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Menz Liliput 4.25mm

hi guys thanks for tuning in to another video on Forgotten weapons calm imean I’m here today at the Rock Island auction house I’m checking out some of the cool guns that they’re selling in their September 2015 Premier auction and I have in this little tiny leather case a little tiny pistol isn’t that cute this is a 4.25 millimetre men’s Lilliput and men’s as em en Z now mens made these in 4.25 which is tiny that’s like 17 caliber they also made them in 25 Auto and 32 Auto not surprisingly those two were far better sellers than this incredibly minut little thing it’s not quite the smallest handgun ever made but it’s pretty close it’s probably the smallest than anyone actually took seriously so why don’t I bring the camera back here because I bet you can’t even hardly see this thing from way back out there alright you probably actually still can’t see this thing because it’s really tiny and go ahead and zoom in zoom a little more there we go now you can actually see this thing so this is our little leather probably frankly purse or pocket holster snap-on it fits the gun very nicely and then this is our actual gun itself these were actual serious guns meant for personal protection barely like I said not a whole lot of them were sold in the 4.25 millimeter caliber this one is serial number 690 I am not sure if this the different calibers have their own serial number ranges I suspect they’re actually a single consecutive range you will see a lot of sources claiming that these guns were manufactured from 1920 to 1927 I actually suspect they probably went into production in 25 everyone you find is marked either model 1925 or model 1927 and I’ve yet to find any reference to one that was actually produced earlier not a whole lot else to say about these they are a simple blowback pistol we have a detachable magazine down here holds eight rounds and the ballistics on this were a 12 to 15 grain projectile going about 800 feet per second so that gives you a grand total of 17 foot-pounds of energy which is miniscule in comparison to anything else but well it’s something I suppose disassembly is also very easy we have a little protruding button II bit back here push that in and we can pull the slide up slide comes off as our slide our recoil spring and its guide come out and then we have a frame this is a striker-fired pistol so when I pull the trigger unless I have the safety on take a safety off when I pull the trigger you can see all it does is simply pull this sear down which would release the striker and fire the gun here inside you can see the striker and the firing pin right there and then we have little tiny extractor up top this has all the components of a blowback automatic pistol just a lot smaller than you’re used to seeing them there we go well thanks for watching I hope you guys enjoyed the video despite it being a gun so small you can’t even see it from back there if you’d like to own this I’ll tell you what this takes very little storage space in a collection it is of course coming up for sale at Rock Island so check the link in the description text below that’ll take you to their catalogue page on it you can see all their pictures their description and place a bit or come on down here in person and bid bid live now thanks for watching hope you enjoyed the video

100 thoughts on “Menz Liliput 4.25mm

  1. It looks like the front sight is completely obscured by the slide.

    I'd like to see Hickok shoot this thing, I bet he rings the gong. 🤔

  2. So this does not kill your attacker. Nor does it incapacitate him. It just pisses him off? Why would that be a good if your goal is self defense?

  3. Really powerful airsoft sniper rifle:

    550 FPS with a 0.4g bb

    Menz Liliput 4.25 mm:

    800 FPS with a 0.78 – 0.97g bullet


  4. I remember one of these in the novel where eagles dare the script of the movie that the book is based of was written by the novels author Alistair McClain.

  5. If you read novels written by Allistair Maclean, although his gun knowledge is pretty poor, he tends to arm his more spy-like heroes with the ".21 caliber Lilliput" (though they probably didn't make a .21 caliber gun).

  6. I don't think you mentioned this so I'll tell you down here that "Lilliput" is a city from the book Gulliver's Travels where everything is mini

  7. I would love to own that handgun but I'm having trouble just getting my fac to buy rifles and shotguns here in Canada.

  8. The disassembly reminds me of the little Raven 25acp Saturday night special I have.   My dad had it for years and finally asked my to have a look and see if it works.   I found out it does work, kinda, not exactly something I would choose to carry but probably more dangerous than a sharp stick.   After messing around with it he told me I was stuck with it and bought himself a S&W bodyguard in 380acp, lol.

  9. The Menz Lilliputs are interesting because due to their age and caliber, they're one of the few automatic pistols that come under the definition of an antique and obsolete firearm in the UK, meaning they can be owned and sold without a certificate.

  10. Reminds me of the little .22lr Sterling Stainless .22 that I had to play with years and years ago. I finally sold her after wearing her out, she began going full auto for me from time to time, firing off 2 or 3 round bursts when I pulled the trigger. I complained about it to a preacher I was having coffee with, and he wanted it bad! Said he needed something for protection when he traveled the indian reservations and if it would fire 2 or three rounds, more the better! Some folks, you just can't caution enough.

  11. Gday Ian, pretty sure we couldnt even have these for p p e in Oz but thanks for the vid mate. Couldnt you find ( or load ;-)) rounds for it. He he Good vid on M60 btw……gunna look at it right now. Just sub'd.

  12. I'd love to have one of them things just for picking off them evil black and white hornets that occasionally show up when I'm sitting in the out house.

  13. That looks suspiciously like a Jennings j22 pistol.. or rather, it looks like the Jennings was basically a copy.

  14. I've noticed a recently common redundancy creep into your vernacular. "Little tiny", "tiny small", "small little", "tiny little"… Just a friendly critique because I otherwise like your videos very much.

  15. Mira es que está en el puto inglés de los cojones que lo pongan en español por lo menos traducido también a mí en inglés me parece horroroso el repugnante

  16. I've seen cigarette lighters that look just like this, just how worried would you be if someone pulled this on you? Suppose you could shoot mice with it, they make a nice moving Target. Handloading is probably out of the question.

  17. I would love to get one of these and a good supply of ammo, it could be a backup for my backup! It looks like it would be a lot of fun to shoot too!

  18. The original parking lot special. So this is where Raven Arms took their design from. They bumped it up to a killer .25 auto

  19. This was the gun Chuck Norris used to kill the doctor that slapped him on the bottom as a new born baby! You bet he was armed even before BIRTH!

  20. Когда вы показываете такие редкие вещи, показываете пожалуйста и патроны, боеприпасы. А так видео почти бессмысленно!

  21. I totally want one! Can you still get ammunition for 1 of those handguns? 17fpe sounds pretty my new compared to most Firearms but it's all you need to drive a chunk of lead 6in deep into flesh. I got a feeling you pump a few of those 15 grain projectiles into someone's chest they aren't going to be feeling very feisty anymore LOL

  22. 17 foot-pounds… that's about the same muzzle energy as most effective air rifles that shoots .117 cal pellets. It can be lethal. And it is extremely painful. And with multiple shots, I'd say it still is better than pepper spray for self defense.

  23. It would be neat to have something similar to this cartridge in a carbine format. Something say in the 20-25ft*lb neighborhood but able to cycle a semi auto. Would be hell on small game at short range but neighborhood quiet.

  24. These pistols are extremely effective when used against a potential attacker. Upon brandishing the pistol the attacker breaks out into uncontrollable laughter affording the potential victim a timely window of escape. It is very difficult to rob someone while rolling on the floor in a fit of uncontrollable laughter….

  25. I mean even though its small I think it fits the bill. It looks like a gun, probably sounds like a gun, and while no it wont tear the meat off of someones bones I think the feeling of getting shot will drive someone away. Its not like theyre just gonna stick around and be like "HA! A .17 cal bullet, you fool".

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