MEMORIZE the WEAPONS *NEW* Memory Game Mode in Fortnite Battle Royale

– So dudes, once again, welcome back to Fortnite Battle Wars Memory. (squeaks)
(intense music) So the rules are simple. We have three, we’re doin’
three different rounds. Mario Cart scoring just like usual. But what the idea is,
it’s just like memory. We each take a turn, I’m
gonna guess there and there. Okay, well that didn’t match
so I didn’t get the gun. And dudes, here’s the deal,
if I can guess the next one correctly right now, you guys gotta hit that like button, alright, here we go. Let’s see if I can get this,
you guys gotta hit that like button, let’s try this one. Okay I got a turret,
oh, what about this one? (intense music) It’s a turrant, you gotta
hit that like button. (laughing)
(intense music) I hope you enjoy this video. Hit the Subscribe button
if you’re new around here. Also hit that little bell. (dings) Enjoy the video. Alright, so you guys ready. We’re gonna be doing
three rounds like I said, this is Memory, – [Crainer] Memory. Pair, I don’t know what the
heck you call this thing. We got weapons and you
guess which ones which and Steven made this map, good job Steven you did good dude, this looks good dude. – [Crainer] Do you even
have a fricken life Steven? – Do you have a life Steven? – [Crainer] Do you have a life Steven? – [Steven] I’ve got a life okay. – [Nico] Why are we so
mean to Steven dude? – I don’t know, Steven does good things. Okay, so open up your llamas, so there’s two of everything
right and you want to fill up your board with everything
and then we’ll swap boards and we’ll play memory, yay. – [Steven] Yay, memory, okay can I go? – Yeah if you want, just drop your traps because traps come with five so yeah. – [Nico] Okay got it – So I’m going to place
one impulse nade there, place another impulse nade there, place a slurp there. Okay so that sniper’s there, okay let’s put another one there. – [Steven] You guys are never going to be able to complete my board dude (yelling) – What the heck was that, did
you have a mild stroke again? I told you about that – [Steven] I think that was a laugh, but I forgot to do the haha part dude. – Alright, there’s my last
item, so what you want to do is grab, there we go, and
then cover them all up. There we go, cover it, cover
it, cover it, cover it. There we go, okay, cover it, cover it. – [Crainer] Are you covering it all dude? – Covering it dude, covering it all dude. Alright so everybody’s board’s done. I’m gonna take this one,
I’m taking this one. – [Crainer] Oh you want mine dude, okay, I’ll take yours then. – I can see guns through the thingies, I don’t know what those are… – [Crainer] Wait what? (laughing) – It’s a glitch I think,
so what you’re going to do, we’re going to get let’s say eight turns. We each have eight turns to
get as many matches as we can. Whatever matches you get, that’s the guns we take to the battle, are you guys ready. – [Nico] Oh I see, okay. – Turn one in three, two, one, go Okay, I’m going to do the ones I can see. That one, okay that’s a
sniper, I got a sniper. – [Crainer] Oh no, did
you already get one Ian? – [Steven] You already got one? – I saw it poking through. – [Crainer] He’s cheating dude – I’m not cheating dude,
what’d you guys get? – [Crainer] I already did
mine and I got nothing. – Did you guys not get anything? – [Nico] I didn’t get anything – What about Steven, oh
Stevens got the shotgun, oh he didn’t get a match. – Okay so that’s turn one,
I currently have a sniper to use in this battle, you
guys ready for turn two? – [Crainer] Yup. – In three, two, one go. – Oh a gray pistol, – [Crainer] Yes. – So that’s the pistol, what did you get? – [Crainer] I got the
new silent sniper dude. – Yeah you probably saw it
poking through didn’t you? – [Crainer] No I did not. – [Nico] That may be how
I got the sniper too. – [Crainer] No I did not. – [Steven] I can’t find the last one. – So that’s not a match,
hold on let’s put that down, put that down, so I didn’t
