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MICRO Shotgun Shells – How LOW can you go?

why’d you bring out today Danny all right we’re gonna everybody seemed to like those stubbies like the world’s cutest shotgun shell shirt chill compared to the standard show hell tall are they these are one inch overall length and I think this was one of seven eight or seven eight so I’m sorry yeah it’s you can’t get it much smaller than that I don’t think this one has the full federal birdshot yeah it has a normal powder load in there see if it won’t see if it’ll ignite the powder these are all pyro dicks we started at 10 11 12 and a half 14 and 15 grains of pyro dicks fffg okay so we’ll see what they do down a full barrel let’s let’s see what they look like trying to cycle it into the barrel see what happens oh yeah yeah it’s just too short it might have worked with that opsahl adapter out of Texas use the the tawny tiger blackjack brake action here we’re gonna try the BB load with full federal power six there’s 16 bb’s in there Wood I don’t know I think we’ll see if that’s the one I made so light to powder let’s see if I lose okay [Laughter] well to hit about the power of a BB gun I think I should get twice yeah yeah there we go not very loud okay there’s the exit on the top one bottom one just left a little dent right there yeah I’m surprised you did that actually what powder load is that okay how much power is in that one this is 12.5 greens I went through and through just kind of the side there it’ll spread on them [Music] there’s the otter day yeah okay what powder load is that okay okay I’m ready when you are I’m ready I hit it [Music] eleven grains verdicts we had a big spread with those so let’s see how it does studies are a little disappointing maybe if we pattern them on paper and moved out a bit at a time to see what the spread is doing yeah 15 yards they’re just yeah you might get one pellet on target yeah let’s finish him off with the normal military buckshot see see all that compares your my proper send-off oh yeah okay I’m ready little hard to really tell where he got hit looks like one here one here one here one here his nose is gone nose is gone but oh oh like side tells the story yeah interest three four five six maybe some of them might have doubled up but six out of nine pellets at least [Music]

100 thoughts on “MICRO Shotgun Shells – How LOW can you go?

  1. I make 2" tall shells with Lee key drive slugs (7/8 oz). Using Winchester Super Target. Seems to work alright so far. Short can be beautiful.

  2. Although I like the video, there is no way I can show it to my daughter. She would get traumatized by the damage done to Tenderheart Bear.

  3. Interesting video guys. I am not that well educated on all this, but have examined and played with a fair amount of custom minis. The aguila birdshot round tells the story IMHO on how to go with minis…a cup wad. I tried numerous rounds, with a variety of shot sizes, and with a fully choked barrel and cylinder bore barrel (20"). At 8 yards, nothing kept the pattern tight as well as the Aguila cup wad did. As the shot sizes went to #4 buck and larger, the patterns were as tight with just the gas block. As for power, not my thing. I think the ones I tested were 24 grain? Green and Red dot. None I tested was smaller than 1.25" crimped.

  4. So I recently got a smooth barrle single shot shotgun and I was wondering if it would be safe to shoot slugs out of it?. Because I wanted to use it for deer hunting and don't want to ruin my first gun haha.

  5. Aguila mini shells + xrail attachment on a semi auto Benelli as fast as you can into ballistics gel… You're welcome 1 million views by tomorrow

  6. Hey Taufledermaus, just subscribed. this is a cool idea. Would you consider following up with a video or series of videos about developing the shortest buckshot load possible for a Mossberg 590?

  7. Lol, Your friend sounds like Buffalo Bill from silence of the lambs! XD Next time You do a video together, Have him say "Put the lotion in the basket"

  8. Chambering works better when you use the OPSol Mini-Clip. I use shells made by Aguila (hard to find) in my Mossberg Shockwave and am sure they will do the job well in a home invasion situation (less than 15 yards). I hope that wasn't a grandkids teddy bear that you murdered. PETA and Feinstein are now looking for both of you!

  9. “How low can you go?
    Can you go down low?
    All the way to the floor?
    How low can you go?”

    That song was playing in my head ‘cause of the title

  10. How does case (well, shell) lenght influence accuracy/spread? I can understand lower power due to a smaller or more compact powder load, but isn't accuracy determined almost exclusively by bullet design (i.e. aerodynamics) and barrel?

  11. Aren't carebear toys worth a bunch of money now? If that's an original, you might have just blasted a $200 carebear that could have been cleaned up and sold

  12. 1 3/4 Aguila 12 Gauge Minishells work fine in a KSG, they are not much bigger than what you are shooting and are great for home defense.

  13. @TAOFLEDERMAUS Check out king of randoms videos on his proto putty, would be a cheap and easy way to make less than lethal silicone rounds, maybe load them inside of a soft plastic fishing squid?

  14. I subbed….dont suppose you know how to make the below shotgun shell trimmer? I would love to buy one….but the guy does not seem to respond to comments and I cant find them for sale anywhere? Any ideas on either making one or buying one? I'm mainly looking to make Aguila mini shells types if you know anything about the proper loading for those? Much appreciated!

  15. take a 3 1/2 inch magnum. cut the red part of by 3/4 or little less and crazy stuff. use copper ball barring or a commercial round that fit nicely . have fun

  16. I feel like a BB gun would have a higher velocity though. The first 1 inch shell looked like the shot was thrown in the slow motion camera .

  17. Poor bear …. It's lucky I didn't get to it first or I would have put a hole in its ass area , and fucked every bit of stuffing out of it then after all the stuffing comes out … I will fill it back up and put the stuffing back in it make look good and then I will fuck the ever-loving stuffing out of it all over again , make it look good again give it some b** I hate

  18. If you watch the serise on Netflix calded supernatural and you remember the giant tedy bear that shot him self and his stuffing blew out the let me know and leave a like

  19. The Opsol will work with these shells typically, but ejection is a problem in the Mossys. Also, we have made 1" "micros" that are actually pretty lethal….

  20. Don’t give them ideas. In Germany they now want to minimise the magazine size to 10 rounds of the smallest possible round that is designed for the gun.

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