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Merkel RX Helix Rifle Review

Welcome to Team Wild’s Gear. This week we are going to take a look this. This is the awesome Merkel Rx Helix. and this one is chambered with the ever popular
.30-06 springfield. The guys at Merkel say they set out to develop the hunting gun, for the 21st century.
This is what they came up with. The Merkel is a smooth sleek looking gun Weighing in at 2.9kg it makes it nice and
manoeuvrable. And Merkel have been investing a lot of time, energy and
technology into the Helix in their strive for greatness. The straight pull action on this rifle makes
it fast and very easy to cycle. So if you need to take a second shot
and you need it quick – it’s there. Without the slightest rotational tip and movement the hunter can keep their eye on the target. The bolt handle is positioned directly above the trigger so a quick reload is made even easier. The manual cocking lever is located on
the stock wrist it can be applied or released with the flick of a thumb. the trigger on this rifle has a smooth crisp
responsive pull. it is also finely adjustable to meet the
requirements of each individual hunter. The Merkel Rx Helix is also a takedown rifle. which means it can be be stripped down
into three parts easily, and can be folded away into briefcase
size for transportation and because the bolt head stops in the barrell it means if your changing calibers, you can slot another
straight in, pull your bolt back, ready to go so the Merkel Rx Helix not only looks
good but feels good. But how does it perform in the field. Our very own international and intrepid
hunter: Ian Harford has been taking the Merkel Rx Helix with him
on a few of his travels. He’s been over the Czech Rep. in heavy snow
on a driven hunt, last christmas And the Rx Helix was the gun of choice. With only a small window of opportunity, at which to fire at
running wild boar, he had to be able to manoeuvre the rifle and find his quarry quickly, then make the shot. Unbelievably, in these conditions, Ian managed to
bag four wild boar. with four shots as they bolted right in front of him. Some exquisite, precision shooting. and every time he reloaded the rifle, it was ready
to fire again instantly with that straight pull action. Also in the Czech Rep. Ian took the Merkel
hunting Mouflon. Ian took out a beautiful Ram with one shot. And the second the bullet hit the animal it was a goner! With a perfect shot, this tough species of Ram
was dead before it hit the floor. Ian has also been hunting beautiful trophy fallow buck
in the forests of Hungary and once again the Merkel didn’t let him down. Offering precision and stopping power. The Rx Helix causing some phenomenal damage to a big buck. The first shot went right into the engine room and
did some damage but the buck still bolted. Ian took another shot
and practically blew a hole in it. The external damage caused by the power of the Merkel
was phenomenal. But it was on closer inspection that the real damage became clear. As the buck was being dressed out, Ian found the
Merkel had put two holes in the buck’s heart. Penetration and power were key to causing the damage and that buck wasn’t going anywhere. So there you have it, the Merkel Rx Helix has
been a good, solid performer in the field. When the guys at Merkel decided to build a gun for
the 21st century, they did a pretty good job. Well done boys! To find out more about the Merkel Rx Helix visit Subscribe to Team Wild Tv for the coolest hunting
videos on youtube, and our brand new line-up for 2013

100 thoughts on “Merkel RX Helix Rifle Review

  1. Yeah, I looked into one of these about a month ago so I could retire my rifle. But it was a little out of my price range, if I remember right it was around 2,500 pounds retail (hopefully pounds is correct for Europe) which brings it to roughly $3,300 USD.

  2. that looks like a nice bit of kit keith ! may be some footage of a bit of paper punching and group testing to seeif itsas good as it looks ??

  3. where can I get a life size cut out of Keith standing in the woods holding the RX Helix (just like the last scene in this video)???? –(it's for my man-cave)…..
    Keith is much better looking than Ian and currently my HERO
    love the serious hunting pose mate….

  4. They are super quick to cycle and are extremely accurate Daniel. We will arrange a range test with it so you guys at home can see how good it is.

  5. Thanks Paul. Its a really neat set up. Balanced, light and fast to cycle. A great gun to use here in the UK but also ideal for driven hunting in Europe. It can pretty much fit in anywhere! πŸ™‚

  6. The background music is to add a bit of atmosphere to the review, its not everyones cup of tea but with helpful feedback like this, eventually we will get it bang on….We're not doing a bad job πŸ˜‰

  7. Its REAL nice and yes, they are quite expensive at around the Β£3000 mark but the build quality and workmanship on the gun are great. I also really like how simple it is to switch between calibers. If i shoot this model in 30-06 it can adapt to my shooting in many different countries due to its weight and performance.

  8. I'll pass that one on to Wildy, he will be pleased to know that!

    And Squenjo….Dont hold back on the comments, say it like it is.

    Kindest Regards


  9. You guys could do a video on dishwashing and I'd watch and probably give you a thumbs up. πŸ™‚ I also liked seeing the accuracy testing you did on the Ruger #1 – holes in paper give me a better feel for the accuracy.