get a match that time. That’s turn two. Alright turn three in three, two, one go. Okay so that and that is bad, so let’s go to this one, what is that? Oh a d-eagle, – [Crainer] Are you kidding me dude? I want this, I’m gonna say
the other d-eagle is here. – [Nico] I got a shotgun. – Did you, oh I got a d-eagle (lauging) – [Nico] Oh no
– Yes – [Crainer] I thought
I made mine difficult. – You got a gold shotgun
Nico you little sweat, you’re over there sweating aren’t you? – [Nico] Dude I’m sweatin’ – [Crainer] He’s always dude – Steven got nothing, Crainer
got nothing, but a sniper. Alright you guys ready for next round? – [Nico] Uh huh, uh huh. – Okay in three, two, one, go. I’m gonna go to this corner
here, impulse nade okay. Impulse nade, dang it. – [Crainer] Oh my goodness
I got a d-eagle dude – You got a d-eagle too, crap – [Steven] I got a green pump. – You got a green pump,
that’s pretty good dude. Are you guys ready for turn five? Three, two, one go. Okay, I’m gonna go this corner, ooh an AK. – [Crainer] No, I’m so bad
at memorizing things dude. – [Steven] Oh I got the AK – You got the AK, you little cheater, okay this one’s got to be the AK – [Crainer] Dude, Steven’s hacking – Crap, come one, No AK for me, that was turn five, you guys ready for turn six? – [Crainer] I’m ready dude – Three, two, one, go. Okay, give me the AK, green pump eew. What is in here? – [Nico] And this…
– [Crainer] No. – Dang it, we have two more turns. Alright turn seven, did
you guys get anything? – [Multiple Voices] No – Turn seven in three, two, one, go. So I checked that one and that one, so let’s check this one,
slurp, oh I got slurps, yes. What did you get? – [Crainer] I got shockwave grenades dude. – Wait, Crainer, you
got shockwave grenades? – [Crainer] Yeah, I got shockwave
grenades and snipes dude. – [Nico] Oh I got a d-eagle – You little hacker…alright
last round right here. Are you guys ready? – [Crainer] I don’t know dude, am I? – Alright in three, two, one, go. Okay so I know a shotgun is
there and a shotguns there. I already checked that one, – [Steven] Ooh.
– Ah go. – [Crainer] I don’t like that sound what did you get Steven? – [Nico] Oh my gosh I got traps. – [Steven] I got a trap. – [Crainer] Oh no Nico has traps dude. Okay, okay, which one
was the golden shotgun? – [Steven] Can he remember? – That one – [Nico] Please don’t
get the golden shotgun – Yes. (laughing) – [Crainer] You are hacking sir. – That is my load out, oh that is so good. Okay everybody get your guns,
let’s meet at the start. Dude my loot is so good. We’re going to be fighting down here, in this, what do you call this Steven? – [Steven] Ehh
– Pillar city. – [Steven] Underground mine. Okay, so that’s your, okay,
you got an AK that’s so good. – [Crainer] Checkout mine dude – Crainer, I think has
the worst loot out here. Good job Crainer, you did good. – [Crainer] No it’s a
ten dude look it’s a ten. – Okay so, round one,
we’re fighting in here, we each have one life and
then we’re going to round two with all new guns, all new boards. – [Crainer] Dude, I got so
lucky, look at my loot dude. – That’s my loot, get out of here. Alright, you guys ready for round one? – [Crainer] I’m ready. – So one life, Mario Kart scoring, kills count as an extra
point in three, two, one, go. – [Nico] I’m going to be sneaky. – Are you a little sneaky snake? (bullet whizzes by) Whoa, who sniped at me, who was it? (someone laughs) – [Crainer] Dude, it’s
going to be so hard to know where anybody’s shooting from right now. – There’s so many pillars. – [Crainer] Ahh, wooh – Whoa,
– [Steven] Ahh – [Nico] No way Crainer. – Oh God, Crainer. (gunshots) Oh no, I don’t like this. This is so hard to see,
this map is intense. – [Nico] Can you not down there? – [Crainer] Nico, you got me so low dude. – [Nico] Good. (gushots) – Oh. – [Crainer] Ahh, what the heck? – Yeah, Crainer’s down, Crainer’s down. – [Crainer] Where did you
even shoot me from dude? – You jumped right on top of me. – [Crainer] Okay, I’m blind. (gunshot) – [Nico] Oh, you thought, you thought. – [Crainer] Somebody kill Ian right now. – I don’t like turtles, ah
