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Microphones for Filmmaking (Lav and Shotgun)

What’s up guys, Joshua Tubbs here from Customatic, and today we’re going to quickly and briefly talk about microphones. Now Jude Nelson asked me on my YouTube comments what’s a good mic to get? Depending on which microphone you’re going to use for your next video project, it really depends on the video project. A lot of times in my videos I use a shotgun mic or I use a lavalier. As you can see right now at the moment, I’m actually using a shotgun mic that’s kind of placed above this shot. I’m not gonna show you it. But I’ll show you a cut away of the microphone. Now the reason why
you would want to use a lavalier mic is if you’re using it within an interview. Let’s say you’re interviewing a celebrity, artist, person, it doesn’t matter. Whoever the person is,
you’re going to want to mic make them up and you most likely will want to mic them up with a lavalier mic. Now this microphone is really easy to hide and it usually comes wirelessly. Now this is a wireless lav mic that pretty much can connect to your camera and connect to your talent and your talent can go anywhere and you will be able to capture great audio from them. The microphone I actually have is an audio-technica which is actually a wired mic so it’s great for stuff like when interviews when artists or people are sitting down but not necessarily if they’re going to be walking around. Now a shotgun mic is going to probably be used if you’re doing something that’s on set with a crew and you have someone that can actually boom with the mic so you’re filming your audio separate and have someone else solely running audio. These are both great mics and it depends on your project which way you would want to go and what you would want to use but when thinking about your next video project just remember what you’re doing, what would be the best suitable for that and again if you don’t have something that might work for that project you can always improvise.
There’s times where I’ve shot and then voiced over after with my shotgun mic. It does take a little bit of work ADR But to answerJude’s question the best lavalier mic I would have to say and one I’ve actually personally used on a shoot was the sennheiser. It gave me great clear audio the range was great with the wireless, and I had no problems, so that is actually the next microphone I’m looking to invest in, but for your projects always remember audio is very important. Well that’s it for today guys if you got any questions you can always leave a comment below or hit me up on twitter @customatic and make sure you keep
feeding the world with digital content and remember, if you didnt film it… It didn’t happen. oh. I’m going down. The elevator…yeah.

16 thoughts on “Microphones for Filmmaking (Lav and Shotgun)

  1. Hi, I've been watching your videos a lot lately. I'm really into filmmaking, but I'm also into vlogging. What camera can I get that I could use for both?

  2. 😩 your editing and quality is amazing… I can't wait to be able to invest in my content. Thanks for the info, I'm binge watching. Lol

  3. you use the wired lav with what exactly? do you wire it all the way to you camera or you use something like a h1n ?

  4. Question, Can I use a shotgun mic to record 2 or 3 people in conversation? And will it sound clear enough if they are in close proximity?

    I plan to use my iPhone to record, and I currently don’t have a mic, but am looking at a shotgun mic.

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