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[MG] 짐 스나이퍼2 / 뽀대나게 만들기(2부) GM SNIPER II (EN SUB)

There is interference in the arrangement.
It may come off if you spray top coat later. I need to grind the part a little so that there is no interference. Good.The interval has been created. The joint is too tight because of the paintng.I’m gonna grind to creat gaps. I make the backpack to removable easily. Now it’s easy to detachable. Once the joint has been dried,
we will try to remove any traces of the joint. GOOD! The piston gold paint was peeled due to interference between components. (Angry) I create the interval. Good! No interference. Put in the Tamiya black line before any part defects. Risk of parts breakage if you put in the black line after combination. Interference generated.
I need to create movement between parts. Use a rope knife to trim this. Very good ! [Gunze Racker Silver Paint] [Gunze Racker gold paint] The sensor part is not realistic. I will remodel boldly although painted. Let’s change to transparent components. I’ll use a clear green runner. Bunker Magic!!! This is thermoform. Please heat from far away so that the runner does not burn. It will be soften from moderate heat. omg! so hot !! my hand !!! Hold it and pull it slowly. Please stay until firm. Cut it into proper length. Polishing of cutting faces. It will be used as an eye lens. Using the basic sticker. Add reflectors in margins. Twinkle Twinkle Lightly grease it. Bunker Magic!!! thermoform!!! WARNING !!! Be careful. Plastic can melt. (In fact, this is not recommended.) I’m waiting until firm. I oil to this one. Oh, my God. It melts. Again, I don’t recommend this. I can’t use this anymore…failed ….:( Trim off melted parts. 🙁 completing Repairs!! Remove the oil on the surface with enamel thinner. Adjust Diameter. It looks better. I’ll put the back lens in front . Put a hole in the back. Make a back lens. WOW~So pretty 🙂 Make a hole in the forward lens. So beautiful!! Let’s make a sensor for the machine gun. Polish to the surface. It’s transparent 🙂 Cut to fit size. It fits perfectly! It’s so cool! 🙂 I’m going to make a gun handle. I am frustrated that the loading handle is too small : ( You can glue them neatly by using the extra thin cement. It would be convenient to load a gun 🙂 We’ll extend the gun for the ultra long distance shooting. Now I can shoot an enemy farther away 🙂 It’s a little bit longer, so it’s a little bit nicer 🙂 I’m making a silencer for private shooting. Fabrication of Sourdine Coupling Parts. finished!:) I’m creating a zero control dial. Detail up !!! Work for panel line. Completion!! Work for shield’s detail. Trim edges to make them look thick. Face is added to the edge to raise the a detailed description. Light is reflected on the added face.
It increases the three-dimensional effect. Matt one. sprinkle it for work to pastel . It’s a design accident. I have a risk of parts breakage because it is so tight. Please trim this place. very good ! I want to add some details all of a sudden. Completion !! 🙂 [Dry pastel] operation for light and shade. [MR TOPCOAT] Semi-gloss.Coat for pastel preservation. sprinkle it in the part of joint. Dry. Spread joints and coating them again. Happy assembly time !!! The frame inside is too dark. MR SILVER You have to use woodworking glue for Transparent parts. Woodworking bond becomes transparent when dry, and I recommend you have to attach to transparent parts. It’s finally done! How wonderful !! 🙂 I made MG First Gundam in high school. I made this MG model in a long time since then. This is a very advanced model compared to the MG at that time. I’m deeply moved 🙂 The biggest problem
with this model is that the Blue is too dark : ( I didn’t like it, so I painted it lighter blue. I added pastel shades to make it looks heavier. In addition, we applied contrast to the edges for a deeper expression. [MAX paint] I imitate the feeling of max painting 🙂 Cool.I think I attain a desired outcome. GM is so cool. I was dissatisfied with that there was no clear component’s processing of the lens. I renovated the part to clear’s components. Short rifle lengths were extended and the silencer fitted. I made the loading handle and the zero adjustment button. I have added a panel line to add details. I spent a lot of time to remodeling the sniper rifle. This is Bandai’s fraud. Photoshop’s manipulation!!! It’s dark blue but it’s in bright color in the manual. GM is not the main character but an attractive supporting actor. I love GM 🙂 That’s it for today!
See you guys later~~!! 🙂 OMG!!!! I researched the data, because I was in doubt. I think I’ve seen a lot to this design. [Petraver] Helldiver This is the design of Yutaka Izbuchi. Alex Gundam,sazaby, mechanical designer of new gundam. It is famous for the design of Petraver. The design of the calves and the heating hole or the 5 screw hole can be seen as his design. In addition, users complained because GM sniper calf hole was blocked. However, when the official data is blocked,
the complaint ended.