crap, I Harry Pottered myself. – [Steven] Where are you Nico? – Whoa, whoa Steven. Yes, Steven down. No no no, Crainer, Nico, Steve, Nico. I don’t know what you’re name is. Oh no no no, ahh, get off me. I got to go, my people need me. – [Nico] Where are you going? – Oh no, oh you have traps – [Crainer] Did he trap you dude? – Oh, you little turd. (laughing) Did you start with traps, or did you pick them up from Steven? – [Nico] I got traps – Oh okay, haha. So round one goes to
you, I have two kills, so six, seven, eight. You had one so you have ten points. Crap match, so let’s go to round two. – [Crainer] Well, basically I won. Let’s go to round two with all new guns. Alright, so after round
one, the scores are Nico’s in lead with ten, the sweaty. I have eight, Steven has
three, crainer has one. Good job Crainer, you did it. – [Crainer] So I’m in first
place, you said one right? – Oh gosh, so break your
llamas and here’s the new loot. You guys notice anything in
there, there’s a crossbow. – [Crainer] Oh…
– Remember, if you pick up, let’s say you randomly get a crossbow, you have to pick it up. – [Nico] Dang it. – Ah, there might be an
issue with the turrets. Have you guys noticed this yet. – [Nico] Yeah, it looks kind of funny. They’re kind of big. – I believe if you want to get a turret, you can probably find it. – [Crainer] It’s probably one
of the easiest ones to find. Yep, definitely. – So if you end off with
not a gun, you know where… – [Crainer] You know where to go – This should be fun. So who wants mine? – I’m gonna take Nico’s
all the way at the end. – [Crainer] Yeah, I’ll take Nico’s – I’m taking Nico’s, get out of here. – [Crainer] I think that was
Spinx, that was not mine. – Okay, I’m taking Spinx,
I’m taking Stephens. – [Crainer] Okay, Stephen take mine dude, that’s the one you’re at right now. – You guys ready for round one? – [Crainer] Uh, huh. – Wait, you can see other guns too, ooh. – [Crainer] Stop cheating. In three, two, one, go. – [Crainer] I’m cheating, I’m
definitely cheating right now. – I got a rocket, dang it, we’re going to have to
replace any big guns. This is not working well. – [Nico] I didn’t get anything – [Crainer] I didn’t get anything either. I thought I was cheating,
but it didn’t work. – Alright ready for round
two in three, two, one, go. [Crainer] And I have a rocket launcher. – Go figure, I’m going with this one. What is that, ooh, shotgun. – [Crainer] I got a minigun. – Yeah, the mini gun
kinda sticks through dude. And, okay that’s a grappler, that’s good. I know where the shotgun
is and the grappler, I want both of those. You guys ready for round three? – [Crainer] Uh, huh. Ready,
ready, ready spaghetti. – In three, two, one, go. Give me the shotgun, yes,
yes, I got the grappler. – [Crainer] Really? – I’ll take it, that’s
what I’m talking about. – [Steven] Ooh, I know where that is. – [Nico] I got a gray burst,
the best gun in the game. – [Crainer] Oh, congrats dude. – You got a gray burst Nico? – [Nico] Dude, that’s lit. – Okay you guys ready for the fourth turn? – [Crainer] So far I only
have the rocket launcher, so I might just pick
up the mounted turret. – Okay in three, two, one, go. Okay, I need the shotgun now, right there? (wah wah wah sound) A freaking crossbow in 2018 lol. What is this? Okay, that’s a blue shotgun – [Crainer] I go the minigun. – Okay blue shotgun, purple shotgun. You got the minigun,
dude how’d you find it? – [Crainer] I got the minigun,
uh, it was skill I would say. – Alright round five, blue
shotgun, purple shotgun, in three, two, one, go. – [Nico] Oh I got the crossbow, – [Steven] Dang it. – [Crainer] Didn’t you
already get the crossbow? – [Nico] No, I found it, now I have it. – [Crainer] Oh – Sniper, give me a shotgun here. No it’s a gray burst, you stupid game. Steven I’ll give you $20 if you tell me where the shotgun is. – [Steven] I can’t even remember myself. – Alright sixth round
in three, two, one, go. – [Steven] Ooh, minis. – [Nico] Dang it. – I’m going with this
one, dance grenades, crap. This one, yes, I have dance grenades. – [Nico] Oh, no.
