBS should be ashamed at the obvious attempt to mischaracterize a legitimate annual event regarding the protection of the inalienable rights of the People. The disdain for the Bill of Rights on display by the news media is disgusting.

  4. The best thing they can really do is kill that governor other than that I smell a rat trap… the guy with black face it's going to preach more more gun confiscation

  5. Why did they wait two weeks to say the rumors are false. They are fomenting discord, to sell guns.
    Remember 8 yrs ago, gun shops had a pic of obama, salesman of the year.
    Trump got jealous.( their administration policies/people, not these goofy azz figure heads)lol

  6. Charlottesville was a staged psyop by liberals trying to demonize the other side. Probably funded by a Soros foundation. People don’t realize how often events are staged to push agendas. false flags have been around forever.

  7. Do not show up with your guns..
    Better come armed with cameras and the Constitution…

    What the Media and Deep State would love is fro something to go wrong…

    And they would Activate the NG…it's happen before…

  8. Very sad, sad reporting. Your slant that this is another “far right” protest fails to capture the true demographics of the many thousands of VA citizens that have been attending the over 125 VA county, town, and city meetings, where those VA political subdivisions have declared themselves second amendment sanctuaries.

    If you had done your homework, if you were focused on reporting and not spinning the story, you would have found out that the overwhelming majority of those objecting to these proposed gun bills are moms and pops, democrats and republicans with no other political or personal motive than to re-assert their constitutional protection to self-defense.

    VA has, in fact, proposed the most aggressive ban of firearms this country has every seen, proposing to ban substantially all firearms used in personal defense and sporting, including firearms which have been held by the US Supreme Court to be constitutionally protected.

    These efforts are not about curving crime (VA is the fourth safest state in the Union where less than 300 criminal deaths a year involve firearms), but they are about disarming all law-abiding citizens of Virginia, despite the oath taken by the incoming VA state representatives to protect and uphold the US and Virginia constitution, including the right to bears arms.

    It should really worry you when a government fails to abide by their constitutional obligations without applying a “strict scrutiny” analysis to their actions. (Strict scrutiny is the highest and most stringent standard of judicial review, and results in a judge striking down a law unless the government can demonstrate in court that a law or regulation is necessary to a "compelling state interest"; that the law is "narrowly tailored" to achieving this compelling purpose; and that the law uses the "least restrictive means" to achieve the purpose.)

    It should really worry you when a government wants to prohibit its citizens from protecting themselves. What is next? Will it matter more when the other party does it next to the constitutionally protected rights you really care about?

    VA needs to be very careful that they don’t open a Pandora’s box where they cannot put the evils they have released, back in the box they have opened.

  9. Matt Bracken warns the Virginia rally could be a disaster for 2nd Amendment supports.

  10. Oh boy, Governor Ralph better make sure the national guard shows up along with hundreds of SWAT officers or else he and the democrats down there are gonna get slaughtered. Virginia's had a long history of violence and we must do what it takes to end all the lynching and the killings down in that state.

  11. The governor will not be in his office much longer if he decides to push anymore. This is prophecy. Not a threat.

  12. "Far Right"? More like, American citizens whom understand that the right to bear arms is a universal/ God-given right, not given to us by the constitution, but enumerated therein. Stand strong VA!

  13. Including some from the dark right? This is some biased reporting at its finest.
    Any gathering of people is liable to have some whcackos show up

  14. It is intellectually dishonest to articulate that it is only the "far right" looking to march. Those wanting to protect and preserve the right of self defense are going to come.

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