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Have no gun here Bro, I found na AK here Oh men Look this asshole, son of a bitch Uh, Saw how it’s good? In Juca, in W oh dad Downed in juca. Below us already? Juca, juca Want to rush there tech? Oh no, my friend wanna rush there too? Let’s go I’ll just pick this level 2 helmet, cause i’m without one Pick it Still one in juca. Above or below? Took a lot. What is that!? Downed another. I Don’t have a frag or any other. Me too, I just have a smoke Listened me The M4 is a dream Downed 2. I’m healing. I’m healing too Tryied to save you, but it was very hard. Was the last one. But there’s another team that was shooting from far. There’s a 6x in my body, tech Crap, I thought that i wouldn’t kill him. Look at the air drop right here It’s my groza. AWM huh. If it’s Groza or Aug I want it. You can pick it. MK14, I will play with it. Do you have an extended mag? I have one in AR, pick here cuz is better for you than me Fuck, this Spray of MK14 here, I already have, but i’ll pick it oh, so I want it as well, i thought you had 2, for drop it Oh! care, (crap) i took one 8x you shoot him, right? cuz you get off oh crap i’ll heal, I’m without helmet oh, its hard, I have some problem with the 8x WHAT?!?! no, I give up (laughts) Already was two shots was two shots with the aim on him head and dont killed the bullets passed side on him helmet so, there, already saw Took but dont died 15, on the mountain took one of sniper and one normal he is all fucked there one more downed two downed is’nt hearing right is’nt hearing right look, made something this was fucked up hein! and the 8x spray was crazy (laughts) even not saw where came was 6x (of 10 bullets, 9 took in the head) that was good oh, back oh no men, have two 6x here for you crap can pick it don’t need oh, keep calm, just will hit him, faster uh, it’s there? don’t know where are, give zero fucks there in the stone, no? and is two guys I know, one left and other in right my left has one on your right this is back! isn’t the same team not (may be?) sure, isn’t the same team very non-sense one random guy right oh, destroyed’em wipe squad! was the horse troll! if you look replay… (shooted) if you look the replay hein they was one in eachside he is very crazy! he is very dope he was freaky cant happened is crazy (speaking about CS-GO) there the guy, is rolling like shit or is prone? rolling like shit he is the beetle-roll-shit where are the beetle? the shit i found, just lack the beetle it’s that? nooow I see him gun there, but i think it’s dead there is a gun is a backpack (hey tech, what is it?!?!) there, look, its a backpack there is a gun you are freaky, I also think I’m very blind or you are freaky now desapeared I said fuck! was a dead player! i’ll look the replay later bro, I saw the backpack and the QBZ crap! he saw even the gun I was aiming there, i saw a backpack lvl 2 and one QBU is QBU that gun that has ten bullets? (the expensive brown) I’m almost sure that was a dead body men (never doubt) worse that im looking battles I wanna see if u found hello? what was that? the sound of this gun is very good played well (one sound that creepy the people) very funny this gun left in the stone is below there here will be twenty kill guys behind the little house stone i guess it’s house have on the stone too (stone, house and tree) i do not saw this guy of the stone (me too) there in the house but i guess is they two in the house has one on the left where? (the house) he is back the house to the left im scary the last men i guess the two boys is in the house a guy in the left stone? wanna see wasnt the stone! I took 18 kills… it’s good, was a good match ok, was a good match when i stopped to aim thinking the three was in the house, but wasn’t


  1. Joga muito Tec, sucesso sempre mano!!
    Galera deem uma força no meu canal, trazendo do mais belo PUBGMobile pra vocês, tmj valeu

  2. Tecnosh tenho um grupo no whatsapp dos melhores jogadores do pub quem quiser entrar deixa o número deixa o seu também tec por favor me ajude ai

  3. tecnosh curtiu seu vídeo sabe jogar não que eu sei muito bem eu quero fazer cocô são nove meia não bate no Android

  4. Já passei por esse drama de tá healando o parceiro e vem um filho de uma boa mãe e pega costas…aí é osso…bom vídeo tec ☺

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