– [Steven] Ooh me too. – [Crainer] I’m going to have to go for the mounted turret boys. – Are you getting the mounted turret? – [Crainer] I think so. – So this is seventh
round, we have two more. Are you guys ready in
three, two, one, hike. What is that, yes, I
have the purple shotgun. – [Steven] Really? – I have a rocket, grappler,
dance grenade and shotgun now I just need something for long range. – [Steven] I just got a common burst. – [Crainer] How do you keep
getting that lucky dude? – I’m a hacker dude, I’m a hacker. Last one right here. – [Nico] I’m ready. – In three, two, one, go. – So I know a sniper’s there. – [Nico] I’m going for
the mounted turrets. – You’re going for the mounted turrets. – [Crainer] Heavy sniper dude. – Okay so that’s a heavy sniper. If this is a heavy sniper I get it. (unfortunate music) – [Nico] What’d you get? – Freaking crossbow dude. Are you kidding me right now? What did you guys get? – [Nico] Well you got
something bad I guess. – Let’s all get our loot
let’s go check it out let’s go to a new map, gosh dang it. So this is my loot, I
got a freaking crossbow. Crainer’s got doo doo. Nico’s also got doo doo. Oh, you’ve got some decent
stuff nice Steven, I see you. – [Crainer] You got the mounted turret, how’d you find those Steven? – [Steven] I don’t know. – Alright, starting
game, are you guys ready? In three, two, one, hut. – [Crainer] I’m ready
dude, I’m gonna sweat. – Dude, stop taking my memes dude. That’s so sad, hit that like button – [Crainer] It’s so sad, hit that like button down below guys. – Hit that like button. – [Crainer] Don’t steal
that meme from me Ian. – Find me now boy, get hijacked. Whose got the minigun? Whose got the turret? Oh my gosh, dance for me boy. I’m not done with you
yet, dance for me boy. Dance for me boy. – [Steven] No, this isn’t allowed. – Steven dance for me boy. – [Crainer] What are you
guys doing over there dude? – Oh we’re both dancing now. Get it, get it, get it, oh no, no no, ow. – [Crainer] It sounds like you guys are having a lot of fun over
there, I’d like to join. – [Steven] The tables have switched. – Oh no, now we’re both
dancing, get danced on boy. – [Crainer] Nico, can you
stop with that crossbow? – Okay, I’m kinda hurt right now. – [Nico] I want to be a part of this too, this looks like fun. – Wait, who just died? – [Crainer] I just killed Steven dude. – Oh, poor Steven dude. – [Steven] He made me disco myself. – Go ahead and protect that one. – [Crainer] I was so close to dying. – Oh my gosh, Nico,
what did you build dude? – [Nico] I just built a thing – [Crainer] He’s building a sky base dude. – [Crainer] Okay, I’m giving up. – [Nico] Oh, crap, no no,
I don’t have a shotgun. – Whah, get off me. – [Nico] Oh crap. – Hello Nico, what are you doing? Oh, no, oh, you just no scoped me. – [Crainer] That was sick dude. – [Nico] Crainer just saved my life. – Who’s gonna win? Is it double mini gun madness? Did Crainer kill all three people? – [Crainer] What’s up dude. – Oh my gosh, Crainer went off dude, he actually just went off. – [Crainer] My name’s Crainer, and I just went off, that’s right. Somebody clip that. – Let’s go to the final round, let’s get the scores, lets do this. Alright, so after round two,
Steven, you have four points. Good job homie, I’m in third place with 11 then Crainer with 13 and
the sweaty Nico with 16. Good job sweat, let’s sort the loot out. All different loot,
final round right here. So I’m almost done, I don’t
think there’s anything big. Nobody can cheat this round. – [Steven] So you tried to avoid those – Yeah, I tried to avoid the big ones. – [Steven] Just no mounted
turrets and I think we’re good. – I think we’re good, okay last two. I’ll put one there, and then right here. Okay, I’m all done. Are you guys ready, you guys all done? – [Crainer] No, how are