100 thoughts on “[MG] 짐 스나이퍼2 / 뽀대나게 만들기(2부) GM SNIPER II (EN SUB)

  1. 벙커 프라님 짐 시리즈를 좋아하신다면 최근에 새로 나온 HG 빌드 파이터즈 짐/짐을 구매하시는 것을 추천 드립니다.

  2. 정말 멋집니다!! 기다린 보람이 있네요
    전 똥손에다 센스도 없어서 그냥 다른 사람들 디테일 업하는거 따라만 하는 수준인데 ..
    고사장님은 금손에다 센스도 좋은신거 같아 부럽습니다.. 에어브로시 없는 사람을 위한 디테일업을 지향하시는데 제가 딱 그렇거든요 정말 잘보고 잘배우고 있습니다 (_ _)

  3. 진지충일수도 있지만 스나이퍼 라이플견착 할때 저렇게 자세 잡으면 반동을 어떻게 제어함? 모빌슈트라 힘으로 컨트롤 합니까?

  4. 고 사장님 플라스틱 펼때 배터리 로하지 마세요. 비닐이 녹아서 플라스틱에 붙어요. 조심하세요. .

  5. Love your videos! Keep it up man and more power! Looking forward for videos with english subs 🙂
    And by the way what did you use for the shading part of the gm sniper?

  6. 정말 배울게 많습니다~관심 없는킷도 따라하기위해 구입하게 됩니다 ㅋㅋㅋ

  7. 벙커프라님! 만드시는거 잘봤습니다 경이롭네요..혹시 핀바이스 쓰시는거 어디껀지 알 수 있을까요? 댓글보신다면 알려주세요 부탁합니다!

  8. 여태까지는 저도 가조립 정도만 했었는데 이거 보고 제 가조립이 너무 심심하네요. 당장 도료 사러 가고 싶은 욕망이 크게 듭니다.

  9. 뭔가 건담은 외형에 중심을 두는게 많은데 짐같은 엑스트라 기체들은 실린더 같은 디테일한 부분이 은근많네

  10. Thank you BUNKER PLA for making a continuous series of these videos! I learn so much from them and I can use these techniques on my own models, KEEP IT UP👍

  11. Hi, great technique. What kind/brand of color pastel did you use? Does any Soft pastel will do the job for weathering?

  12. 와 잘봤습니다. 조곤조곤한 설명하며… 목표달성을 위한 열정과 솜씨가 대단하신 것 같아요!

  13. 안녕하세요 잘보고있습니다.
    영상보면서 짐스나2를 만들고 있는데요
    종아리 쪽에 c형파츠가 금방 하얗게 일어서 헐거워졌네요.
    방법이 있을까요?

    c형파츠에 대한 강좌도 만들어주시면 감사하겠습니다

  14. 조립하면서 중간 중간 유의사항 이라던가 팁을 알려주시는게 역시 고사장님의 매력중 매력~~♥♥

  15. Wow! Your skills and improvisation is so top notch! You're very very good. Steady hands and fingers too. Keep sharing your knowledge with the world. We need your vids!!! 😇😎

  16. 벙커프라님 발바토스 루푸스 명암도색 하는거 따라하다가 그만….. ㅠㅠㅠ

    (Feat:건프라로 못하시는게 뭐지??)

  17. Man, these tips are so great to make a model look so great with easily accessible and relatively "cheap" tools. Love the effect with the pastels, I used it to make a Zaku look weathered and it looks awesome!

  18. 스나이퍼 라이플 총신연장 하실때 핀바이스 어떤 사이즈들 쓰신건가요? 저도 한번 개조해보고 싶어서요……. 아!! 그리고 만약 이번에 3월에 나오는 mg듀나메스 사실거라면 그것도 총개조가 보고싶네요

  19. 고사장님 정말 궁금한데요 31:30
    머리안에 은색 도색하시고 먹선 넣고 닦으실때 은색은 안버껴지는데 애나멜성분이 아닌가요? 전 타미야 애나멜을 많이 쓰는데 도색하고 먹선흘려넣기도 잘 안되고 닦으면 같이 닦기고..ㅜㅠ 비법 좀 가르쳐 주십시요~~

  20. 색칠 하는것보다도.. 반다이 는 조립하고. 사출색에만 신경 쓰는듯.개조는 알아서 하라는 소리 같은데?나오는 품질만 완벽을 추구 하는듯…개조 잘하시네요..스나이퍼 렌즈는 클리어 파츠였으면 좋았을듯 mg 치고 괜찮은듯 전 건식 보다는 습식 데칼이 좋던데.. 건식은 표시가 잘남…습식은. 표시가 안나서. 초보자 한테는. 습식이 좋은듯플라스틱 균열은 모르겠음..

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