  10. Cool video ! I personally love the 30-06 round I have a savage 110 in 30-06 and I hunt white tail and coyotes with it it really has some amazing stoping power πŸ™‚

  11. How is it to clean and is it sensitive in dirt??
    When will there be a review of the Ruger No 1??
    or have I only missed it?

  12. We haven't done a review on it yet, but we will get round to it soon!

    The Merkel is no problem to keep clean, it strips down easily and has been to to some pretty grimy places with me! I always clean my rifle when back at base and carry a Gun Boss cleaning kit with me so that I can clean it in the field if i have to.

    Hope that helps.

    Ps, We are reviewing the gun cleaning kit in Tuesday nights gear show.

  13. Could you please tell us how accurate they are ,especially after the barrels been removed ( return to zero ) I love them , but I am desperate for more info . I am in Australia & straight pull are not as common as in Europe . Thanks heaps & great videos

  14. We have taken the barrel off of this gun loads, and it always goes back into zero with no problems.Always fire a test group on the range before hunting live game.
    If you need something that you can cycle quickly with good stopping power, the 30-06 is a great choice, it will take deer and pig in its stride and then switch to a smaller barrel for foxing etc.
    If you use it with a scope with ballistic style turrets you can even dial in the 2 different calibres so you dont have to change scopes.

  15. The best thing is that the barrel is changed in an instant, and the bolt head goes with it. I think that this could be implemented in much cheaper rifles.

  16. I looks like a great rifle but if ur going to go for a strait pull why wouldn't u just get a semi but that's just my thought

  17. Now Now Craig!…The GW trucks have been great for us over the past year. For the money they represent good value and have a good spec. I don't think there are many pick ups out there that will pull 2.5 ton, with leather and air con as standard for the same price.(if any) Safety wise, I'm pretty sure they have to meet EU standards otherwise they wouldn't be sold here.

    You had one?…Been in one?…Driven one?

  18. Hallo everybody. The RX Helix is the next weapon for me to buy and hunt. I will oder one in 9,3×62 – semi weight barrel in 56 cm (= 22 inch – and yes Merkel ships this particular barrel lenght as a special oder – standart: 20 inch (510 mm)) barrel for this caliber all together with a synthetic stock. This rifle will be used by me on a bear hunt in North America. I want to find out, how the 9,3×62 "works" on a grizzly. Greetings from Austria, the land, where god kissed earth – joke πŸ˜‰ .

  19. Please tell your british viewers to set the leaver under the handguard for at least 3 times, when changing the barrel (for another caliber). Thats very (!) important, otherwise the first shots are somewhere and not there where you expect them. Look further helix videos and the manual.

  20. 1.) Semi-Automatic are forbidden in some countries; 2.) The RX Helix combines security (rotating bolt like a mauser action), power (no gas loss like semi autos) an accuracy of bolt action rifles with quite the fast shooting of a semi-automatic rifle -its a bit slower, but it`s still damned fast. 3.) The Helix is the evolution of former straight pull bolt actions – the whole system works inside the receiver -no bolt is coming back to your eyes. This rifle makes a lot scence. german engineering.

  21. Thanks for the review. However with future rifle reviews could you please consider including aspects of the guns performance: how quiet the rifle is to cycle (I find this of the upmost importance), the finish of the metalwork (including manufactoring process unique to the rifle like metal finish, barrel contour), the balance of the rifle (nose heavy etc), and the lustre and finish of the woodwork. I really appreciate your practical application of your reviews. Many thanks.

  22. The best rifle I own even thou I had to send it back twice to have the button that releases the forearm repaired . They were obviously having problems with them as now it has a button /screw arrange mention . Much better.& it hasn't put me off at all

  23. the size of the hole in the quarry, is not because of the rifle, rather it is a function of caliber and bullet construction , please have a bit more respect for the intelligence of your viewers

  24. Why is that European gun makers not only make such fine guns but also keep on innovating new and functional mechanisms with increased outta the box precision tools. Why is that the American gun makers can't innovate anymore, except for changing the stock configurations and barrel contours to bring new models on the same actions over and over. Remington alone has some 100 different variations of Model 700. American custom gun makers can't let go of 1911 pistol and just produce better polished domestic long guns for thousands of $$ more.

  25. Nice rifle. Thumbs down though. This was just a commercial, not a review like the title led me to believe.

    The 'power of the rifle'? C'mon, it was the power of the cartridge, not the rifle.

  26. Over a hilltop and straight from the front? That was anything but a safe (and clean) shot on the fallow deer.

  27. Ehh… there's a reason straight pull bolt guns never caught on in the states.

    We can buy semi-automatic rifles, and if we want a bolt gun, there are better options that have fewer moving parts.

  28. Power of the Merkel? Power of the 30-06 lol. Hate it when reviewers try to lead on that rifles can drastically change the power of a load.

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