you so fast, what the crap? – You are the slowest placer ever, dead… – [Narrator] One eternity later. – Alright, final round are you guys later? I’m gonna take Crainer’s,
I’m taking Crainer’s. – [Crainer] Okay, okay. – No, Nico’s, I want Nico’s. – [Crainer] I got Spinx. – [Nico] I’m taking Crainer’s. – Are you guys ready for the final round? We’ve got eight turns. – [Steven] Yes.
– [Crainer] Ready – In three, two, one, go. – [Crainer] Fight. – Okay, we can’t cheat this time, dang it, I wanted to cheat. – [Steven] Alright, I got
nothing round one, okay. – Okay, I’m going there, hunting rifle and there, gold shotgun,
I got to remember that. – [Nico] Dang it, I got nothing. – I got nothing too, did
anybody get anything? – [Multiple Voices] No. – You guys ready for round two? – [Crainer] I’m ready. In three, two, one, hike. Gold shotgun there, right there, purple shotgun, gold AR, purple shotgun, gold AR,
gold shotgun, dang it. – [Nico] I got, stink bombs – You got unlimited stink bombs. – [Crainer] That is bad dude – That is crappy, alright you guys ready? – [Crainer] Yeah dude that was great. – Round three in three, two, one, go. This one, – [Crainer] I got a gray AR dude. – You stupid, I got a gray AR too – [Steven] I finally got something. – [Crainer] Congrats dude. – [Steven] I got a gold SMG – You got a p90, you little hacker. I literally have nothing,
but I know, gold shotgun, purple shotgun, AR, sick, cool. You guys ready for round four? – [Steven] Yes I’m ready. – In three, two, one, go. Delete this one, stink bombs,
delete this one dang it. – [Steven] I’m getting
so unlucky right now I’m going to end up with just a gray AR. I’m calling it right now dude. – I literally have nothing right now dude. Alright next round in
three, two, one, come on. Shotgun, shotgun, AR, I know that. Alright lets check this one, oh a d-eagle. – [Nico] I got a purple pump. – Dang it, ah I don’t know, what is it? Oh I got a purple d-eagle. – [Nico] Hey – [Crainer] I still only have a gray AR, so congratulations Ian. – Good job Crainer, you’re did good. Alright two more turns you guys ready? – [Crainer] I’m ready dude. – Okay three, two, one, go. – [Crainer] I know where this one is, yes. – I haven’t opened that
one, have I opened that one? I’m gonna test this one,
oh yes, I know this one. I got a heavy AR, there we go. Final round right here,
are you guys ready. – [Nico] I’m ready. – In three, two, one, go. So I know shotgun there,
purple shotgun, gold shotgun. Have I opened this one or this one, I haven’t opened this one,
was the purple shotgun there? Was the purple shotgun
there, there or there? Which one was the purple one? – [Crainer] Right there Ian,
it’s this one dude trust me. – Are you sure dude or
are you lying to me? – [Crainer] I don’t know
dude how would I know? – Are you sure it’s this one Crainer? Is the purple one this one? – [Crainer] Sure dude. – Thanks Crainer – [Crainer] Oh my goodness it was. – [Nico] That was mine too,
how did you just guess that? – Thanks Crainer, I appreciate that. – [Crainer] I wanted to
troll you Ian, but okay. – That’s so good dude. So let’s go to the final round
right here, winner takes all. So this is my loot, not too bad Steven, oh gosh, Steven
I’m sorry about your loot. Oh Nicos only got a shotgun? This is the worse round we’ve had so far. – [Crainer] I think so dude. – Oh my gosh, okay, so
the score is as follows. You guys ready for the
final round right here? – [Steven] I’m ready – Go ahead Steven, start it. Final round in three, two, one, hike. – [Crainer] Hike. – You try every time dude,
it just doesn’t work. – [Crainer] What do you
mean it doesn’t work, I’m literally better at
it then you, right chat? – Who’s chat?
– [Crainer] Chat? – Okay, where is everybody? – [Crainer] I think I
see everybody right now. Steven is over here I’m
gonna go kill Steven. Oh Steven don’t shoot at me dude. – Stop trying to fart on me boy. Uh, oh, how did that not hit. Whoa, get off me. Oh no stop farting on me
you little farting turd. – [Nico] Oh crap, what
are you doing there? – [Crainer] Come back here Stevie. – Stop it, – [Crainer] Where’s Steven? – Oh no, what are you doing? – [Crainer] Oh my goodness,
Steven is in the throne. – Oh no, stop farting, oh my gosh, you are destroying me right now. Get down from there boy. – [Nico] Where are you? – [Crainer] What the heck Steven? – Are you guys fighting over there? – [Crainer] Dude he was hiding
in the throne, it scared me. – [Nico] No, you’ll never get me. – [Crainer] What’s up man? – Oh headshot, Nico’s down. – [Crainer] Come here you. – Get off me. What makes you think I won’t cut you. – [Crainer] No, God dang it. You confuse me so much. Crainer’s down too, so
it’s up to me and Steven. Steven, I will pay you $20 if
you just surrender right now. – [Steven] Alright here you go, hang on. Here’s my P90, there’s my hunting rifle. – I was actually meming. – [Crainer] He’s just kidding Steven, you’re not going to get $20 dude. – [Steven] But I need to feed my children. – He’s, okay hold on. (gunshot) Whoa no, you have a sniper,
oh you have that AR. Oh crap. – [Nico] Oh, craparoni. – [Steven] We’re gonna play
this, oh you’re still up there. Come on. – Hold on, hold on. Hey, you stop that right now. – [Steven] Oh, there’s some
gas grenades down there, can I pick them up? – No you can’t pick those up cheater. – [Steven] Come on, no, I’m finishing this – Yes – [Crainer] Wait, you just
killed the entire lobby like I did last round dude. – Oh I did, hold on, we
got to do the scoring. This could be close. Because Nico had, hold on, quick maths. (skrrat) here it is. – [Crainer] What’s there? – I think if I didn’t kill
Nico first, he might have won. I win with 23 points. – [Nico] Dang it. – [Crainer] Do I come in third place? – Yeah you came in third
place with 16 points, Nico, has 17, Steven has 10. There you go dude, you guys got wrecked. – [Crainer] Good job Steven. – If you guys have enjoyed this video be sure to hit the like button down below. Also, hit the subscribe
button, hit that little bell. Dude that was fun, I like
that, that was a good idea. Nico you did a good job dude. Good ideas dude
– [Nico] Thanks. – Good map Steven, good
job, you guys are neat. – [Steven] Thank you, I made it. – I like neat things, you guys are neat. (EDM music)

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